Hawaiian Haze Strain Intro & Top 3 Alternatives

Published August 31, 2022
Hawaiian Haze Strain Intro & Top 3 Alternatives - Secret Nature

Just the name “Hawaiian Haze” gives off a fresh, topical vibe, and so too does this weed usually leave you feeling refreshingly blissed-out. There are multiple forms of Hawaiian Haze on the market, though — this strain can contain either THC or CBD.

If you’re on the hunt for a sativa-rich CBD strain, you might have a better experience with a different option. Learn everything there is to know about Hawaiian Haze, and then compare CBD Hawaiian Haze to three popular alternatives.

What is the strain Hawaiian Haze?

Hawaiian Haze is a strongly sativa-leaning first-generation landrace hybrid. This strain offers potently energetic and euphoric effects, and it smells just as floral as Hawaii’s wildflowers and tastes just as fruity as the island chain’s tropical fruits.

People rely on Hawaiian Haze for creative activities and enjoying being high during the day. As a CBD strain, the sativa effects of Hawaiian Haze somewhat counteract the inherently relaxing properties of CBD, making this cannabinoid more viable for daytime use.

What is the cannabinoid percentage of Hawaiian Haze?

Since it is only a single degree of separation away from landrace strains, Hawaiian Haze generally only contains around 10-15% total cannabinoids. Some CBD forms of Hawaiian Haze are advertised as containing more than 20% CBD, but it’s unclear how the attributes of the original strain could be retained through the intensive breeding process necessary to reach those cannabinoid levels.

Does the strain Hawaiian Haze have any other names?

No, Hawaiian Haze is not generally known by other names. This strain’s name isn’t usually shortened to “Hawaiian” or “Haze” since both of these words refer to strains in their own right.

Is Hawaiian Haze indica or sativa?

Hawaiian Haze is a strongly sativa-leaning strain with practically zero indica genetics. In its THC form, Hawaiian Haze offers a soaring, euphoric high that’s just as blissful as its fruity taste. This strain won’t get you high in its CBD form, but it’s likely to offer a general effect profile that generally mirrors THC Hawaiian Haze.

What is the best time of day to smoke Hawaiian Haze?

Hawaiian Haze is a daytime strain through and through. Whether the dominant cannabinoid is CBD or THC, Hawaiian Haze is far too energizing and cerebral to be considered suitable for evening or nighttime use. Paired with a cup of tea, fruity sativas like Hawaiian Haze can be quite enjoyable first thing in the morning.

What are Hawaiian Haze’s genetics?

Hawaiian Haze is a cross of Hawaiian, a landrace cannabis strain hailing from Hawaii, and Haze, an early Bay Area mashup of innumerable landraces from across the globe. For once, a strain’s name tells its entire genetic story — this combination of Hawaiian and Haze results in a predictably stoney, effervescent high that will transport your mind to the stratosphere in THC form. If your Hawaiian Haze contains CBD, it will do something similar, but without the “stoney” and “stratospheric” components.

What is the terpene profile in Hawaiian Haze?

The most abundant terpenes in Hawaiian Haze are caryophyllene, pinene, and myrcene. This strain also contains lesser concentrations of ocimene, linalool, terpinolene, and bisabolol, which combine to manifest Hawaiian Haze’s fruity, floral bouquet.

How does the strain Hawaiian Haze make you feel?

Whether the dominant cannabinoid is CBD, THC, or anything else, Hawaiian Haze is nothing short of uplifting and strongly energizing. For anything from fulfilling creative ambitions to taking care of mundane tasks, sativas like Hawaiian Haze are of the most assistance when you have a lot to tackle and lack the motivation to get it done. Hawaiian Haze is just about as far opposite from an indica as you can get, so get ready for a heady, fruit-blasting experience.

What is the strain Hawaiian Haze good for?

Hawaiian Haze is a great strain to use in the morning or throughout the day. It might not quite satisfy the stress-relief needs of late-night cannabis users, and in THC form, Hawaiian Haze isn’t usually strong enough to be ideal for chronic pain. Hawaiian Haze is best to have on hand whenever you need a boost — whatever the reason.

Is the strain Hawaiian Haze good for anxiety?

Yes, users generally consider Hawaiian Haze to be good for anxiety due to its uplifting, euphoric effects. Keep in mind that strong sativas like Hawaiian Haze, though, can also contribute to paranoia when they contain THC.

Is the strain Hawaiian Haze good for depression?

Cannabis users commend Hawaiian Haze for its usefulness against depression. Just like a week-long vacation to Hawaii will do wonders for your spirits, this strain is a miniature luau you can enjoy at home. It’s unclear if CBD-rich forms of Hawaiian Haze offer similarly mood-boosting effects, however.

Is the strain Hawaiian Haze good for stress?

You can probably pick a better strain if busting stress is your goal. For cutting through accumulated stress at night, users generally prefer indicas, which help you relax and often offer powerful body highs. Hawaiian Haze doesn’t offer any considerable body high to speak of.

Is the strain Hawaiian Haze good for pain?

In its THC form, Hawaiian Haze isn’t exactly recommendable for pain due to its low cannabinoid percentage. If it’s true that CBD forms of Hawaiian Haze contain more than 20% total cannabinoids, this form of the strain might be considerably more useful for pain than THC Hawaiian Haze. There are better sativas you can choose, however, if you’re looking for a  great CBD strain to use for pain during the day.

Does the strain Hawaiian Haze have any negative effects?

Like all strong THC sativas, Hawaiian Haze can make you feel somewhat paranoid. This strain is also reported to sometimes cause dizziness, so sit down and don’t drive anywhere after smoking Hawaiian Haze. Whether it contains CBD or THC, Hawaiian Haze can cause eye dryness.

What does the strain Hawaiian Haze smell like?

Hawaiian Haze smells strongly floral and fruity. Notes of pineapple, peach, and lavender combine with an underlying haziness to provide a very pleasant medley.

What does the strain Hawaiian Haze taste like?

The pineapple flavor of Hawaiian Haze usually comes through even more strongly in its taste, and this strain also tastes floral and slightly spicy.

Are there different Hawaiian Haze strains?

No, we are not aware of any variants of Hawaiian Haze. Hawaiian Haze does have a child strain, though, named Hawaiian Snow.

Who is the strain Hawaiian Haze best for?

For THC users, Hawaiian Haze is great for lovers of landrace strains who prioritize flavor over potency. CBD users, on the other hand, will appreciate the reported 20%+ potency of CBD Hawaiian Haze, but it’s unlikely that this heavily modified strain tastes or smells exactly like the original.

What strains are similar to Hawaiian Haze?

Hawaiian Haze is quite similar to a variety of floral sativas including Panama Red and Papaya Nights. It is, of course, also similar to both its parents — Hawaiian and Haze — and its offspring, Hawaiian Snow.

Top 3 alternatives to Hawaiian Haze

If you’re looking for another option when it comes to CBD-rich sativa strains, there are plenty of other cultivars to choose from. We aren’t sure exactly how the CBD form of Hawaiian Haze was developed, but what we know for sure is that retaining the exact attributes of THC strains in new CBD forms is next-to impossible. Here are the top three alternatives to Hawaiian Haze you should consider:

1. Secret Nature Papaya Nights 

How is Secret Nature Papaya Nights like Hawaiian Haze?

Papaya Nights is derived from many of the same genetic strands as Hawaiian Haze, but it has an identity all its own. These two strains share a powerfully fruity terpene profile that features undertones of haze.

Why Secret Nature Papaya Nights is better

Papaya Nights contains the same cannabinoid concentration as CBD forms of Hawaiian Haze, but it isn’t merely a copy of a classic THC strain. This top-shelf, indoor-grown cultivar offers everything you’d expect from indoor-grown cannabis with a cannabinoid concentration to match.

2. Secret Nature Secret Dream 

How is Secret Nature Secret Dream like Hawaiian Haze?

Hawaiian Haze and Secret Dream share powerfully hazy flavor and aromatic notes. They also have similar parentage — Secret Dream is derived from Blue Dream, itself a cross of Blueberry and Haze, one of the parents of Hawaiian Haze.

Why Secret Nature Secret Dream is better

Secret Dream captures the pleasantly indica-leaning effects of Blueberry but remains strongly sativa-dominant. Blue Dream-derived strains like Secret Dream offer a more balanced, introspective high compared to Hawaiian Haze’s absolute bliss.

3. Secret Nature Blood Diamond 

How is Secret Nature Blood Diamond like Hawaiian Haze?

You might be on the hunt for Hawaiian Haze since it’s known as a high-potency, hazy CBD sativa. Blood Diamond, however, is the king of CBD haze at more than 24% CBD and 26% total cannabinoids.

Why Secret Nature Blood Diamond is better

Blood Diamond may be more minty and earthy than Hawaiian Haze. It has undeniable hazy notes, though, and offers potency that can’t be beat.

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