Indulge in Uplifting Sweetness with Secret Nature Cobbler CBD Flower 3.6g

Published March 15, 2021
Indulge in Uplifting Sweetness with Secret Nature Cobbler CBD Flower 3.6g - Secret Nature

Cobbler is something of a legendary CBD strain. Cannabis lore has it that this strain came into existence due to a need for CBD bud that remained effective while also tasting good for a change.

At the time Cobbler was first bred, most CBD-rich cannabis strains weren’t quite a connoisseur’s delight. Things have changed since then, but Cobbler will always be fondly remembered as one of the first CBD strains that tasted just as good as top-shelf THC flower.

Secret Nature Cobbler #5 is an updated cultivar of this storied strain, and it fine-tunes all the beneficial attributes that have long made Cobbler a hemp-smoker favorite. As Secret Nature’s blog correspondent, I recently tried vaping Secret Nature Cobbler CBD Flower 3.6g, and here are my thoughts on this premium hemp flower product.

First impressions

Secret Nature’s buds represent the core of this brand’s product lineup, and it’s plain to see that impressive investment has made its way into the presentation of Secret Nature CBD flower tins. Designed to stack on top of each other, these tins are easy to pack and store, and they’re resealable.

Unsealing my tin of Secret Nature Cobbler CBD Flower, I removed a nug and took a look at it. Cobbler is one of those strains that’s sort of fluffy like a marshmallow, so the nug felt firm but somewhat light in my fingers.

Using my fingers to break up a nug, I found that Cobbler wasn’t at all crumbly. You wouldn’t be able to get much use out of it without a grinder.

My Secret Nature Cobbler buds smelled rich, dank, and sweet, they were all reasonably large, and they were beautiful. Vivid green and fruity-smelling with a hint of cheese, Cobbler’s buds made a good first impression.

Sticking to the teeth of my grinder, my Secret Nature Cobbler nugs gave off an even more powerful and pleasant aroma as they were ground. Loading the ground-up Cobbler nugs into my Volcano vape, this strain’s baked-goods vibe only became stronger when I inhaled.


  • Marshmallow-poofy, Cobbler’s pleasant-smelling nugs made a great first impression
  • Sticky, squishy, juicy nugs
  • Fruity, cheesy, baked-goods aroma

Packaging and labeling

My Secret Nature Cobbler CBD Flower 3.6g came in a strong, lightweight tin with a plastic cap on top. Underneath the cap was a pull-tab lid that creates a perfect airtight seal.

The lid wasn’t very difficult to remove, and the buds were just sitting inside. They were in great shape, and there wasn't any noticeable shake or keef at the edges of the container.

Resealing the package using the plastic lid can be a little bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you can do it in your sleep. I’d say that the plastic lid on its own is about 70% as effective as the tin’s original airtight metal seal.

It works just fine if you just want to keep the aroma of your CBD buds tamed and under control, but the plastic lid on its own doesn’t provide total smell-proofing. What it does have, however, is a super-cool embossed, golden Secret Nature logo.

There’s a sticker on the bottom of the container with information on how much CBD Cobbler contains and a QR code you can scan for third-party lab results. On the side is some attractive script providing basic details on Cobbler and Secret Nature as a brand.


  • Beautiful, resealable, and reusable packaging
  • Informative labeling
  • QR code for lab report


Since I use a vaporizer for CBD flower, my comments on texture might not be applicable if you choose to smoke your Cobbler. Using various heat settings on my Volcano vape with a hose attachment, I found that Secret Nature Cobbler CBD Flower 3.6g had an untiringly pleasant texture.

Some strains become harsher as they’re gradually scorched by the Volcano vape’s heat. Cobbler, however, remained pleasant to hit even when it was almost entirely scorched. I got around 15 hits out of my Secret Nature Cobbler bowl when an average bowl yields around 10-12 hits at the most.

In addition to being unstoppably smooth, my Secret Nature Cobbler vapor had a sort of minty kick to it that seemingly obscured any potential harshness. Overall, I’d place Cobbler relatively high up on the scale of Secret Nature strain textures.


  • Unendingly mild texture when vaped
  • Got around 15 hits out of my bowl
  • One of Secret Nature’s smoothest strains


Secret Nature Cobbler CBD Flower 3.6g has a very distinctive flavor that I initially had a hard time identifying. Dominant notes, like fruit and cheese, were immediately apparent, but it would take a moment for the components of Cobbler’s flavor to coalesce into a discernible whole.

In the end, I found myself agreeing with whichever cannabis wordsmith originally named this strain. It tasted quite a bit like peach pie, maybe with a slice of melted cheese on top.

There was also a definite hint of pine or mint that was mainly noticeable as an aftertaste. By the end of my session with Secret Nature Cobbler, I felt like I’d just enjoyed a delicious dessert and topped it off with an after-dinner mint.


  • Strong fruit and cheese flavors
  • Peach pie with melted cheese
  • Slightly minty or piney aftertaste


At first, I felt like my Secret Nature Cobbler CBD Flower 3.6 had relatively average sativa effects. Cobbler seemed to do a good job of offsetting the usual relaxing, almost stupefying effects of CBD, and its full effects would become discernible as I continued puffing.

Once they finished setting in, I could tell that the effects of Secret Nature Cobbler would be perfect for putting plans into action. This strain is a little bit too spacey for actually making plans, but in my experience, Cobbler provides you with a get-up-and-go attitude that’s perfect for following through with ideas you put together in advance.

As the initial effects of Cobbler started fading away, they were replaced with a sense of peaceful, contemplative calm. These multi-stage effects make Secret Nature Cobbler appropriate even for people who commonly lean toward indica strains.


  • Strongly energizing if somewhat spacey vibes
  • Aftereffects leave behind a sense of contemplative calm
  • Even indica lovers will like Cobbler

Onset and duration of effects

The effects of Cobbler were somewhat more staged than what I’m used to with CBD flower. I noticed the preliminary effects of this strain almost immediately, but these effects didn’t deepen into total fullness for 15 minutes.

After around 45 minutes, the effects shifted and became more relaxing. All told, I think the effects of my Secret Nature Cobbler CBD Flower lasted around 90 minutes.


  • Fast-acting effects come in stages
  • Effects become more relaxing halfway through
  • Overall 90-minute effect time

Overall score

Based on my experience, I’d say that Secret Nature Cobbler CBD Flower 3.6g is a product without any flaws. I give this eighth-tin of hemp bud a perfect score of 5.0 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5.0/5

Texture: 5.0/5

Flavor: 5.0/5

Effects: 5.0/5

Duration of effects: 5.0/5

Overall score: 5.0/5

I appreciate Secret Nature’s uniquely effective and useful packaging, and Cobbler had a great texture and flavor. This strain’s effects were strong and unique, and they lasted just as long as I was expecting.

Who is it good for?

I’d recommend the Secret Nature Cobbler CBD Flower 3.6g tin to anyone who uses CBD on a daily basis and wants to treat themselves. Cobbler isn’t one of Secret Nature’s most potent strains, but it’s certainly one of the most flavorful and pleasant.

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