How Much CBD to Smoke the First Time — Beginner's Guide

Published September 13, 2021
How Much CBD to Smoke the First Time — Beginner's Guide - Secret Nature

You’ve decided to smoke CBD, but you don’t know exactly what to do. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start smoking CBD hemp flower the right way from the very first time.

  • It’s normal to smoke 0.5-1g of CBD flower per session
  • You can smoke more or less than that depending on your preferences
  • Expect to consume 1-3 grams of CBD hemp flower per day as a daily user
  • There doesn’t appear to be any limit to how much CBD you can smoke at once
  • Save your lungs by choosing high-quality flower, though

How much CBD should you smoke in general?

Most people smoke around half a gram of CBD hemp flower per session. An average CBD pre-roll contains about that amount of flower, and that’s also about the size of an average pipe or bong bowl.

It’s possible to experience the desired effects with a quarter-gram of CBD flower or even less. In the same way, some hemp smokers consume more than a gram in a single sitting. The right amount of hemp to smoke per session varies depending on the person.

How much CBD flower should I smoke per day?

An average daily hemp smoker consumes between 1-3 grams of CBD flower every day. It’s certainly possible to consume more than this amount of hemp flower in a single day, and many habitual CBD smokers smoke far less.

As you determine the particular effects CBD flower has on you as a person, you’ll find an ideal dose that delivers the effects you desire. Don’t rush the process, and don’t rely too much on what other people do as you figure out your ideal daily hemp flower dose.

How much CBD should I smoke at once?

You shouldn’t be afraid of smoking too much CBD hemp flower in a single sitting. No matter how much CBD you smoke, you will not get high since CBD counteracts the effects of THC. The ratio of CBD to THC in CBD-rich hemp flower is so high that it’s impossible for enough THC to accumulate and have an individual effect.

Don’t underestimate the power of combined cannabinoids, though. In addition to the inherent enhancements offered by the entourage effect, some CBD smokers report results akin to intoxication simply because of the increased potency inhaling this cannabinoid offers.

How much CBD flower to smoke for anxiety?

Many people use CBD hemp flower to cope with anxiety. If you plan to follow in their footsteps, understand it doesn’t take very much inhaled CBD to put the brakes on an evolving anxiety attack.

Simply take a few puffs from a CBD vape cartridge, load a small bowl, or smoke about a quarter of a pre-roll. Within moments, the lightning-fast effects of inhaled CBD will begin coursing through your system.

How much CBD to smoke the first time — detailed breakdown

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, let’s run through a theoretical first-time CBD smoking experience to give you a realistic idea of the enjoyable time you’re in for:

#1) Determine the potency of the flower

Before you take a single puff, closely look at as much information on the CBD flower product you’re about to smoke as he possibly can. CBD hemp flower varies considerably in terms of potency, so understanding how much CBD is in your buds will be integral to determining a proper dose.

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#2) Consider your ingestion method

A bong hits quite a bit differently from a joint, and a dry herb vaporizer is another animal entirely. Some CBD flower ingestion methods will offer higher bioavailability, which is a measurement of how much of a substance you ingest your body can actually use.

For quick reference, vaporizing CBD flower offers the highest bioavailability while smoking CBD in a pipe will probably deliver a slightly diminished experience. Since they burn so fast, though, CBD hemp flower joints offer very intense experiences even though smoking inherently offers slightly less bioavailability than vaping.

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#3) Observe the results

Sit back and relax as your body is flooded with CBD like never before. First-time CBD flower users who have only used orally ingested CBD products up until that point often describe the experience as being like fully opening a faucet that was only trickling before. You’ll need a moment to accurately assess exactly how the CBD flower you just smoked affected you.

In fact, the adaptation period for new CBD hemp flower smokers is around two weeks. By that point, you’ll have a clear idea of how CBD hemp flower affects your body and how much of it to use on a daily basis.

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#4) Smoke more if desired

Like what you felt? Consider deepening your CBD hemp flower experience with a few more puffs. You won’t get high, but you might discover that your journey of exploring the relaxing benefits of CBD flower is only beginning.

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