How To Smoke A Pre-Roll

Published October 05, 2020
How To Smoke A Pre-Roll - Secret Nature

Want some additional guidance when it comes to smoking a pre-roll the right way? Check the FAQ section below for answers to related questions:

How do you smoke a pre-roll for the first time?

If you’ve never smoked a pre-roll before, there are some things you should do to prepare both your environment and your mental state. First, it’s best to smoke pre-rolls outdoors or in ventilated areas. If you smoke inside, you’ll need to find a place to put your pre-roll’s ash.

Next, be prepared for the experience of smoking a pre-roll to be somewhat overwhelming at first. Especially if you’ve never smoked anything at all before, the feeling of smoke entering your lungs can initially be disconcerting. Bear with it, though, and you’ll get used to the feeling.

How do I keep my pre-rolls lit?

A good pre-roll should stay lit without needing to constantly be re-lit. The way you smoke your pre-roll can also have an impact on how well it stays lit, though: To keep your pre-roll properly lit, make sure to take at least one small puff every 10 seconds or so.

You can even use an old joint smoker’s trick and take a sharp inhalation off the joint that you hold in your mouth for a moment before exhaling — without letting the hit enter your lungs. Doing so gets a joint’s ember glowing brightly and ensures your next lung hit will be a sweet one.

How do you burn out a pre-roll?

Once your pre-roll has reached the end of its life and is ready to be retired, you can let it burn out in a variety of ways. The easiest option, of course, is to crush it out in an ashtray. You can then leave the butt in the ashtray to properly cool off.

You can also dispose of a pre-roll in any heat-resistant container as long as you make sure to fully crush the ember first. If you don’t have an ashtray handy, a rock or the heel of your shoe will work just as well.

How much is a 1g pre-roll?

Pre-rolls containing 1 gram of hemp or cannabis flower generally cost between $5 and $15. Expect to pay around $10 for the type of high-quality, well-rolled 1g pre-roll that you’d enjoy sharing with friends.

Why are pre-rolls cheaper than flower?

If you’ve come across a situation in which pre-rolls are cheaper than flower, be assured that it’s very unusual to find price discrepancies between cannabis pre-rolls and cannabis flower. It costs slightly more to produce pre-rolls due to the labor and extra materials involved, but since lower-grade flower is usually used, the price difference is neatly offset.

It can sometimes be the case that a pre-roll product costs less than a cannabis flower product. Check the weights of each product, though, to determine how much cannabis both options contain. Usually, you’ll find that the price-per-gram of pre-rolls is just about the same as the price-per-gram of cannabis flower.

Is a pre-roll the same as a joint?

Yes, the terms “pre-roll” and “joint” can usually be used interchangeably. While THC-rich marijuana cigarettes are the only cannabis products commonly known as joints, though, the term “pre-roll” can refer to both THC weed and the various types of low-THC hemp flower products that have recently appeared on the internet.

How do you smoke a perfect joint?

The key to smoking a perfect joint is starting with the ideal materials and then choosing the perfect place and time. To be considered “perfect,” a joint must be constructed using nothing but cannabis materials: hemp paper, hemp mouthpiece, and only hemp inside.

True purists would also use hemp wick to light a perfect joint. For your cannabis session to be utterly ideal, you’ll need to pick the right locale — a sunset over a beach or majestic mountain vista, for example. Also, make sure not to get ash all over yourself.

How do you know when joints are finished?

You should stop smoking a joint when as soon as it tastes bad or the ember at the tip starts making the fingertips holding the pre-roll feel warm. To avoid a fire hazard or property damage, make sure to dispose of your joint properly by completely crushing out the ember and disposing the butt in a heat-resistant container.

How long does a rolled joint stay fresh?

The duration of time a joint will stay fresh after you roll it depends on the freshness of the cannabis inside and the way the joint is stored. If you ground up the bud used in your joint when it was at an ideal moisture level, it will stay fresh longer.

From there, keep your joint in an airtight container for the best results. If possible, even do your best to store the joint in a completely air-deprived environment. Under absolutely ideal circumstances, a joint might stay fresh for as long as six months. Stored improperly, though, the same joint might dry up in just a few days.

How long does it take to smoke a full blunt?

As a joint characterized by its long, thick wrap and voluminous cannabis capacity, smoking an entire blunt to yourself can take as many as 3-5 separate sessions. Shared among friends, however, blunts tend to go much more quickly — expect an average blunt to satisfy the cannabinoid cravings of a group of up to five.

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