How to Smoke Delta 8 Flower: 3 Methods

Published November 07, 2021
How to Smoke Delta 8 Flower: 3 Methods - Secret Nature

The popularity of delta 8 shows no signs of slowing down, and delta 8 flower is the fastest-growing category within this fledgling hemp industry. What is delta 8 flower, can you smoke it, and is delta 8 flower safe to smoke? Find answers to these questions, and learn the 3 best ways to smoke delta 8 flower.

What is the best way to take delta 8?

Most people take delta 8 orally in the form of capsules or edibles. Taking delta 8 orally isn’t as effective as inhaling it, though, and orally ingesting hemp products every day can cause digestive discomfort in some users.

Smoking or vaping delta 8 THC delivers instant effects, and people commonly inhale delta 8 on a daily basis without reporting any significant side effects. Usually free from additives and extra ingredients, delta 8 flower is one of the most natural ways to use this unique hemp cannabinoid.

  • Inhaling delta 8 is much more effective than ingesting it orally

Can you smoke delta 8 flowers?

Yes, delta 8 flower is intended to be vaporized or smoked. You can grind up delta 8 flower and put it in a pipe or joint just like any other type of cannabis flower. Delta 8 flower quality varies considerably among brands, though, and some delta 8 buds might be harsher to smoke than others.

3 best ways to smoke delta 8 flower

In most ways, smoking delta 8 flower is very similar to smoking any other type of hemp or cannabis flower. You might need a refresher after a long break, though, and it’s even possible that smoking delta 8 is your first-ever encounter with cannabis.

Let’s review the three best ways to smoke delta 8 hemp flower:

#1.) Can you smoke delta 8 flower in a joint?

Yes, smoking delta 8 flower in a joint or pre-roll is one of the easiest ways to smoke this hemp cannabinoid. Pre-rolled delta 8 joints are easiest to handle for beginners, and we definitely recommend picking up an inexpensive rolling machine if you plan to roll your own delta 8 hemp cigarettes.

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#2.) Can you smoke delta 8 flower in a bong?

Yes, you can grind up delta 8 buds and put them in a bong the same way you’d use a bong to smoke any other type of cannabis. To smoke delta 8 in a bong, simply:

  • Grind your flower
  • Fill the bowl of your bong with ground-up delta 8 buds
  • Make sure your bong water is clean, and put the bowl in the bong
  • Place a flame next to the bowl, and inhale at the mouthpiece of the bong
  • Use hemp wick instead of a lighter for a tastier, healthier bong rip
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#3.) Can you smoke delta 8 flower in a pipe?

If a bong is too big or messy to fit your on-the-go lifestyle, smoking delta 8 flower in a pipe is just as serviceable even if your hits are guaranteed to be harsher. To smoke delta 8 flower in a pipe, follow the same steps you’d use to smoke it in a bong, but make sure you don’t try to fill your dry pipe with water.

Is it bad to smoke delta 8?

As long as it’s isomerized from CBD or another cannabinoid using natural processes, there’s no reason smoking delta 8 should be any more dangerous than smoking CBD or delta 9 THC. Delta 8 has gotten something of a bad name due to low-quality products pushed by irresponsible producers, but there’s nothing that inherently makes this form of THC any more dangerous than any other.

Can you take too much delta 8?

Yes, it’s technically possible to take too much delta 8 THC, but THC overdose has never been a major concern to medical experts. Scientists have established that the overall toxic dose of THC is incredibly high, and there aren’t many meaningful differences between the delta 8 and delta 9 forms of this cannabinoid.

You might find a certain dose of delta 8 to be too big or too small for your needs. The average user consumes around 50-100mg of delta 8 per day, but you might be either overwhelmed or unsatisfied with this dose.

Since taking too much delta 8 is very hard to do, experiment with this hemp cannabinoid at your discretion. Remember that not all delta 8 products are made equal, however, so only smoke delta 8 flower that you can trust not to contain any harmful additives or toxins.

Is 50mg of delta 8 too much?

Consider taking less than 50mg of delta 8 if it's your first time. Many experienced delta 8 users, however, regularly consume even higher doses every session.

A dose of 50mg is considered to be pretty high regardless of how you ingest delta 8. Inhaling 50mg of delta 8 flower or concentrate at once will certainly result in an intoxicating effect that you might find overwhelming if you’re relatively new to THC in general.

Can delta 8 make you sick?

If you use the wrong delta 8 product, additives or contaminants present might make you feel sick. Delta 8 THC itself, however, shouldn’t make you feel sick unless you accidentally take too much without being ready.

If you remember your first time smoking weed, keep in mind that delta 8 isn’t that much different from delta 9. You might feel the same sense of overwhelming intoxication that almost made you dial 911 the first time you got high, but just sit down for a few minutes, and you’ll be alright.

Will smoking delta 8 make you fail a drug test?

As far as drug tests are concerned, delta 8 THC is the same thing as delta 9 THC. Therefore, if you smoke delta 8 flower, you are almost certain to fail a drug test that screens for delta 9 THC. Unlike the case with CBD, employers are less likely to take the type of cannabinoid you used into account since delta 8 and delta 9 are widely known to cause similar effects.
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