How Many CBD Cigarettes Can I Smoke Per Day?

Published September 13, 2021
How Many CBD Cigarettes Can I Smoke Per Day? - Secret Nature

You’ve heard that smoking a pack a day is way too much, but what about when it comes to CBD cigarettes? Albeit, hemp smokes don’t usually come in 20-packs, but would smoking a full pack of hemp joints be bad for you? Is smoking hemp bad for you at all?

We understand your questions, and we’ll get to them all in turn. Let’s start with a basic guide to how much hemp flower is advisable to smoke during a given day.

How many grams of CBD flower should I smoke?

It’s normal to smoke anywhere between 1-4g of CBD flower per day. Some people smoke much less, others considerably more.

In bud form, CBD flower most commonly comes in 3.5g or 1/8oz packages. Most CBD hemp pre-rolls contain between 0.5g and 1g of flower. With that as a baseline, the average user consumes around half a CBD eighth or 2-3 hemp joints per day.

That’s all by way of showing you what others do, though. The fundamental question, how much CBD flower is correct to smoke, is somewhat more complicated. For details, we’d suggest checking out our in-depth guide to the history of cannabis smoking and the practice’s overall health impact.

How many mg of CBD are in a gram of hemp flower?

On average, hemp flower contains around 15% CBD. In one normal gram of CBD flower, therefore, there are approximately 150mg cannabidiol. Check the exact CBD concentration of the flower you’re smoking, and adjust accordingly.

Can you smoke too much CBD bud?

That remains to be seen. People certainly are capable of hacking up lungs and feeling positively KO’d after smoking too much hemp, but we don’t know yet if there are any serious, long-term side effects like the kind you see associated with tobacco use.

No matter how much CBD flower you smoke, you won’t get high. The ratio of CBD to THC is simply too great — CBD will push down THC regardless of the volume of smoke ingested. 

What might happen, though, is you could accidentally test positive for THC on a drug test. Even if there isn’t enough to cause intoxication, there’s definitely enough THC in CBD flower to accumulate in your system over time.

How much is too much CBD smoke?

We’d encourage you to use your own common sense when smoking CBD flower. If you feel like you’ve reached your limit, take a break for the day. You won’t get high no matter how intense your CBD smoking session, though, so don’t be afraid to truly go all-out if that’s what you feel is required.

Can I smoke CBD every day?

Yes, many CBD smokers light up hemp smokes on a daily basis. For many, it becomes a quasi-religious ritual that helps them overcome pain, face life with clarity, and overcome anxiety or stress.

There aren’t any major longitudinal studies regarding the long-term effects of CBD flower consumption. We simply don’t know enough about the subject to make any direct recommendations, but we’d encourage you to check out some CBD hemp flower reviews to get an idea of others’ usage habits.

Is smoking CBD bad for your heart?

There’s no evidence that smoking CBD hemp flower is bad for your heart. At the same time, there isn’t any evidence that CBD flower is safe for your heart either.

We simply don’t know enough about CBD to make any claims either way regarding its safety. Compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes, though, smoking CBD-rich hemp is almost guaranteed to be better for you just because of the active ingredients involved.

Does smoking CBD lower blood pressure?

Many hemp users report that CBD delivers calming, anti-anxiety effects. In some cases, high blood pressure can be caused by stress or tension, and some CBD users smoke this cannabinoid specifically to help regulate their blood pressure or stress levels.

If your blood pressure is already low, you might want to be cautious when smoking CBD. There isn’t any research on the subject, but some hemp smokers report that this cannabinoid relaxes them so completely that their blood pressure plummets.

How much CBD should I smoke for anxiety?

Most people who smoke CBD for anxiety get the results they’re looking for after around half a joint or a quarter of a gram. Unless you’ve built up a considerable tolerance, that should be a proper dose, but keep your particular circumstances in mind before proceeding.

When you’re suffering from an anxiety attack, what you need is quick relief, not an extended, blissed-out session. Unless you have the lungs of Thor, it simply takes time to smoke CBD flower. Inhaling and exhaling doesn’t happen instantly, so by the time you make your way through half a joint, it’s likely you’ll already have found the effects you’re after.

Secret Nature CBD hemp cigarette reviews

Secret Nature customers have experimented with thousands of different ways to use CBD throughout the day. Get a feel for an average dosage from these reviews:

  • Secret Nature Sour Gummi CBD hemp cigarette review - “Sour gummi” Stephen S. ★★★★★ “Love this strain will definitely order again. Felt calm. Relieved my anxiety. It relaxed me and gave me a good nights rest. And felt great the next morning, full of energy thanks to a good nights sleep. Chill vibe!!”
  • Secret Nature Dough Boy CBD hemp cigarette review - Ethan H. ★★★★★ “Best quality CBD that I can find! I’ve tried everything at local stores and secret nature is always the best, it may be more expensive but it always seems worth it to me. From the website you can pick exactly what you want and the shipping is super fast. I always get the pre-rolled cbd joints and they last me a while because I can only smoke aboutRead more about review stating Amazing half of one at a time!”
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