Growing CBD Flower Indoors — What Not to Do

Published September 13, 2021
Growing CBD Flower Indoors — What Not to Do - Secret Nature

Even though it’s called a weed, growing cannabis is an art. Cannabis is so good at absorbing what’s in its environment that it was used as a bioremediator at Chernobyl, and this tendency also tends to fill hemp with toxins. Plus, cannabis won’t reach its full potential unless treated exactly right, and it will mold if left too wet but burn if left too dry.

You’ll end up spending more trying to grow CBD flower on your own than you would have if you bought it online — and for lower quality buds, too. Still want to learn the ins and outs of growing CBD flower indoors? You’ve come to the best place to find out.

Growing hemp indoors vs. outdoors: which is better?

There’s no argument — indoor-grown cannabis is objectively superior to outdoor-grown buds in every conceivable way. When grown indoors, cannabis is more potent, tastes better, and even looks more appealing. As an originally wild plant, though, taming cannabis indoors takes considerable patience and expertise.

How to grow CBD plants indoors: everything you need to know

We are confident we can cover everything you need to know about growing hemp indoors in seven simple steps:

1. Can you grow CBD hemp plants at home legally?

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis is considered industrial hemp when it only contains trace amounts of THC. Your right to grow CBD flower at home, though, might depend on where you live.

Some states still consider growing hemp indoors to be cultivating cannabis, and you may be forced to prove that the plants you’re growing contain less than 0.3% delta 9 THC. Just because the seller you bought your CBD seeds from online guarantees they’re legal doesn’t necessarily mean local lawmakers and regulators will see things the same way.

2. Is CBD grown indoors?

The majority of the CBD available online today was derived from hemp plants grown outdoors, not indoors. As a result, its inherent quality is considerably lower and it is more prone to containing toxins.

When grown indoors, though, CBD-rich hemp reaches its full potential and bears thick, resinous buds that sometimes exceed 25% in CBD potency. Protected from environmental contaminants, indoor-grown CBD offers higher purity and improved effects.

3. How do you grow CBD indoors?

If you want to capably grow CBD-rich cannabis plants indoors, you’ll need to dedicate yourself to learning and art, not just set aside a few hours for a hobby here and there.

Learning how to grow cannabis indoors properly takes years of diligent effort. There is no one correct way to do it, and ultimately, every grower determines his own unique approach to the process.

What each grower learns early on is that cannabis is a much more fickle plant than it seems at first. Tread with caution, and realize that your results may never reach the potency or beauty of professionally produced buds.

4. How do you grow CBD hemp in a greenhouse?

Growing hemp in a greenhouse is one way to save on lighting costs while still offering the improved yields of a controlled environment. Accept early on, though, that greenhouse-grown bud will never look or taste as good as indoor-grown hemp.

In a greenhouse, cultivating hemp essentially follows the same procedure as is used in indoor cultivation. The major difference is the limitation imposed by natural light cycles.

5. How long does it take to grow CBD indoors?

From seed to harvest, set aside a full 12 weeks for cannabis plants to reach maturity. The first four weeks or so will be relegated to germination and vegetation, and some strains will need another eight weeks of flowering to reach their peak. In the end, cannabis doesn’t follow your time schedule — you adapt to the natural schedule it follows.

6. Is hemp hard to farm?

Yes, hemp is very hard to farm — if you want to grow it correctly. Don’t be deceived by the fact that cannabis has long been called a “weed.” While you could certainly throw some cannabis seeds in your backyard and watch a few scrawny plants crawl up out of the dirt, no one in their right mind would call that the same thing as bonsai-manicuring a climate-controlled cannabis plant in a fully indoor, artificially-lit environment.

7. What can go wrong when growing hemp?

When considering what can go wrong in the hemp growing process, the list of things that can’t go wrong would be much shorter than the list of things that can. Here’s a quick overview of problems new cannabis growers can expect, though: 

  • Hermaphroditism
  • Mold
  • Pests
  • Unexpectedly high energy costs
  • High materials costs
  • Lost value due to lack of knowledge

Like any new venture, starting out in hemp cultivation has its inherent risks. The fickleness of hemp as a plant, though, combined with the immense losses that result from routine mistakes makes growing hemp even riskier.

Indoor-grown CBD flower reviews

When grown indoors with the right equipment and know-how, hemp flower can reach its full potential. There’s simply no chance that the type of scraggly hemp you can grow at home could ever compare to the beautiful, thick, and manicured buds that result from true hemp stewardship.

You might still decide to try your hand at growing hemp, and if it's legal where you are, why not? Before you get ahead of yourself, though, carefully assess the mountain you’re climbing by reading a few reviews left for the best hemp flower ever grown:

  • Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD Hemp Flower review - David B. “Stunning…” ★★★★★ “This has it all....cbd flower of the highest quality. Came in a very nice sealed container and was fresh when opened. Smell is pleasantly aromatic. Density is robust yet not too tight. Taste is excellent and accurately described. I use as a night cap to knock the edge off and help me fall asleep.”
  • Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Hemp Flower review - Michael S. “Love this Strain!” ★★★★★ “Great smelling strain that leaves you energized. Highly recommend diesel puff for anyone looking to keep your mind going without the head fogginess.”
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