How Do You Store CBD Flower?

Published November 07, 2021
How Do You Store CBD Flower? - Secret Nature

Like all other products made from plant material, CBD hemp flower goes bad over time. There’s nothing you can do to make CBD flower last forever, but it’s possible to delay the inevitable. In this guide, learn which tools, tips, and tricks will keep your CBD hemp buds freshest for the longest.

How do you store smokable hemp flowers?

Smokable hemp flowers should be kept in dark, airtight containers. The moisture level of your buds should be around 11-12% prior to storage, and make sure prevent exposure to temperatures over 70 degrees F.

  • Airtight containers
  • No exposure to light
  • Moisture levels below 13%
  • Kept in a cool area

How do you store hemp flowers long-term?

Opinions differ on the best way to store cannabis flower if you won’t use it for a while. Putting your cannabis in a completely airtight or even vacuum-sealed container and storing it in a separate freezer from your food is one suggested method, but freezing your buds can also reduce potency as trichomes freeze and fall off.

The safest way to store your hemp buds if you won’t use them for a few months is in airtight jars placed in a dark container in a cool area of the house like a basement or garage. Overall, you want to prevent fluctuations in temperature or humidity that can make cannabis nugs go bad prematurely.

How long will CBD flower stay fresh?

If stored the right way, CBD hemp flower can remain smokeable for six months to a year. In most cases, though, improper storage methods make hemp buds go bad in a month or less. Only smoke old hemp flower if you’re absolutely sure that it was stored using an ideal method.

How do you keep CBD fresh?

The three main ways that cannabis users keep their nugs fresh is by:

  • Controlling humidity
  • Preventing exposure to light
  • Controlling temperature

You can accomplish these cannabis preservation goals using a variety of means, but in most cases, you’ll experience the best results if you:

  • Dry your buds to an optimum moisture content before storing
  • Store your hemp in glass jars, not bags
  • Place your hemp jars in a plastic tote or similar sealed container that doesn’t let light inside

Setting aside a separate refrigerator or even freezer for cannabis storage is one of the only ways to fully prevent temperature fluctuations from affecting your nugs. Set to a steady 50 degrees F, for instance, a refrigerator will keep hemp flower at a constant temperature that’s ideal for preservation.

Absolutely do not put your hemp flower in a fridge or freezer that’s also used for food. The constant addition and subtraction of items will cause temperature fluctuations, as will opening and closing the door. Plus, aromas have a way of transferring from food to cannabis even when you’re totally convinced your storage jars are airtight.

Can you store CBD flower in a humidor?

A humidor is a specialized box for cigars that keeps tobacco at a constant temperature. Placing CBD hemp flower in a humidor is better than doing nothing, but cannabis flower is best-preserved in a completely airtight environment.

Can you store CBD flower in the fridge?

Storing CBD hemp flower in a refrigerator can make it last longer as long as you satisfy the following conditions:

  • The fridge you use is used only for cannabis
  • You set the fridge to a constant temperature
  • You open and close the fridge as infrequently as possible

Most cannabis users do not store their buds in refrigerators due to the inherently finicky nature of this storage method.

Can you store CBD flower in the freezer?

Storing CBD hemp flower buds in a freezer can keep them fresh practically indefinitely. You run the risk, however, of damaging your nugs or reducing their potency if you freeze them the wrong way.

Trichomes, the sacs of oil that contain cannabinoids, fall off hemp flower when frozen, so set your freezer to its lowest setting to avoid damagingly cold temperatures. Take the same precautions in setting up your freezer environment as you would when storing buds in the fridge.

Does CBD flower go bad?

Yes, CBD hemp flower eventually goes bad no matter what you do. Instead of coming up with complex schemes to keep your nugs fresh for the longest amount of time possible, consider only buying enough hemp flower to cover your needs for the next month or so, then re-up when you run out.

Why does CBD flower go bad?

No matter how beautiful it looks or how it makes you feel, CBD flower is, in the end, just a flower. Like any other plant, cannabis only stays fresh for so long after cut off from its roots, and eventually, cannabis buds will decay and die no matter how well you store them.

The main phenomenon that makes CBD hemp flower go bad is called oxidation. It’s caused by factors like heat, excessive humidity, and UV light, and it makes cannabinoids inert or transforms them into different substances. When storing CBD flower, aim your efforts at preventing oxidation in as many ways as possible.

What is the best storage container for CBD hemp flower?

Cannabis experts almost universally agree that glass mason jars are among the best storage containers for CBD hemp flower. Providing a completely airtight seal, mason jars are also easy to store next to each other in larger containers like plastic totes. Storage containers specifically designed for cannabis are rarely more effective than simple mason jars.

Start with the freshest buds for the best results

If you want your buds to last the longest, start with the freshest hemp flower. Secret Nature CBD hemp buds are nitrogen vacuum-sealed prior to shipment, ensuring long-lasting freshness prior to opening. 

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Then, after you open your sealed container of Secret Nature hemp nugs, you can reseal the jar again with the provided lid. For long-term storage after opening, consider transferring your Secret Nature hemp flower to a completely airtight container like a mason jar.

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