Ice Cream Cake Strain: Everything You Need to Know

Published June 20, 2022
Ice Cream Cake Strain: Everything You Need to Know - Secret Nature

Ice Cream Cake is a beloved cannabis strain that comes from legendary parents. A cross of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake, this slightly indica-leaning hybrid cultivar commonly comes in at more than 23% THC, and some users say it tastes just like real ice cream cake. Learn what Ice Cream Cake is and where it comes from, and find answers to every question you’ve ever wanted to ask about this delicious and popular hybrid.

What is the strain Ice Cream Cake?

Ice Cream Cake is a hybrid strain descended from Wedding Cake and Gelato 33. Commonly purplish-green and covered with abundant orange hairs, Ice Cream Cake has a distinctive appearance and delivers balanced effects that users report are ideal for both daytime and nighttime use.

At an average of 23% THC, Ice Cream Cake is far from the strongest strain of weed available on the market today, but it’s certainly strong enough to get the job done. The most notable aspect of Ice Cream Cake is its flavor — taking the best parts of the terpene profiles of each of its parents, Ice Cream Cake tastes deliciously creamy while also offering notes of cake frosting.

Is Ice Cream Cake indica or sativa?

Ice Cream Cake is a hybrid strain, so it delivers effects that are more balanced than they are energizing or soporific. Unlike a true indica, Ice Cream Cake won’t make you zone out or fall asleep, and unlike a full-on sativa, this strain won’t make you feel absurdly creative or fill you with a sudden zeal to get outside and exercise. Instead, Ice Cream Cake is an ideal “anytime” strain that provides a blissful sense of pain-diminishing euphoria.

What are the genetics of Ice Cream Cake?

Ice Cream Cake was derived by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33, both of which are already hybrid strains. Wedding Cake is, in turn, a descendant of Animal Mints and Triangle Kush, and Gelato #33 is a cross of Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet. Far from being a “landrace” or even anything similar, Ice Cream Cake is instead a prime example of the type of convoluted cannabis genetics that are necessary to achieve particular desired outcomes — like making a strain taste exactly like the type of cake you can pick up at Baskin-Robbins.

Which terpenes are in Ice Cream Cake?

The exact terpene profile present in Ice Cream Cake varies depending on the exact phenotype and how the strain was grown, but the primary terpenes found in this cultivar include limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene, and pinene. Ice Cream Cake also contains unusually high concentrations of terpineol, camphene, carene, valencene, and other rare terpenes. All these terpenes work together to give Ice Cream Cake its distinctive flavor and aroma.

What does the strain Ice Cream Cake smell like?

The strength of the aroma Ice Cream Cake gives off has a lot to do with how it was grown and processed, but with most packages of this iconic strain, the first aroma you’ll notice after breaking the seal is lavender followed by a hard-to-place sugary goodness. This strain also definitely has herbal notes, and its creaminess becomes more apparent once you start smoking or vaping Ice Cream Cake.

Is Ice Cream Cake strong?

Coming in at an average of 23% THC, Ice Cream Cake is certainly strong — even if it isn’t the strongest strain of cannabis ever grown. To experience the strongest examples of Ice Cream Cake available on the market today, try to find an indoor grower that cryogenically dries and cures its buds.

What are the effects of Ice Cream Cake?

Ice Cream Cake usually has balanced hybrid effects that sometimes slide more into sedating indica territory. Smoke some Ice Cream Cake when you don’t have much to do for the rest of the day and you’re ready to feel relief from both physical pain and mental stress. One thing this strain won’t do is make you feel unusually energetic.

Does the strain Ice Cream Cake make you sleepy?

Due to its slightly indica-leaning heritage, Ice Cream Cake has a small chance of making you feel sleepy. As a mostly balanced hybrid, however, this strain isn’t very likely to cause feelings of either sleepiness or excessive energy — it has a high chance, however, of making you feel lightly relaxed and powerfully euphoric.

Can you use the strain Ice Cream Cake for anxiety?

Many users turn to Ice Cream Cake for help with anxiety, stress, and related purposes. While some might find this hybrid strain to be less useful for anxiety than full-blooded sativas, its high potency and balanced effects might be just the boost of relaxation you’ve been searching for.

Can I buy Ice Cream Cake strain seeds?

Yes, seeds for the strain Ice Cream Cake are widely available online if you want to grow this cultivar for yourself. Don’t be surprised, however, if your results fall short of what professional growers with advanced setups can achieve.

The bottom line: Is Ice Cream Cake top-shelf?

If you’re looking for a solid hybrid with lightly indica-leaning effects, Ice Cream Cake is a safe bet. This is an even more ideal strain for your purposes if you’re a connoisseur of the incredibly varied aromas and tastes that are made possible with artisanal cannabis breeding.

As to whether Ice Cream Cake is top shelf or not, that all depends on how this strain is grown. Even the best genetics can be ruined with sub-par cultivation, and strains no one would ever have credited with being “top-shelf” can deliver surprisingly impressive results with the right growing methods.

To be considered top-shelf, Ice Cream Cake buds must be indoor-grown, well-trimmed, and contain upwards of 25% THC. Take a close look at Ice Cream Cake flower to determine its quality — if there are plenty of crystally trichomes and intact orange hairs, you’ve likely found a winner.

Ice Cream Cake strain FAQ

Let’s finish up by answering a few questions related to the legendary strain Ice Cream Cake and its benefits:

1. Is there a Rainbow Ice Cream Cake strain?

No, there is no strain specifically known as “Rainbow Ice Cream Cake.” There is, however, a strain called Rainbow Cake, which — like Ice Cream Cake — has Wedding Cake as one of its parents. The other parent is Rainbow Belts, which provides the strain’s distinctly rainbow-colored appearance.

2. Is Ice Cream Cake related to Wedding Cake?

Yes, Ice Cream Cake is directly related to Wedding Cake — this strain is a combination of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, after all. Wedding Cake is the strain from which Ice Cream Cake derives its berry frosting flavor. The cultivar’s creaminess comes from its other parent, Gelato #33.

3. Is Ice Cream Cake an exotic strain?

There’s no official definition of what an “exotic” cannabis strain even is, so it’s hard to say whether this term applies to Ice Cream Cake. If you’ve never tried Ice Cream Cake and you’re from an area of the country that’s geographically remote from this strain’s West Coast origins, it certainly might seem exotic to you.

4. Is Ice Cream Cake a Cookies strain?

Lake Tahoe breeders Seed Junky Genetics are credited with creating the hybrid strain Ice Cream Cake. So no, this cultivar was not bred by California cannabis giant Cookies.

5. Can the strain Ice Cream Cake be grown in a greenhouse?

Yes, it’s certainly possible to grow Ice Cream Cake in a greenhouse. As with all greenhouse-grown bud, however, cultivating Ice Cream Cake in this environment will result in smaller nugs with lower THC content.

The tradeoff is that greenhouse cultivation takes advantage of the natural cultivation power of sunlight. Even the best greenhouse-grown weed, however, can’t hold a candle to true indoor cannabis.

6. How much THC does Ice Cream Cake contain?

Ice Cream Cake has an average of around 23% THC. There’s a lot more that goes into the potency of weed, however, than just its name. Each strain of cannabis has multiple phenotypes, for starters, and each phenotype has slightly different properties.

One Ice Cream Cake phenotype might result in weed that contains 25% THC, for an instance, while another might only bear 20%. Cultivation has the biggest impact on cannabis potency, however, with indoor hydroponic setups generally delivering the highest THC levels.

As a result, you can expect Ice Cream Cake to contain at least 20% THC. With an ideal cultivation environment, optimized drying and curing, and a perfect trim job, though, concentrations of THC in this strain might verge on 30% instead.

7. Is there an Ice Cream strain of weed?

Yes, there’s an indica-leaning hybrid strain called Ice Cream, also known as Ice Cream Kush. However, Ice Cream Kush and Ice Cream Cake have nothing to do with each other genetically — they were developed by different breeders, first of all, and Ice Cream Kush is derived from White Widow and Bubble Gum while Ice Cream Cake is a cross of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake.

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