Indica Vape vs. Sativa Vape vs. Hybrid Vape

Published October 02, 2020
Indica Vape vs. Sativa Vape vs. Hybrid Vape - Secret Nature

Indica, sativa, and hybrid: You’ve heard the names of these cannabis categories, but what are their exact differences — especially when it comes to vapes?

While the science on the difference between indica and sativa strains may still be inconclusive, countless cannabis users swear there’s some degree of difference in the effect profiles of indicas and sativas. In this comprehensive guide, learn what indica and sativa vapes are, how they compare, and how to choose the best Secret Nature vape strain.

Part 1: What are indica, sativa, and hybrid vapes?

Whether there’s a particular condition you want to properly target with the right strain or you have any other reason for learning the differences between indicas and sativas once and for all, you’ll find the answers in this guide. Let’s begin with a thorough definition of terms: What, exactly, are indica, sativa, and hybrid vapes?

Strains of Cannabis sativa can be separated into three distinct categories: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Scientists still haven’t definitively delineated the chemical differences between these three cannabis categories, but it’s clear from abundant anecdotal testimony that the effects of cannabis vary widely based on genetics.

Indica cannabis is very different from sativa cannabis with hybrid strains providing the best of both worlds. Cannabis producers have tentatively hypothesized that the differences between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains might be attributable to their unique terpene profiles.

Mature Cannabis sativa buds contain hundreds of different compounds. It’s believed that indica strains contain greater concentrations of certain terpenes while sativa strains are rich in other members of this natural, plant-derived antioxidant family.

Since it’s most likely that terpenes are responsible for the differences between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, CBD vape cartridges that contain terpenes are also classified into one of these three groups. Let’s explore the differences between indica, sativa, and hybrid vape cartridges to discover which type of CBD vaping experience is right for you.

What are indica CBD vape cartridges?

Indica CBD vape cartridges are disposable vape cartridges that contain extracts from mature, CBD-rich Cannabis sativa flower with indica attributes. Indica cannabis strains are generally short and stocky with thick, resinous buds.

They might have sweeter and muskier aromas while sativa strains smell more fruity and hazy. Indica CBD vape cartridges share the attributes of their origin strains and exert typical indica cannabis effects.

What are sativa CBD vape cartridges?

Sativa CBD vape cartridges contain extracts derived from CBD-rich hemp strains with sativa attributes. Lanky and with a tendency to stretch, sativa hemp plants bear light-green or teal buds that are longer than they are wide. High-quality sativa CBD vape cartridges preserve the sour, fruity, or even lemony aroma that’s indicative of prestigious sativa genetics.

What are hybrid CBD vape cartridges?

Hybrid CBD vape cartridges are derived from Cannabis sativa plants that share attributes with both indica and sativa strains. Produced by breeding indica cultivars with sativa cultivars, hybrid strains are designed to highlight the best traits of each major cannabis subtype.

In terms of aroma and taste, hybrid strains are the most varied and diverse. Some hybrid CBD strains feature 50/50 sativa/indica genetics, but most cultivars lean more toward one side of the indica/sativa spectrum.

Part 2: How to find high-quality indica, sativa, & hybrid CBD vapes

Not all CBD vape cartridges are made equal. Some carts, for instance, are labeled as indica, sativa, or hybrid even though they only contain isolate CBD mixed with botanical, non-cannabis terpenes.

That’s not enough to provide the robust effects you’re looking for. It’s best to choose broad-spectrum or full-spectrum vape cartridges with genuine cannabis terpenes if you’re on the hunt for a full-bodied indica, sativa, or hybrid experience.

Regardless of which type of hemp genetics you prefer, live resin cannabis terpenes will provide the most potent indica, sativa, or hybrid effects. That’s because live resin extraction preserves terpenes in the pristine state they take on just at the point of harvest.

Live resin terpenes are paired best with CO2-extracted CBD concentrate like Secret Nature’s raw hemp flower nectar. Make sure that any CBD vape cartridges you’re considering come equipped with independent, third-party lab reports.

Indica CBD vape vs. sativa CBD vape

Now that you have an idea of what indica, sativa, and hybrid CBD cartridges are and how to find the best CBD cartridges on the market, it’s time to discover how these distinct categories of CBD vape products differ. Let’s start with the differences between indica and sativa.

Sativa and indica CBD vape cartridges have distinctly different flavors and aromas. Indica CBD strains, for instance, often taste sweet, earthy, or skunky while sativa strains might taste sour, fruity, or even spicy.

The exact mechanisms are responsible for the distinctly different effects that indica and sativa CBD hemp strains exert remain mysterious. What’s clear from abundant anecdotal testimony, including thousands of product reviews, however, is that indica strains are relaxing while sativa strains are energizing.

These differences might boil down to the placebo effect in the end, but we don’t think so. Sativa and indica strains clearly look different, and cannabis connoisseurs and newbies alike agree that these two types of cannabis exert widely different effects.

Puffing on a sativa CBD vape cartridge, for instance, might be the right call if you’re craving a creative activity or you want to get outside and exercise. Choosing an indica vape cartridge would be a good choice, however, if you’re having trouble getting to sleep and you need some extra relaxation.

Indica CBD vape vs. hybrid CBD vape

Indica CBD vape cartridges have decidedly relaxing benefits. Hybrid vape cartridges, on the other hand, walk the line between relaxing and energizing.

If you’re on the hunt for smooth, balancing effects that will carry you through your day, a hybrid CBD vape cartridge might be the right pick. If you’re actively seeking relaxing effects, however, a hybrid strain might be too energizing, and you might rather stick with a full-on indica strain instead.

Sativa CBD vape vs. hybrid CBD vape

Sativa CBD vape cartridges are so energizing that they have a tendency to send you into a creative frenzy. You’d be excused for finding these effects too intense under certain circumstances.

To enjoy a limited degree of sativa boost combined with indica chill, a hybrid vape cartridge will be your best bet. If you don’t mind getting a little bit manic and want to manifest as much overflowing creative energy as possible, however, a pure-bred sativa strain will be the right way to go.

Part 3: Secret Nature hybrid, sativa, and indica CBD cartridges compared

So far, we’ve only compared sativa, hybrid, and indica vapes in general. You might be starting to wonder, however, how to choose between the various vape strains offered by Secret Nature.

Below, we’ll compare seven different Secret Nature CBD vape strains, uncovering their similarities and differences. As you determine which particular strain you’d prefer in your cart, you’ll also acquire a greater depth of knowledge regarding the indica-sativa spectrum.

White Fire OG (I) vs. Bellini (S)

Where White Fire OG is one of the strongest indicas around, Bellini can be called a sativa-leaning hybrid at best. You might not be too interested in Bellini in the evening, but customers tell us that this strain is absolutely ideal for morning and daytime use.

White Fire OG, also known as WiFi OG or just WiFi, is known for its piney flavor and potent indica stone. Bellini isn’t quite as energizing as some full-blooded sativas, but it’s definitely in the get-up-and-go category with its sour, citrusy flavor and mood-boosting effects.

Orange Royale (S) vs. Grape Ape (I)

For our next round of comparisons, we put two of our fruity strains head-to-head: Orange Royale and Grape Ape. While both vapes might taste a bit like nostalgic soda flavors of your youth, they’ll have almost perfectly opposite effects, making it important to choose carefully.

Grape Ape is renowned in the THC world for its couch-locking, powerfully indica-leaning effects. Orange Royale, on the other hand, isn’t sedative at all and is generally uplifting and energizing. These effects carry over to the CBD vape forms of Orange Royale and Grape Ape even though neither cartridge will get you high.

Durban Poison (S) vs. Lemon Diesel (S)

Even among fellow sativas, there are important differences to elucidate. Durban Poison and Lemon Diesel might seem similar at a glance, but there’s a world of nuance between these two strains that’s just as important to tease out whether you’re using the THC or CBD versions of these strains.

Durban Poison, for instance, is known for its uplifting, nearly trippy effects when its dominant cannabinoid is THC. Lemon Diesel, on the other hand, offers a more powerful body high that might help you feel motivated to get outside. Plus, the two strains taste entirely different — Durban Poison is mainly sweet and spicy while Lemon Diesel (true to its name) tastes like citrus fruit and gas.

Forbidden Fruit (I) vs. White Fire OG (I)

Finally, we turn to a comparison of two indica strains: In one corner, Forbidden Fruit, and in the other, a strain we’ve already become familiar with: White Fire OG. Where Forbidden Fruit truly stands out is in its culinary attributes: Be prepared for strong notes of tropical fruit with underlying hints of haze and dankness.

White Fire OG, on the other hand, is all pine and citrus, putting together a vibe that’s like a mixture of Tahoe and Anaheim. In terms of effects, the two strains are quite similar, but connoisseurs will be able to detect minor differences that might make either WiFi OG or Forbidden Fruit more desirable.

Part 4: Sativa vs. indica vape effects

How do the effects of sativa, indica, and hybrid vapes differ? Below, we’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this topic to help you better understand the highly distinct effect profiles offered by indicas and sativas.

Why do indicas and sativas have different effects?

Scientists still aren’t even sure if the differences between indicas and sativas are based on observable evidence. It’s possible, however, that the widely different effects exerted by indica and sativa strains might have to do with their terpene concentrations.

Every strain of cannabis has a slightly different terpene profile, and each terpene found in cannabis exerts different effects. Looking at the individual effects of terpenes doesn’t usually yield any useful information, though — While linalool is relaxing, for instance, this terpene is found about equally in both indica and sativa strains.

Experts suggest, though, that the dozens of interactions that naturally occur between terpene profiles in cannabis may result in a form of synergy not unlike the entourage effect. Perhaps it's some as-yet-unknown interaction between linalool and some other terpene that triggers its relaxing effects, or perhaps the relaxing effects of indicas are caused by some other phenomenon entirely.

How does indica vape make you feel?

An indica vape cartridge will make you feel just about the same as smoking or vaping indica flower. Any cartridge labeled “indica” should contain the full, cannabis-derived terpene profile of an indica-dominant cannabis strain.

As a result, any genuine indica vape is simply a distillation and concentration of indica flower. If you’re used to enjoying a certain type of experience with indica hemp or cannabis flower, rest assured you’ll enjoy a similar experience with an indica vape.

Is hybrid an upper or downer?

Hybrid strains generally have balanced effects. Unlike sativas, which pep you up, and indicas, which provide feelings of comfort or relaxation, hybrids don’t swing too far in either direction. There are also indica-dominant and sativa-dominant hybrids, though, which provide effects that learn one way or another on the indica-sativa spectrum.

What does indica do to you?

Whether you vape it or use it any other way, indica cannabis usually has a pleasantly relaxing effect. Compared to sativas, indica strains are generally considered to be better for nighttime use, but you can puff on an indica strain any time of the day you want to take a little break and kick back.

Does indica make you sleepy or hyper?

Indica strains usually won’t make you feel energetic or hyper. Anecdotal testimony from cannabis users almost universally reflects the idea that indicas are relaxing.

If an indica strain veers too far toward the sativa end of the terpene-profile spectrum, though, it might be more energizing than other indicas you’ve tried. Every strain of cannabis is unique, after all.

Which makes you happier: indica or sativa?

If you’re fighting depression or trying to produce a happy vibe, a sativa strain might be the best option. While indicas are also often described as providing feelings of euphoria, they lack the motivating sense of intensity that accompanies the best sativa cannabis cultivars. Especially if you’re finding days of drudgery hard to get through, sativas might help lighten things up during the daytime.

Which gets you higher: indica or sativa?

Sativa and indica strains of cannabis get you high in different ways, and there are massive differences between strains that are nonetheless similarly classified as “indicas” or “sativas.” As a result, it’s hard to say whether indicas or sativas get you higher, but the majority of daily cannabis users would most likely side with indicas.

While the energizing buzz provided by sativas is definitely enjoyable, it tends to not last quite as long and wear off more quickly. Smoke the right indica, though, and you’ll be glued to the couch for hours.

Is indica a body high?

Users generally indicate that indicas provide body highs that are much stronger than their head highs. Cerebral intoxication is more the realm of sativas, which provide powerful head highs while often leaving bodily sensations practically untouched. That’s part of the reason indicas are so good for relaxation and pain while sativas are perfect for exercise and creativity.

Do indica strains make you laugh?

The right indica strain will certainly make you look at the world in a different way, which you might find amusing. Sativas, though, are considerably more likely to make you feel giggly, manic, or silly. If you’re looking for a strain that will help you loosen up and enjoy time with others, try a solid hybrid with both sativa and indica attributes.

Part 5: Which conditions are indica and sativa vapes best for?

Over the years, cannabis users have become convinced that certain strains of cannabis are better for certain conditions. There’s even an established consensus regarding whether indicas or sativas are better overall for conditions as varied as back pain, migraines, and fibromyalgia. Learn more about how to choose the right strain for your particular purposes below:

Is sativa or indica better for back pain?

Many users report that the relaxing effects of indica terpenes make indica strains ideal for all forms of chronic pain. If you’re using CBD during the day and don’t want to feel too relaxed, however, sativa CBD vapes often provide a feeling of energy while still delivering the effects of CBD just as strongly.

Is sativa or indica better for migraines?

Sativa and indica strains of cannabis appear to be equally effective against migraines. At this point, there is no scientific evidence that any terpenes are better for migraines than any others.

Certain terpenes, though, including linalool, myrcene, and pinene have been individually researched for their potential pain-relief properties. As a result, you might want to look out for strains with high concentrations of these terpenes as you seek the best strain for migraines.

Is indica good for lower back pain?

Many cannabis and hemp users believe that indica strains are better than sativa strains for all forms of back pain, including lower back pain. When pain is keeping you up at night, there’s certainly nothing better than indica terpenes for relaxing you enough to nod off. These same relaxing terpenes, though, might make you too relaxed during the day, making it reasonable to switch to a sativa or hybrid strain throughout the daylight hours.

Should I choose indica or sativa for pain?

Most cannabis users would indicate that indicas are more useful for fighting pain than sativas. While sativa-leaning cannabis strains offer the benefit of being very uplifting and getting your mind off painful conditions, indicas provide deep, full relaxation that helps your body eliminate pain at its source. As you find the best type of cannabis for your particular pain, experiment with a roughly even mix of indicas, sativas, and hybrids to make sure you don’t overlook a strain that might surprise you with its potent analgesic effects.

How to choose the right CBD vape cartridge

Ready to pick an indica, sativa, or hybrid vape cartridge? Certain CBD cartridges are better for certain situations, and identifying the right place and time for each option at your disposal is essential.

Instead of selecting a single type of vape cartridge and eliminating other options from your consideration, you might want to enjoy each type of CBD vaping experience at specific points throughout your day. Puffing on a sativa strain might be the perfect way to get your morning off to a good start, for instance, and you might choose to inhale a few puffs of hybrid CBD vapor throughout the day for balance and clarity.

Finish things off at night by puffing on an indica CBD vape cartridge as you wind down before bed. Since they’re universally compatible with 510-threaded batteries, Secret Nature cartridges make it easy to switch up your CBD vaping mood as the day progresses.

Enjoy CBD vaping at its finest with Secret Nature

Secret Nature offers the best of the best when it comes to CBD vape cartridges. Each of our indica, sativa, and hybrid options features CO2-extracted raw hemp flower nectar combined with genuine live resin cannabis terpenes. Our cartridges now feature boosted cannabinoid potency, so there’s never been a better time to indulge in the luxury of a Secret Nature CBD vape.

Part 6: Indica vs. sativa vs. hybrid FAQ

Anything else we can clear up about the differences between indica, sativa, and hybrid hemp vapes?

1. What are the top indica vape pen benefits?

Why would you use an indica vape pen instead of indica flower? First of all, vaping is more convenient. There’s no smoke, ash, or mess.

Indica vapes also contain roughly 2-5 times the cannabinoids present in flower. As a result, taking one hit on an indica vape is like taking 2-5 hits of indica flower all at once.

This increased potency is boosted even further by the enhanced bioavailability of vapor versus smoke. Limited evidence indicates your lungs can use more cannabinoids when they’re inhaled in vapor form.

2. Can I buy a hybrid vape pen online?

You can find delicious, high-quality hybrid vape pens like Secret Nature Raw Nectar at Shipping to all 50 states and featuring live resin terpenes lifted from organic hybrid cannabis strains, Secret Nature hybrid vapes are a cut above what the competition has to offer in terms of both connoisseur quality and artisan flavor.

3. Are indica or sativa carts better?

That all depends on what you need. People generally reach for indica vape carts when they want to relax, and they choose sativas when it’s time to get up and go.

There are also considerable flavor differences between indica and sativa strains. Generally speaking, indicas are sweet or dank while sativas are hazy and fruity. The natural terpenes that provide these flavors also appear responsible for the markedly different effects sativas and indicas provide.

4. Are indica and sativa really different?

Scientists aren’t exactly sure whether the chemical differences between sativa and indica strains significantly impact the effects that cannabinoids offer. Thousands of cannabis users have attested that indica and sativa strains offer very different effects, but the placebo effect proves that perception can affect the way substances behave in your body.

One way in which sativas and indicas are objectively different is the terpenes they express. Indica strains are rich in terpenes like caryophyllene and pinene, leading to a danker, richer taste. Sativas, on the other hand, almost always taste fruity, adding an upbeat zest to your day.

5. Why do indica and sativa feel different?

It’s believed that indica and sativa strains exert different effects because of the terpenes they contain. There’s nothing different between the CBD in a sativa strain and the CBD in an indica strain, making non-cannabinoid substances the only potential culprits behind the perceived differences between sativa and indica effects.

6. What are some sativa vape pen benefits?

Compared to indica cannabis vapes, sativa vape pens are more energizing and upbeat. Cannabis users suggest that sativas are best when you need some extra energy to get through the day, and sativa strains are also believed to unlock creativity better than indicas. Plus, sativa vapes generally taste sour and fruity, a flavor profile you might like if you’re a fan of sour drinks or fruity candy.

7. Is indica better than sativa or hybrid?

There’s an overall consensus within cannabis culture that indicas provide a “stonier” high that’s more chilled-out than what you can expect from sativas or even hybrids. If you’re trying to achieve an entirely blissed-out cannabis lifestyle, you might consider indicas to be inherently superior to non-indica strains.

It’s all a matter of personal preference, though. For some users, the deeply intoxicating relaxation of indicas is too relaxing, so they use hybrids or sativas during the day. In the end, no type of cannabis is superior to any other even if there are lots of differences between strains.

8. Which sativa is strongest?

If you’re looking for the cannabis strain with the strongest sativa effects, your best bet is either choosing a sativa landrace or searching through strain reviews for cultivars that users regard as being especially sativa-dominant. With “official” descriptions of cannabis strains sometimes not matching up to their experienced effects, make sure to use the opinions of other cannabis users to determine which sativa strains are truly worth your time.

9. Which strain is 100% sativa?

Scientists aren’t even sure exactly how to categorize the differences between indica and sativa cannabis strains anymore, so the definition of a “100% sativa” strain is now up for debate. It used to be the case, though, that so-called “landrace” strains were considered to be either entirely sativa or indica.

Durban Poison is an excellent example of a strain that was once believed to have 100% sativa attributes. This cultivar is still one of the best you can smoke if you’re looking for the strongest sativa effects around.

10. What is the strongest indica?

Some would say that classic strains like OG Kush or Granddaddy Purple are the strongest indica strains on the market. These days, however, breeders have come a long way from the 1990s and have produced dozens of indica-dominant strains that have more powerful effects than even the most classic indicas.

Just like if you were looking for sativas, use reviews left by cannabis users to your advantage as you select an ideal indica for your needs. You never know when a new strain might crop up that offers even stronger couchlock than the current top contender.

11. Which strain keeps you high the longest?

The length of time cannabis continues to affect you has more to do with how much you used and the way you used it than it does with the strain you chose. Indica strains with cannabinoid concentrations at or above 25% have the most potential to keep you high for a long time, but you’ll need to enjoy a relatively large cannabis vaping or smoking session to experience extra long-lasting effects.

12. Is hybrid better than sativa or indica?

It wouldn’t be fair to say that hybrid strains of cannabis are objectively better than indica or sativa options. In fact, some would make the argument that over-crossing cannabis strains can lead to a decrease in quality over time. In the end, it’s best to view the breeding of hybrid strains as a trade-off. Through the breeding of hybrids, you can pinpoint specific traits and increase cannabinoid potency. The cost is the purity of effects that can be enjoyed with landrace indica or sativa strains.

13. Does indica get you more high than hybrid?

In some cases, an indica strain of cannabis may provide a more profound or intense high than a hybrid. To understand why this is the case, it’s important to first remember that the high provided by cannabis has just as much to do with terpene profiles as it does with cannabinoid potency. 

For those who associate being spaced out or extremely relaxed as feeling “really high,” it’s entirely possible that an indica strain might provide stronger effects. Judging the strength of the effects of cannabis is much more subjective than judging the strength of other substances, however, making it difficult to know whether an indica or hybrid would objectively offer a more potent high.

14. Does sativa make you hornier than indica?

It’s entirely possible that a sativa strain of cannabis might provide a greater degree of sexual arousal than an indica strain. Sativas are known for providing arousal overall, not necessarily in a sexual way. It’s also true that the cognitive effects of a sativa may make sex more enjoyable, while indicas may make the user feel too sleepy or lethargic to become aroused.

15. Is sativa or indica better for ADHD?

If you suffer from an inability to pay attention or focus, you may experience better relief with a sativa strain as compared to an indica option. The accepted medical wisdom on the subject indicates that increased simulation is what’s needed to overcome the mental disconnection associated with ADHD.

Sativa strains of cannabis do not contain any compounds scientists consider to be stimulants, but they are nonetheless described as offering stimulating properties by those who use them. Given the considerable differences between strains of cannabis, it’s entirely possible that an indica cultivar may be more useful for your ADHD, another reason it’s best to judge the benefits of cannabis on a strain-by-strain basis.

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