How to Roll a 2-Gram CBD Blunt

Published September 13, 2021
How to Roll a 2-Gram CBD Blunt - Secret Nature

A blunt isn’t truly fat until it contains at least two whole grams of flower. It doesn’t have to be THC flower — any cannabinoid will do, and you’ll find that smoking a CBD blunt offers unique benefits.

Rolling a blunt takes some practice regardless of which type of cannabis it contains. Learn what to expect from your first CBD hemp blunt, and find out how to roll a perfect blunt in 5 simple steps.

What does smoking CBD feel like?

Imagine stepping into your chillest THC session ever but without the paranoia or anxiety. Sure, you also won’t be high, but that’s a tradeoff you might want to make. Smoking CBD makes you feel incredibly relaxed while delivering all the tastes, aromas, and terpenes of intoxicating weed.

That’s if you choose the right CBD flower, that is. Smoking certain CBD buds might make you feel like you just hacked your way through a bag of oregano. Stick to high-grade, indoor-grown CBD flower if you want to have the best smoking experience possible.

How much CBD flower should I smoke per day?

There aren’t any official guidelines regarding how much CBD flower you should smoke per day. All we know for certain is that the guidelines set in place for tobacco cigarettes have little to nothing to do with what’s appropriate for hemp joints. Smoked in moderation, there’s reason to believe that indoor-grown, high-grade hemp might be next to harmless.

How many grams of CBD flower should I smoke?

When smoking CBD, you should smoke as much as you deem appropriate. Most joints contain between 0.5g and 1g of flower, and it’s common to smoke around half a joint per session if you’re smoking alone. Expect to smoke anywhere between 1-4 grams of CBD flower per day, and remember that you’re setting the pace here.

What is a normal amount of CBD to smoke?

In an average CBD smoking session, you consume around 0.25 - 0.5g of CBD flower. You’ll be taking it up a notch with a CBD blunt, but we know you’re up to the task. Listen to your body and use moderation, and remember there’s no distinct limit to the amount of CBD flower you can smoke per day.

How to roll a killer CBD blunt — step-by-step

Ready to get rolling? Bring along an innovator’s mindset, a grinder, and some Secret Nature CBD cannabis. Let’s get started:

1.) Choose an epic blunt wrap

Back in the day, you would have had to go hunting for a cigarillo at the local corner store as a prerequisite for rolling a blunt. For many, this remains the definition of a blunt: weed rolled up in a broken-open cigar wrap that you’ve licked and pasted back together with heat.

You have your options now, though. Most corner stores are now equipped with empty blunt wraps to fit the needs of their growing cannabis-using customer bases, and you can even pick up whole tobacco leaves like Fronto if you want to give the ultimate natural blunt experience a try.

Personally, we’d recommend you leave the tobacco leaf behind altogether. There are plenty of other leaves you can use to roll up cannabis, and lots of them are better for your health. Certain types of tea leaves, for instance, are rapidly gaining popularity as alternatives to tobacco wraps.

In the end, all that matters is finding something in which to wrap your cannabis that looks and feels like a blunt wrap. Avoiding nicotine may actually be a plus.

2.) Grind your CBD weed

Your blunt won’t deliver the performance you desire if you don’t grind your weed first. Whether it contains CBD, THC, or any other cannabinoid, cannabis releases its full flavor and potency when ground. Plus, it burns considerably better. Set aside a full two grams of flower for this particular blunt. 

3.) Prep the wrap

Depending on the type of wrap you snagged, there might not be much prep work involved at all. With some blunt wraps, you simply open the package, pour the ground-up cannabis in, and seal the top.

If you’re doing it the old-school way, though, you’ll need to break open your cigarillo with your thumbnail, a credit card, a knife, or any other reasonably sharp object that happens to be on hand. Remove all the tobacco inside, and blow or knock out any remaining crumbs.

4.) Fill it & roll

If you’re rolling a conventional blunt, you’ll gingerly sprinkle your flower into the lengthwise opening of your wrap. Then, simply compress the blunt on either side with your finger to bring the two sides together. Wet the area where the two sides join.

5.) Bake it, baby

Your blunt should feel firm between your fingers. If you’re rolling a classic blunt, though, there’s one more step you need to take for your blunt to be complete. That tobacco leaf won’t stick together all on its own: You’ll need to take out a lighter and gently caress the wettened outside of the blunt to heat-bond the two sides.

Secret Nature hemp blunt reviews

Secret Nature blunts are renowned as the best hemp smokes on the internet. With delta 8 THC, Secret Nature’s latest blunts have taken the hemp community by storm. Check out a few Secret Nature delta 8 hemp blunt reviews as examples:

  • Secret Nature Delta 8 Hemp Blunt review - Tee K. ★★★★★ “The smell and the way it relaxes you after just a few hits Plus it's so thick so it lasted me like 2 days before I even finished it definitely will be buying again it was rolled perfect”
  • Secret Nature Delta 8 Hemp Blunt review - Richard M. ★★★★★ “I'm not a cigar man, but in this case I admit your Blunts changed that. Can't wait for my order to come.”
Secret Nature Delta 8 Hemp Blunt review - “A end of day experience” Johnny R. ★★★★★ “A smooth and relaxing experience. I enjoy a blunt one each day after work to help relax and melt the days stress. Aroma and taste is sweet and not to powerful. Strength is perfect for those looking to reduce the days pain. A highly recommended smoke.”
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