Secret Nature CBD Vape Pen & Cartridge Guide

Published October 02, 2019
Secret Nature CBD Vape Pen & Cartridge Guide - Secret Nature

Vaping becomes more popular every year, and people across the country enjoy vaping everything from nicotine to THC. Recently, however, vaping CBD has gained considerable popularity, and hemp lovers everywhere are discovering the impressive benefits of vaporizing this non-intoxicating cannabinoid with portable pens. In this CBD vape pen guide, discover what CBD vape pens are, and find out how to use these vape pens to enjoy the power of inhaled CBD whether you’re at home or on the go.

What are CBD vape pens?

Also known as hemp vape pens, CBD vape pens are portable, battery-powered devices that produce cannabidiol-rich vapor. While most CBD vape pens vaporize oil-based, cannabidiol-rich hemp extract, it’s also possible to vaporize ground-up CBD-rich hemp flower.

CBD vape pens vary widely in shape, size, and other important parameters, but every CBD vape pen on the market is united by a single purpose: to transform the cannabinoid CBD into an inhalable vapor without using heavy-duty desktop devices.

As a result, CBD vape pens include heating elements, rechargeable batteries, and compartments that either contain CBD-rich hemp extract or CBD-rich hemp flower. Some CBD vape pens come equipped with digital readouts or buttons that you can use to change the temperature of your pen’s heating element, and others might have buttons you need to press before inhaling.

To add more depth to our CBD vape pen guide and help you find the best CBD vape pen for your purposes, let’s explore the differences between the two major types of portable CBD vape devices on the market:

Dry herb CBD vape pens

These vape devices are equipped with small chambers that you fill with ground-up hemp bud. They are generally quite a bit larger than CBD oil vape pens, and they contain heavy-duty heating elements.

Once you’ve activated this heating element by pressing a button on the side of your dry herb CBD vape pen, it will warm up over the course of 30-60 seconds. Then, you can inhale from the end of your pen to experience the benefits of vaporized CBD-rich hemp flower on the go.

When you’ve fully vaporized your bowl of hemp, discard it, and carefully clean each of the pieces of your dry herb vape pen. These types of vape pens require regular cleaning to work effectively.

CBD oil pens

Pens that vaporize CBD oil are much more common than dry herb vape pens, and they are also considerably less expensive. A CBD oil vape pen generally consists of a battery connected to a disposable cartridge, and the cartridge contains a small heating element that vaporizes the CBD-rich hemp extract it contains.

Some CBD oil vape pens are so small that they closely resemble ink pens in shape and size, and unlike dry herb vape pens, most CBD oil vape pens activate upon inhalation. Therefore, there are no buttons to press, and you don’t have to wait for your pen to heat up before you take puffs. Simply put the end of your CBD oil vape pen in your mouth, inhale, and feel vaporized CBD oil filling your lungs.

What device is good for CBD vaping?

Any device that vaporizes CBD oil or CBD-rich hemp flower without incinerating its contents is appropriate for vaporizing CBD. Regardless of which type of CBD vape pen you use, this cannabinoid cannot convert into THC, so you don’t need to worry about getting high as long as your CBD vape pen is equipped with lab tests guaranteeing that it contains less than 0.3% THC.

Finding the best CBD pen for your purposes, however, can be a process of trial and error. Some people start their CBD vaping experiences with dry herb vape pens, for instance, only to realize that they prefer the simplicity and ease of CBD oil vape pens. Other hemp users start with CBD cartridges from a certain brand before realizing that another brand offers higher-quality cartridges for a better price.

Enjoy the freedom of exploring what the CBD vape pen industry has to offer, but beware of phony CBD vape cartridges that could harm you. Last year, fake CBD cartridges ended up hurting more than 50 people, and despite a recent crackdown, there are still some scammers out there who sell fake CBD cartridges that could be seriously harmful. To make sure you get the most out of your CBD vape pen experience, make sure that the cartridges you purchase are lab-tested and made by a reputable company.

How to use a CBD vape pen

The process of using a CBD vape pen is usually relatively self-explanatory. Simply determine the mechanism that your pen uses to produce vapor, make sure that your cartridge or flower chamber is filled with material, and start inhaling. As you’ll quickly learn, however, vaping CBD is an art, and there are a few simple tricks you can use to get the most out of your CBD vaping experience.

First, keep in mind that you can hold the CBD vapor you inhale in your lungs. While holding hemp smoke in your lungs could be harmful and doesn’t appear to offer any additional benefits, it’s possible that holding hemp vapor in your lungs for a few seconds could offer enhanced bioavailability and increased effects. Don’t hold your vapor for too long, however—failure to breathe causes loss of consciousness regardless of how potent or delicious your CBD vapor might be.

Next, learn to recognize the quality of CBD-rich vaping material by how it feels in your throat and lungs. High-quality CBD vapor might be slightly harsh as it goes down your throat, but under no circumstances should CBD vapor cause a strong burning sensation or taste like chemical residue. The vapor produced by your CBD oil or CBD-rich hemp flower should be delicious, natural-feeling, and reasonably smooth.

Lastly, learn to recognize when your CBD vaping road is about to end. In some cases, the clouds you blow may get thinner as your vape pen’s battery gets low, and CBD vapor can become harsher when your cartridge is close to empty. Some vape cartridges, such as the top-shelf CBD cartridges we offer at Secret Nature, have transparent sides that make it easier to tell when it’s time to stop puffing and order your next high-quality CBD vape cartridge.

What is the best CBD vape pen?

Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to the attributes that make CBD vape pens desirable or undesirable. There are, however, a few objective factors that separate high-quality vape pens from low-tier trash. Discover the top four ways to learn if your CBD vape pen is worth puffing:

1. Type of extract or material

The vapor you inhale is only as good as the material you vaporize. Hemp flower tastes the best, is the safest, and is the most effective when it is grown indoors using organic cultivation methods. Low-quality CBD-rich hemp flower will be thin, scraggly, and flavorless. Top-shelf hemp buds will, however, be sticky, dense, and dank.

There are also quite a few salient differences between the types of CBD vape oil on the market. While it might be slightly cheaper to extract CBD oil using butane or ethanol, CO2 extraction produces cleaner oil, so always prefer CBD vape cartridges that contain CO2-extracted CBD oil. Even better, look for cartridges that contain live resin extract, which tastes and smells absolutely divine.

2. Hardware

Not all portable CBD vaping tools are made equal. Plenty of companies use the cheapest Chinese junk they can find, but high-quality vape pens will last longer and be considerably safer. Keep an eye out for stainless steel batteries, glass cartridge walls, and other indicators of high-end vape pen hardware.

3. Brand reputation

Don’t buy CBD vape cartridges or CBD flower from a brand with no reviews that you came across in the tenth page of Google search results. Instead, work with a brand that has received lots of positive customer feedback and that is popular enough to invest in high-quality production practices.

4. Price

Price isn’t the only relevant factor to keep in mind as you scour the market for the perfect CBD vape pen, but it’s certainly important to keep the cost of the vape pens you’re considering in mind as you make a final decision. Companies that charge absurdly high prices for CBD vape pens with blurry product pictures and vague descriptions are probably scammers, and brands that charge bottom-floor prices for CBD vape products don’t offer the type of quality you’re looking for. Check out the competition, and purchase your CBD vape pens from a brand that sets prices similar to those of its main competitors.

Can you refill CBD vape pens?

If you’re wondering where to get CBD oil for vape pens, you might want to reconsider your approach. Unlike CBD-rich hemp flower, CBD oil is very viscous and messy, and it’s hard to add to vape cartridges even if they’re built to be refillable. Most vape cartridges on the market, however, are not supposed to be refilled, and tampering with a cartridge that’s designed to be disposed of could have negative consequences.

CBD refillable vape pens are more expensive than disposable CBD vape cartridges, and they’re prone to wear and tear. To get the most enjoyment out of your CBD vaping experience, find out how to use a CBD disposable vape pen instead, and bask in the benefits of vaping CBD without the mess and the hassle.

What can you use hemp pens for?

There’s no limit to the purposes for which you can use your CBD vape pen. CBD has been studied widely for its potential medical benefits, and the research that’s been conducted so far seems to indicate that this non-intoxicating cannabinoid could be highly useful for a variety of different conditions. While we can’t provide advice regarding the specific conditions that CBD might alleviate, we can point you in the right direction if you want to research this topic for yourself.

Can you vape CBD oil for pain relief?

A significant amount of research has been conducted to determine if CBD has pain-relieving qualities. While CBD doesn’t interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, the primary components of the endocannabinoid system that cause THC to make you feel high, this cannabinoid does appear to interact with your body’s 5-HT1A and TRPV1 receptors, both of which are involved in the sensation of pain.

When you’re in pain, you want to experience potent relief as quickly as possible. You might be happy to learn, therefore, that the effects of vaping CBD kick in almost immediately, and the bioavailability of vaporized CBD may be as high as 56%. Whether research ultimately proves that CBD is useful for pain or not, vaping this cannabinoid is certainly the fastest and most potent way to introduce CBD into your system.

Can CBD vape pens help anxiety?

CBD has been researched widely for its potential impact on anxiety. Scientists have even researched the effects of CBD on social anxiety specifically, and additional studies on this subject continue to be published every year.

If you’ve used other types of CBD products for anxiety before, you’ll be pleased by the fast activation time and high bioavailability that vaping CBD offers. Give vaping CBD a try the next time you’re overcome with worry or you lack the confidence to speak in public.

Where to buy CBD vape pens

Finding the best CBD oil pen or dry herb vape pen can be a challenge, but knowledge always makes it easier to orient yourself in unexplored territory. Now that you’ve read through our CBD vape pen guide and you know what to look for in the CBD vape cartridge industry, it’s time to take a look through the incredible vape pen options we offer at Secret Nature and make a choice.

Whether you like indica terpenes the best or you’re looking for a sativa rush without the high, we have tons of strains to choose from in our vape pen collection. With Secret Nature vape pens, there’s no messy cartridge refilling or searching for compatible batteries.

Each vape cartridge we offer comes with an optional battery, and we guarantee that our cartridges contain nothing but top-tier live resin hemp extract and added terpenes. Pick up a battery, choose a cartridge, and start enjoying the benefits of high-quality CBD vapor with Secret Nature.

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