Hemp Strains with the Most CBG

Published August 01, 2023
Hemp Strains with the Most CBG - Secret Nature

Hemp has been evolving a lot in the last few years. Selective breeding has given rise to strains high in CBD, CBN, and yes — CBG.

Which strains have the most CBG, though? Which CBG strains offer the best experiences? What even is the CBG experience when smoked, anyway? We’ll delve into all these questions in this guide.

What is CBG?

First things first, cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid that naturally occurs in Cannabis sativa. It’s actually the cannabinoid that CBD and THC come from, making CBG a big target of research over the last couple of decades.

Like CBD, CBG is fully non-intoxicating, but it has some very unique attributes. Where CBD is generally described as relaxing, CBG is, on the other hand, invigorating or energizing even if it’s not quite intoxicating.

Is there CBG in hemp?

Yes, CBG naturally occurs in hemp. In most hemp strains, however, CBG concentrations are so low that the effects of the cannabinoid can’t be felt. Recently, hemp breeders have started producing strains that are high in CBG but low in other cannabinoids — some with 15% CBG or more.

What is a “high-CBG strain”?

Most strains of hemp contain at least some amount of CBG. To be considered “high-CBG,” however, a hemp strain must generally contain at least 8-10% CBG. Most high-CBG strains contain around 10-15% CBG, putting them on par with the mid-range of potency for CBD and THC strains.

Some high-THC strains contain around 1% CBG. These phenotypes can’t be considered high-CBG strains, though, since the effects of CBG are very unlikely to be noticed at this concentration.

CBG flower vs. CBD flower

In terms of origins, aroma, appearance, and practically every other factor aside from chemical makeup, CBG and CBD flower are essentially identical. To be federally legal, they must both contain less than 0.3% THC, and the primary cannabinoid present in hemp flower is indistinguishable based on the five senses alone.

Where CBD and CBG flower might differ, though, is in the realms of effects and potency. Both CBG and CBD are described as non-intoxicating, but the effects they exert remain quite different. CBD is usually described as having a relaxing, smoothing effect while CBG is more energizing and invigorating.

Since CBD strains have been bred longer, they might contain higher dominant cannabinoid percentages than CBG strains. Their overall cannabinoid concentrations are likely to be similar, though — CBD and other trace compounds can make up to 5% of the cannabinoids in many CBG strains.

What are the highest-CBG hemp strains?

Though CBG weed is still a relatively new phenomenon, a few high-CBG strains have already become nothing short of legendary. If you’re searching for the best CBG hemp strains you can buy online, look no further than the six impressive options below:

Madras CBG

  • CBG concentration: 15%
  • THC concentration: %0.17
  • Indica/sativa: Sativa
  • Flavor/aroma: Citrus, cranberry

With the advent of Madras CBG, the world welcomed the first CBG strain that tasted and smoked like top-shelf weed. There’s always a bit of a learning curve when breeding new cannabinoids in hemp, and Madras is the sign the industry needed that CBG is now a mainstream component of the smokeable flower market. It tastes like top-shelf, but it delivers the effects that only CBG can provide — give Madras CBG a toke today.

White Widow

  • CBG concentration: 1-15%
  • THC concentration: 1-15%
  • Indica/sativa: Hybrid
  • Flavor/aroma: Woody, spicy, herbal

The subject of songs and stoner lore the land over, White Widow is partially famous for its high CBG content — and by high, we mean around 1%.

That’s high by legacy weed standards, though. Recently, breeders have sought to exploit this natural propensity toward expressing CBG in White Widow, breeding White Widow CBG strains with as much as 15% of the cannabinoid. Lovers of both White Widow and CBG should take note.

White Whale

  • CBG concentration: 14%
  • THC concentration: <1%
  • Indica/sativa: Hybrid
  • Flavor/aroma: Citrus, floral, sour

Over the last few years, breeders have been experimenting with a strain called The White to produce high-CBG cultivars. One of the resulting strains is White Whale, which can contain as much as 14% CBG. With OG Kush parentage, this strain is the closest you can currently get to CBG Kush. This is a genuine high-CBG strain since it contains higher concentrations of CBG than any other cannabinoid.


  • CBG concentration: 1%
  • THC concentration: 14%
  • Indica/sativa: Sativa
  • Flavor/aroma: Tangerine, mango, pineapple

Don’t confuse it with Tangerine Dream or Tangerine Kush — those strains have no CBG to speak of. Tangerine, though, is a sativa hybrid that’s renowned for containing 1% CBG or more. This isn’t technically a “high-CBG strain,” but it’s one that THC users shouldn’t overlook if they want to get acquainted with a new cannabinoid — albeit in miniature.

Jack Frost

  • CBG concentration: 1%
  • THC concentration: 20%
  • Indica/sativa: Hybrid
  • Flavor/aroma: Sweet, woody

Jack Frost is derived by crossing White Widow with the famous Northern Lights #5. The resulting strain retains the trace amount of CBG present in White Widow, and some samples of Jack Frost might even exceed White Widow’s usual 1%. Again, it’s not exactly a “high-CBG” strain, but Jack Frost remains one of the easiest-to-get strains that contains at least some CBG.

Super Glue

  • CBG concentration: 2-15%
  • THC concentration: 1-15%
  • Indica/sativa: Hybrid
  • Flavor/aroma: Floral, woody, gas

Super Glue can naturally contain as much as 2% CBG, and breeders have recently expanded upon this natural tendency to make Super Glue CBG strains with as much as 15% of the cannabinoid. CBG versions of Super Glue should taste roughly the same as the THC original, which is a cross of Afghani and Northern Lights #5.

The bottom line: Should I try CBG weed?

There’s a lot that high-CBG strains of cannabis have to offer — even if you already are sure you know everything there is to know about weed. Alternative cannabinoids like CBD and CBG aren’t “worse” or “less potent” than THC, they’re just different.

Each cannabinoid has something new to add to the picture, and CBG is one of the most fascinating cannabinoids of all. If you haven’t yet tried smoking CBG weed, we think it’s high time you gave it a shot.

High-CBG strains FAQ

Still on the fence about high-CBG cannabis? Learn more about hemp strains with high concentrations of cannabigerol below:

Which is stronger: CBD or CBG?

Between the two, it’s very difficult to decide whether CBD or CBG is stronger. CBD often displays the power to soothe and quiet even the most racing mind. CBG, on the other hand, appears to have amazing digestive benefits, and it also provides an energy boost. So, it might be better to take a look at each cannabinoid’s attributes individually rather than attempting to compare apples and oranges.

Which strain has the highest CBG?

To our knowledge, Madras CBG contains the highest concentrations of CBG ever recorded in a cannabis strain. Many CBG strains now push close to 15% CBG, but Madras regularly exceeds that benchmark. This is just one of the ways that Madras CBG is the first truly top-shelf CBG flower strain to become available on the internet.

What does the CBG high feel like?

The effects of CBG can’t quite be described as a “high.” Yes, this cannabinoid provides a bit more euphoria compared to CBD, but it is not intoxicating like THC. Similarly, there does not appear to be any dependency potential with CBG, a reality that THC users must always work into the equation.

Rather than making you feel high like THC, CBG feels more like an energizing form of CBD. Many users report a sense of mental clarity that helps with focus during the day, and CBG has been researched for its potential digestive benefits as well.

Is CBG euphoric?

Yes, the effects of CBG can be categorized as “euphoric,” especially when the cannabinoid is smoked. However, CBG’s euphoria never quite reaches the level of intoxication, unlike the case with THC. While more uplifting than CBD, CBG remains fully non-intoxicating regardless of the ingested dose.

Does CBG get you stoned?

No, CBG will not get you stoned. The effects of smoking CBG flower are quite potent, and you may even find that you like them more than the effects of THC. However, CBG is simply not an intoxicating cannabinoid, so it cannot get you stoned or cause any other type of intoxication. If you want to get high, you’ll need to switch from CBG and choose a THC derivative like THCA or delta 8.

Does CBG enhance the THC high?

There’s some evidence that CBG might enhance or modulate the classic intoxication associated with THC. Research has found, for instance, that CBG has an effect at the brain’s CB1 receptors, which are responsible for THC’s intoxicating effects. Unlike CBD, which limits the effects of THC, CBG may enhance them.

Who makes the best CBG flower?

The best CBG flower in the world is grown and processed at Secret Nature headquarters in Rogue Valley, Oregon. Indoor-grown CBG flower is still an extreme rarity, but Secret Nature strains like Madras CBG prove that top-shelf quality is possible with CBG weed, a massive evolution for the industry.

Lab reports for Madras CBG and all other CBG strains offered by Secret Nature are available in one convenient location to peruse online. Secret Nature smokable hemp products have received more than 15,000 verified five-star reviews, making them the most popular options available online.

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