How To Smoke A Pre-Roll Guide

Published Mon, October 05, 20

CBD pre-rolls are convenient, effective, and affordable. For novice smokers, however, developing the perfect pre-roll smoking technique can take some practice.

Even experienced hemp connoisseurs should familiarize themselves with the latest smoking tips and tricks. Let’s take a look at some detailed instructions on how to smoke CBD pre-rolls and clear up any questions you may have regarding the effects and benefits of these convenient CBD flower products.

How to smoke CBD 101

The best place to start is a step-by-step list of instructions to follow when you’re ready to smoke a delicious Secret Nature CBD flower pre-roll. Follow these steps to enjoy your CBD smoking experience safely and discreetly.

1. Pick an appropriate place

The middle of a crowded waiting room probably isn’t the best place to indulge in a relaxing CBD pre-roll. Likewise, try to avoid smoking your CBD pre-roll on the bus, on a plane, or anywhere else that smoking might be strongly frowned upon (or even illegal).

Instead, it’s best to smoke your CBD pre-roll:

  • In the comfort of your own home,
  • Out on the porch,
  • Or in a relaxed social setting.

It contains less than 0.3% THC, but your CBD pre-roll looks and smells just like a cannabis joint, so avoid smoking your pre-roll anywhere that a case of mistaken identity might give onlookers the wrong idea.

2. Find a lighter

Once you’ve found the perfect place to light up and indulge in the potent benefits of inhaled CBD, you’ll need a suitable implement to get your blaze started. While matches might be up to the task, lighting a CBD joint requires a little bit of finesse, so you’d be better off with a lighter.

Choose a normal, compact cigarette lighter—there’s no need to go crazy with a butane torch. Also, please don’t try to light your CBD pre-roll with your stovetop. We prefer your hair the way it is.

3. Puff first, then inhale

The tip of your all-hemp Secret Nature CBD joint is equipped with a small nub of rolling paper. It’s there to help you build a blazing coal at the end of your pre-roll.

We assume that you aren’t interested in inhaling smoke derived solely from incinerated hemp paper, so as you light this little nub with your lighter, gently puff at your pre-roll to caress tip of the indoor-grown CBD flower inside with flame. Once the ground-up flower is burning nicely, start taking deep lungfuls of delicious, high-potency Secret Nature CBD smoke.

4. Don’t hold it in

There’s a limit to how much CBD your lungs can absorb in a single breath. Research indicates that cannabinoids like CBD absorb into your lungs within the first few seconds after inhalation anyway.

Holding smoke in your lungs for an extended period can actually be harmful, so there’s no benefit to making each puff of your CBD pre-roll last as long as possible. Instead, take deep inhalations that completely fill your lungs with smoke, and then exhale fully after 1-3 seconds.

5. Put your CBD joint out safely

When you’re done smoking your CBD pre-roll, don’t:

  • Use the smoldering leftovers to play catch with your dog
  • Throw your still-lit joint into that old, dry wood pile in your backyard

Instead, dispose of your joint properly in an ashtray or completely crush out the ember glowing inside. Once your depleted joint is cool, you can dispose of it in the trash.

We don’t condone littering. All the same, Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls are 100% biodegradable, so you could technically let nature compost the burnt-out ends of your joints for you.

How to smoke a CBD pre-roll FAQ

Finesse your mastery of CBD joint smoking with the following frequently asked questions:

How do you smoke a CBD pre-roll?

It’s pretty easy. Just:

  1. Put the right end in your mouth
  2. Light the tip with a lighter or match
  3. And start puffing!

Smoking a CBD pre-roll isn’t rocket science. It can, however, become something of a connoisseur art with enough experience and the correct creative mindset.

How much of a CBD pre-roll should you smoke?

As a first-timer, are you wondering how much of your joint you should smoke in a single sitting? Even experienced smokers want to know if they’re smoking too much or too little.

Let’s explain it this way. An average Secret Nature CBD pre-roll contains around 100mg CBD. If you think that’s a lot of CBD, you’re right. For contrast, most CBD gummies and capsules contain around 20-50mg of CBD each, and smoking CBD provides much more potent effects than ingesting it orally.

Due to this high CBD concentration, a single puff of a Secret Nature CBD joint might be enough to satisfy some people. A third of a Secret Nature CBD pre-roll contains around 35mg CBD, so some of our customers divide their pre-rolls into two or three smoking sessions.

Can I smoke a whole CBD joint?

It certainly isn’t unheard of to smoke an entire Secret Nature CBD joint at once. CBD is non-intoxicating, and it isn’t habit forming. Therefore, use your own discretion when determining CBD pre-roll dosing.

What does smoking a CBD joint taste like?

CBD pre-rolls can have a wide variety of different flavors depending on the terpenes they contain. Beta-caryophyllene, for instance, is one of the most common terpenes in hemp, and it has a spicy, peppery taste. Myrcene, however, which is also found in mangoes, has a fruitier, more tropical flavor, and limonene tastes just like lemons.

Since each strain of CBD-rich hemp expresses a unique ratio of more than a dozen different terpenes, a strain’s aroma and flavor becomes its most easily identifiable fingerprint. Secret Nature Papaya Nights pre-rolls, for instance, contain sour and hazy terpenes that make this strain taste just like tropical fruit, and Secret Nature Frosted Kush contains earthy and berry terpenes that produce a classic “kush” flavor.

Do CBD pre-rolls do anything?

They don’t get you high, but CBD pre-rolls still have potent effects. CBD smokers report this cannabinoid has very potent relaxing benefits when inhaled that, depending on the strain, might make you feel more like sitting down and relaxing at home or getting up and breathing in the joyful aromas of nature.

What are the effects of smoking a CBD pre-roll?

Smoking a CBD joint won’t make you feel paranoid or anxious. Inhaling CBD smoke will, however, provide effects that are considerably stronger than those provided by tinctures, capsules, edibles, or other types of orally ingested or topically applied CBD products.

When smoked in pre-roll form, the usual effects of CBD are simply stronger and more noticeable. If you normally become relaxed and sleepy after using CBD, for instance, smoking a pre-roll will accentuate these effects.

The effects of smoking a Secret Nature CBD joint will be subtly different depending on whether your pre-roll contained indica, sativa, or hybrid flower. Most users report that indica strains provide deep relaxation, sativa strains provide invigoration, and hybrid strains provide a balanced combination of these effects.

You’ll most likely feel the effects of your CBD pre-roll within 1-2 minutes, and these effects will last for around 60-90 minutes.

Does smoking a CBD pre-roll get you high?

No, CBD does not cause any intoxication or high. Smoking CBD may provide intense effects, but these effects will not be intoxicating or otherwise significantly impact your mental state.

Paranoia, confusion, panic, or other common side effects of smoking THC will not occur when you smoke a CBD pre-roll. You can let go and fully enjoy the effects of your Secret Nature CBD pre-roll, therefore, without significantly interrupting your day.

Find out how to smoke CBD like a pro with Secret Nature

The best way to learn how to smoke CBD pre-roll is to try it yourself. Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls are 100%-organic, indoor-grown, and lab-tested, and they only contain ground-up CBD-rich hemp buds — no trim or shake.

Shop for Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls today to discover all the non-intoxicating benefits of smoking hemp firsthand.

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