Introducing the Secret Nature Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules — Everything You Need to Know

Published May 30, 2021
Introducing the Secret Nature Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules — Everything You Need to Know - Secret Nature

We all have trouble concentrating sometimes. It’s usually because we lack the energy to enter the flow state, a heightened state of psychological acuity that occurs when you are intently focused on a task.

The more we learn about the body, the more obvious it becomes that a series of fine-tuned improvements are what’s needed instead of major medical interventions. It’s clear that cannabinoids will play a major role in the mainstream pharmacology of the future, and products like the Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules epitomize the laser focused approach that will be necessary to deliver specific results.

In the case of the  Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules, the desired result is an uninterrupted creative flow state that carries you wherever you need to go. Learn how this product approaches the monumental task of wooing the muses, and find answers to your most pressing online delta 8 purchase questions.

What is delta 8 THC?

In natural substances like cannabis, it is common for many copies or analogues of a compound to exist. This is true for many cannabinoids, and THC just happens to be one of them.

We are all familiar with delta 9 THC, but fewer of us have heard of THCV, delta 8 THC, or delta 10 THC. That’s not even the end of the copies of THC science has discovered, and each THC analogue is considered to be a separate chemical.

Federal law views delta 9 and delta 8 THC separately. Right now, delta 8 THC is widely available everywhere on the internet, but Secret Nature delta 8 is the best and safest.

What is CBC?

CBC is a little-known, non-intoxicating cannabinoid that is only naturally present in cannabis in concentrations below 1%. Using a special conversion process, however, it is possible to transform other cannabinoids into CBC.

While it has also been researched for its potential impact on cancer, some of the most intriguing research into CBC has to do with this cannabinoid‘s potential neurological properties. It seems for instance that CBC interacts much more strongly with your TRP receptors than CBD, potentially delivering boosted mood-altering effects.

Why should you use delta 8 and CBC together?

Research and anecdotal testimony indicate that the creative benefits of THC could be boosted by the unique properties of CBC. Think of CBC as a somewhat more euphoric version of CBD that is still fully non-intoxicating.

Delta 8 THC, on the other hand, is almost exactly the same as its more well-known cousin. Combined, delta 8 and CBC unprecedentedly unlimit your basic THC experience from both experienced effects and regulatory perspectives.

Introducing the Secret Nature Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules — top 5 facts

So, where can you find delta 8 and CBC combined? Right here at Secret Nature in the form of our brand-new Rare Earth Medicine Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules.

REM Flow Capsules join our delta 8 + CBC vape cartridge to be the only two Secret Nature products featuring these rare cannabinoids prominently. Learn the top five things you need to know about this hot new Secret Nature product:

1. They’re part of the new Rare Earth Medicine brand

To make things simpler for ourselves and our valued customers, we decided to reorganize our company into two separate brands. Secret Nature will remain our inhalable hemp product brand, but Rare Earth Medicine will focus more on overall wellness products like capsules and tinctures.

To produce our delta 8 THC capsules and the other capsules in the Rare Earth Medicine lineup, we have teamed up with Hello Ventures, one of the most trusted organic capsule producers in California. Expect more announcements regarding Rare Earth Medicine soon.

2. They contain CBC, delta 8, terpenes, and blue lotus flower

Capsules and other orally ingested hemp products are fun because there’s so much you can put in them. In addition to delta 8 CBC and trace concentrations of other cannabinoids, the Rare Earth Medicine Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules also contain cannabis terpenes.

You may think that terpenes are primarily for flavor, and you’re not entirely wrong. Even in capsules though, terpenes are worth including since each of these compounds offers unique and fascinating benefits.

Perhaps even more fascinating than their terpene content, however, is the presence of blue lotus flower in our Rare Earth Medicine Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules. This single ingredient is so fascinating that we could do an entire article on it — and probably will.

For our current purposes, we’ll stick to saying that blue lotus flower is one of the Earth's most potent and exhilarating entheogens. If you’re looking for a substance to immediately teleport you directly to the core of the flow state, this natural derivative of a breathtakingly beautiful Eastern flower is it.

3. These ingredients deliver flow-boosting synergy

If delta 8 THC isn’t enough to get you in the zone, CBC is there to back it up. Then, if even the combination of these two cannabinoids doesn’t do the trick, blue lotus flower is there to ensure you get pushed fully over the edge into a state of euphoric creativity.

4. They’re as natural as they look

Don’t you love the new packaging we’re using with our Rare Earth Medicine brand? We do too, and we are pleased to report that the insides of your capsules are just as natural as the box.

Missing are any fillers, additives or other unnecessary ingredients that would only get in the way of your flow. Present is everything you need to naturally chase the creativity dragon.

5. They come with the Secret Nature seal of approval

Don’t be fooled by the different packaging. Even though they were put together by a third party, everything in our capsules came from the same Secret Nature horticultural lab that has consistently delivered your favorite hemp flower again and again.

Rare Earth Medicine is just Secret Nature with a different face. The expected quality standards apply.

Secret Nature Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules FAQ

If there’s anything you still need to know about Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules, find the answers below:

What ingredients do Secret Nature Delta 8-CBC capsules contain?

For your reference, here is a full list of the ingredients present in this organic cannabinoid capsule product:

Organic hemp extract, Organic Blue Lotus flower, Pure inositol, Pharmaceutical-grade MCT (coconut oil), organic tapioca, Cannabis Terpenes

As you can see, nothing is there that would alarm even the most stringent health fanatic. This simplified ingredients list hardly tells the full tale of everything these capsules have to offer though.

Can you buy delta 8 online?

Yes, products containing high concentrations of delta 8 THC are widely available everywhere on the internet. Quality varies, though, so it pays to pick the best brand.

How do Secret Nature flow capsules make you feel?

Delta 8 THC and CBC are powerful motivators all on their own. With the addition of blue lotus, however, a holy trinity of entheogen synergy takes place.

These won’t feel like any other capsules you’ve taken — cannabis-infused or otherwise. CBC is simply too new to be familiar, and blue lotus flower takes things out of the world of cannabis altogether.

The new Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules are only the beginning of the imaginative answers to modern health problems we will craft with Rare Earth Medicine. Experience the future of wellness today and optimize your flow state for the next epoch.

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