How to Use a Secret Nature CBD Vape Cart & Battery

Published March 17, 2021
How to Use a Secret Nature CBD Vape Cart & Battery - Secret Nature

The Secret Nature Vape Battery is made from high-quality materials and is available for a low price. It matches the aesthetics of the Secret Nature vape cartridge, and it features universally compatible threading.

As someone using the Secret Nature vape cartridge and battery for the first time, what steps do you need to take to start puffing? I recently asked myself the same questions as Secret Nature’s blog writer.

Now, with half a dozen or so Secret Nature vape cartridges under my belt, I can confidently say I’m an expert on this brand’s cartridges and batteries. Let’s embark on this detailed guide to Secret Nature vapes and how to use them.

The basics

You probably know a lot of the following already. For the sake of thoroughness, however, let’s start with a brief overview of the subject material.

1. What is a CBD vape cartridge?

A CBD vape cartridge is a vape cartridge that contains the non-intoxicating cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD). This cannabinoid can be added to vape cartridges in a wide variety of different ways, but live resin and full-spectrum distillate extraction are generally regarded as the highest-quality methods.

CBD vape cartridges are widely considered highly effective products for administering the effects of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid with maximum speed and potency. Plus, vaping CBD can be tasty and fun if CBD vape cartridges contain natural hemp or cannabis terpenes.

2. What is a CBD vape battery?

A CBD vape battery is an electronic device, usually cylindrical, that supplies power to CBD vape cartridges. Connected to a compatible cartridge, the battery provides the cartridge’s atomizer the power it needs to vaporize the CBD-rich hemp extract within.

Secret Nature vapes

Secret Nature is renowned throughout the world for our peerless CBD-rich hemp flower. Rather than simply serving as a side project, Secret Nature vape cartridges are equally top-tier, and they contain the same good stuff that goes into our unique crush-proof tins of flower.

To produce our vape cartridges, we combine CO2-extracted live resin terpenes from cannabis with our very own raw, organic CBD flower extract. This extract exceeds the industry’s standard of potency, and it does so without compromising on safety and quality.

In this section, learn more about what Secret Nature vapes are to get puffing faster.

3. How do Secret Nature vape cartridges work?

Like other vape cartridges, Secret Nature vapes work according to surprisingly simple principles. Hemp oil becomes a vapor at a certain temperature, so to turn CBD oil into smoke-free vapor, a Secret Nature battery simply brings the temperature inside a small oil-filled chamber high enough to induce vaporization.

All that’s necessary to get the job done is a power source (battery), a container for the oil (tank), and somewhere to put your mouth (mouthpiece). There’s a lot going on inside the base of the cartridge we don’t need to touch on here, but that about sums up how Secret Nature CBD vapes work.

4. Are Secret Nature vape batteries universal?

The Secret Nature Vape Battery is a universal, 510-threaded vape battery that will work with any standard vape cartridge. When you’re done with your Secret Nature vape cartridge, you can use your batteries with future CBD, THC, or even nicotine vape cartridges from Secret Nature or another brand.

Using Secret Nature CBD vapes

Take it from me — the process of unpacking, setting up, and using a Secret Nature vape cartridge and battery combo is like a dream. Secret Nature’s product packaging is top-tier, and while the vape cartridges this brand uses don’t come in the same packaging, they’re branded with the Secret Nature logo at the bottom.

From a perspective of personal experience, I’ll briefly recount the process of connecting and puffing on a Secret Nature vape cartridge:

5. How do you connect a CBD vape cartridge to a battery?

It’s easy. Just take both products out of their packaging, and screw the vape cartridge into the battery. Let’s break it down:

  • Secret Nature vape cartridges come in airtight bags, and they have silicone covers attached. Remove all this packaging, and remove the Secret Nature Vape Battery from its standard plastic container.
  • Align the thread protruding from the bottom of the vape cartridge with the thread visible inside the cavity at the top of the battery. Feel the two halves click into place, and connect the cartridge by turning it clockwise until tight.

6. How do you use a Secret Nature vape cartridge?

It’s simple. Just stick it in your mouth, and inhale.

If you want, you can start by choosing a temperature setting using the slider on the bottom. That’s also where you’ll find a helpful LED that will let you know when your vape battery is:

  • In use
  • Shutting down
  • Out of power
  • Charging

From the moment you start providing suction at the lip of your vape cartridge, the atomizer in its core will begin sucking power from the battery and producing CBD-rich hemp concentrate vapor.

I’ve found that it’s helpful to hold the battery so the LED is facing a surface, such as your hand. That way, you can clearly see the moment the green LED starts blinking, indicating that the battery is shutting down.

Inhale deeply, exhale, and sit back. You’ve just sent CBD on its way throughout your system, delivering all of this cannabinoid’s many benefits quickly and efficiently.

Keeping the blaze going

Your first moment of Secret Nature CBD vape bliss won’t last forever. What do you do to make sure that your freedom to vaporize the world’s purest CBD won’t be infringed upon?

7. How do I recharge the Secret Nature vape battery?

The blinking red light of doom has arrived. What do you do?

Remember your Secret Nature Vape Battery’s package? Inside, you’ll find a microUSB cord you can use to charge your battery.

In functionality, it’s the same as any other microUSB cord in the world, making it easy to charge your Secret Nature Vape Battery wherever you are. You’ll love this innovative, low-profile cord, however, since it’s flat and magnetic, sticking to surfaces like file cabinets and refrigerators with ease.

  • The bottom of your battery will light up red the moment you connect it to power
  • Then, the light will turn green when the battery is done charging.

8. How long does a Secret Nature vape cartridge last?

Compared to most cannabis and hemp vape cartridge manufacturers, Secret Nature fills its vape cartridges a little bit higher. Available in 700mg (0.7g) and 1200mg (1.2g) options, Secret Nature cartridges considerably exceed the industry standard of 500mg (0.5g) and 1000mg (1g) sizes.

As a result, you might find that your Secret Nature cartridge lasts longer than you’d expect. Most users discover that a 700mg cartridge lasts anywhere from 5-14 days while 1200mg cartridges last closer to 9-20 days.

That’s if you’re using your cartridge every day. Kept clean and stored properly upright in a cool (but not too cool) area, your Secret Nature vape cartridge should remain puffable for at least 90 days from the date of delivery.

Takeaway points

Ready to buy a Secret Nature vape? Not so fast.

9. Are Secret Nature vapes safe?

Secret Nature vapes consist solely of:

  • Secret Nature Raw Nectar high-CBD organic, indoor-grown, hand-trimmed hemp flower extract
  • THC-free, CO2-extracted live resin cannabis terpenes

The purity of Secret Nature vape products is confirmed by third-party, batch-specific lab reports. Our commitment to transparency allows you full insight into our cultivation and production processes.

10. How do CBD vapes make you feel?

CBD doesn’t make you feel high even when you vape it. Instead, CBD vape cartridges generally make you feel relaxed. The type of CBD extract in your vape makes a big difference in the effects it exerts.

Choosing the right Secret Nature vape — mini-guide

Do you have a good idea of how to use the Secret Nature CBD vape cartridge and battery now? If not, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you get the hang of it.

In the meantime, let’s learn how to choose the right Secret Nature vape for your needs. We offer quite a few organic, live resin terpene CBD vapes, and picking the right size, type, and strain can be something of an art.

Sorting sizes

Not sure if you’ll like the flavor or effects of a certain cartridge? Then, opt for the 700mg size. Stocking up for the downfall of Western civilization? Grab a few 1.2g Secret Nature carts instead.

Indica vs. sativa vs. hybrid

You’d be surprised how different the effects of sativa and hybrid strains can be in practice. Carefully select between the daytime energizing effects of sativas, the balanced effects of hybrids, and the nighttime soporific effects of indicas.

Strain-specific showdown

You might have noticed that many Secret Nature vapes bear the names of famous cannabis strains. That wasn’t by accident.

At Secret Nature, we take the terpenes from THC cannabis (without taking any of the THC along with them) and add them to our own CBD-rich raw hemp nectar. The result is CBD-rich distillate that smells and tastes just like everyone’s favorite THC-rich cannabis strains.

Each strain-specific Secret Nature CBD vape cartridge has a unique terpene and effect profile. Use customer reviews to determine which strain is best for your needs.

How long does Secret Nature take to ship?

Secret Nature takes around 2-4 days to ship. Most orders in the Western United States arrive within two standard USPS shipping days, and orders in further-flung parts of the country might take three or four days to arrive.

Overall, we’re renowned throughout the industry for our remarkably fast shipping times. Customers remark that buying CBD flower from us is like shopping on Amazon in terms of convenience.

Choose a Secret Nature vape now for lightning-fast checkout and shipping speeds.

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