How Does a Standard Drug Test Work?

Published September 13, 2021
How Does a Standard Drug Test Work? - Secret Nature

These days, drug tests are more dreaded than dentist’s appointments. Depending on the circumstances, a bad drug test could cost you your career, your family, or even your freedom.

The best way to prevent something bad from happening to you is to learn as much as possible about it ahead of time. Drug tests actually aren’t as complicated as they might seem, and by finding out exactly how drug screenings work, you can know for certain whether using CBD products can impact the results of your drug test or not.

What is a urine drug test?

Urinalysis, or urine drug testing, remains the most common method of drug testing used in the United States and abroad. Far less expensive yet nearly as accurate as hair follicle tests, urine drug tests can be deployed en masse to determine if workforces or public organizations have problems with drug abuse.

Using a small volume of urine as a sample, a urine drug test detects the presence of common illicit, over-the-counter, or prescription drugs such as:

  • Methamphetamine
  • Opioids
  • Barbiturates
  • Psychedelics
  • THC
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cocaine
  • PCP
  • Methadone

What do they test for on a standard drug test?

Drug tests generally detect the presence of common illegal (illicit) drugs like meth, heroin, and cocaine. After receiving a volume of urine as a sample, an analytics lab can test for the presence of any number of drugs or substances. The substances tested depend on the capabilities of the lab and the requirements of the client.

Many clients commissioning drug tests these days, for instance, have stopped testing for the presence of THC, which has become an accepted recreational drug in many parts of the country. They still almost universally test for drugs like methamphetamine, though, that remain illegal and significantly impact your ability to perform in society.

What types of drug tests are there?

The two most common types of drug tests in use today are urine tests and hair follicle tests. Blood tests can also be used to detect the presence of drugs, but only within 2-4 days after use.

How do drug tests work?

All drug tests are alike in that they take samples of biological matter and compare them to lists of isolated chemical substances. The ways in which drug tests accomplish this task, though, vary significantly from test to test.

#1: Urinalysis

For urinalysis, or urine drug testing, mass spectrometry is applied to a sample of human urine to determine the precise molecular mass of its ions. The same mass spectrometry method is also used in other forms of drug testing, but urinalysis is unique in one special way:

Urine is fed a constant stream of waste substances from the kidneys and liver. Lipid-soluble substances, such as most common drugs, store up in these fatty organs and excrete over time.

Long after a drug is no longer present in your blood, it will still be stored in tiny quantities in your organs. Using accurate equipment, it’s then possible to detect these tiny quantities of drugs as they make their way out of your system in your daily urine output.

#1: Follicle testing

Follicle testing is similar to urinalysis in its accuracy. Where follicle drug testing is superior is in how far back it can discover the substances you’ve used. Urinalysis is limited to around 30 days for an effective window, but follicle drug testing can detect the use of drugs all the way back to when the tips of your current hair follicles first erupted out of your scalp.

#1: Blood testing

Mass spectrometry can be applied to a blood sample to determine the presence of common drugs. Your body works hard to keep your blood clean, though, so you’ll have to act fast if you want to find drug evidence in a blood sample.

How do you take a drug test?

If you’ve been told you need to take a drug test, it’s likely that you’ll be taking a urine drug test, not a blood or follicle test. These tests are pretty simple — just follow these steps:

  1. Receive the specimen cup from the person conducting the test
  2. Leave anything behind that could be used to alter the results of the test
  3. This usually means emptying your pockets
  4. You might be accompanied by a technician as you provide the sample
  5. Clean your genitals, then urinate in the cup
  6. Most samples require at least 45ml of urine
  7. Place the lid on the specimen cup, and put it in the provided bag
  8. Keep visual contact with the specimen as it is packaged

How long does a standard drug test take to come back?

You should know the results of your drug test within around a week. It all depends, though, on the type of test you’re taking, the lab administering the test, and the reason you took the test in the first place.

In most cases, clients are apprised of the results of drug tests within 24-72 hours. It may take somewhat longer for tested individuals to learn the results of their tests if the test was taken on behalf of an employer or another organization.

Reviews of CBD products you can take before a drug test

Secret Nature CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC. You’d need to consume a lot of these products on a habitual basis to pose any possibility of testing positive for THC in urinalysis or any other type of drug testing.

Unlike CBD, delta 8 THC appears as the same thing as delta 9 THC in drug tests. Avoid Secret Nature delta 8 products if you have a THC drug test coming up.

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