Is Delta 10 Natural or Synthetic?

Published September 01, 2021
Is Delta 10 Natural or Synthetic? - Secret Nature

Delta 10 THC is one of a slew of new cannabinoids that have recently erupted into the online market. Emboldened by the total lack of federal response to the delta 8 phenomenon, manufacturers have sought to expand this growing market with additional intoxicating-yet-chemically-distinct THC analogs. Delta 10 is yet another form of THC, and it is usually synthesized from other cannabinoids.

Is delta 10 synthetic? Quick facts

  • Chemically, delta 10 is almost the same as delta 9 with a few minor differences
  • As a result, delta 10, delta 9, and delta 8 have roughly the same effects
  • Delta 9 is the only form of THC currently abundant in cannabis, though
  • So, the vast majority of the delta 8 and delta 10 on the market is synthesized
  • While synthesizing cannabinoids has the potential to be safe, it often isn’t
  • Delta 10 does not appear to offer any benefits beyond those of delta 8
  • Regardless, there’s still a lot to learn about this cannabinoid

1. Is delta 10 naturally occurring?

Yes, delta 10 is inherently a naturally occurring cannabinoid. The Cannabis sativa plant produces delta 10 THC, but only in very tiny concentrations. As a result, the vast majority of delta 10 on the market is synthetic even though this cannabinoid is inherently natural.

2. Is delta 10 a synthetic cannabinoid like Spice?

Even though delta 10 is usually derived synthetically, that doesn’t mean it's in the same category as dangerous, illegal drugs like Spice and K2. These substances are derivatives of HHC, the first fully synthetic cannabinoid ever made.

Unlike delta 8 or delta 10, HHC has a fundamentally different structure from delta 9, causing harmful biochemical reactions in the human body. Derivatives of this substance like Spice and K2 are, unsurprisingly, fraught with serious side effects, something notably absent from delta 8 and delta 10 testimonials.

3. Is delta 10 hemp-derived?

No, the vast majority of delta 10 THC on the market is derived from another cannabinoid, not directly from hemp. In fact, we aren’t even aware of any cannabis strains with concentrations of delta 10 THC high enough to be usable for extraction. Unlike delta 8, which is now sometimes available in natural form, just assume that any delta 10 you come across is synthetic.

4. Is delta 10 the same thing as delta 8?

No, delta 10 and delta 8 are chemically distinct even though they’re both undoubtedly forms of THC. It would take a chemist to spot the differences between these cannabinoids, but they are clearly distinct nonetheless, making delta 8 and delta 10 separate for regulatory purposes.

5. Is delta 8 or delta 10 better?

Right now, we would have to say that delta 8 THC is superior to delta 10 simply due to availability. As the more popular option, the delta 8 market is more diverse and features robust competition while delta 10 THC is still considered to be a niche product with only a few producers offering it. If delta 10 ever matches or surpasses the popularity of delta 8, we might change our assessment.

Given the head start that delta 8 already has, though, and the inevitability of overall cannabis regulatory reform, we doubt that delta 10 will ever evolve beyond a gimmick for funnelling even more low-quality, synthetic cannabinoid isolate into consumer’s hands.

6. Is delta 8 or delta 10 stronger?

There doesn’t appear to be a considerable potency difference between delta 8 and delta 10 THC. Some users report that delta 10 has a more uplifting effect while delta 8 is more sedating, but this is likely more due to the placebo effect than any real chemical differences between the compounds.

To get an idea of what these new forms of THC feel like, let’s take a look at a few excellent Secret Nature delta 8 reviews:

  • Elysian CBG - Delta 8 Flower Jake R. “Best Delta 8 I have ever tried” ★★★★★ “I have been using Delta 8 from other sources for months now and nothing has compared to this. The taste is very good and it completely kills my morning anxiety before work and lets me be productive and happy all day long!! Great for right before bed too.”
  • Secret Nature Super 8 - Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge Ashley G. ★★★★★ “Definitely one of the highest quality, potent Delta 8s I’ve tried. I highly recommend this strain for anyone experiencing anxiety or insomnia! I love the mouthpiece on this cartridge. Every once in awhile, just like any other cartridge, some wax buildup happens but these are very easy to clear compared to other brands.”

7. Is delta 10 safe?

Out of all the new forms of THC that have recently appeared online, delta 10 is most likely among the safer options. Now that clearly dangerous synthetic drugs like HHC and THCO are sold as if they are no different from the natural delta 9 THC or CBD found in cannabis, delta 10 in delta 8, which are usually derived from CBD or CBG using a mild enzymatic process, look a lot better in comparison.

Ultimately, natural cannabinoids are safer for the same reason that all natural treatments are safer than their synthetic counterparts. The current pharmaceutical model dictates that isolating individual compounds and replicating them in synthetic forms is a valid way to treat the body’s ailments, but as we’ve learned from the entourage effect and many similar examples of healing synergy between natural compounds, substances kept in their original, whole forms often offer unique benefits that are either eliminated or even reversed in their isolated, synthetic counterparts.

8. Will delta 10 show up in a drug test?

Since delta 10 THC is only very slightly different from delta 9 on the chemical level, this cannabinoid will certainly show up on any test for the federally illegal drug marijuana.

It’s also unlikely that excuses you’ve used after using CBD products will work this time. In the one case, you accidentally ingested THC while trying to use a different cannabinoid, but in the other, you deliberately ingested THC: just in a less-regulated form. Use delta 8, delta 9, or delta 10 with equal discretion if you have a drug test coming up.

9. What are some delta 10 benefits?

Delta 10 is essentially the same as delta 8 or delta 9, so these cannabinoids have roughly overlapping benefits. In fact, scientists haven’t discovered any unique benefits of delta 10 as far as we know. Let’s list some basic benefits of delta 9 THC to give you an idea of how its delta 10 variant might affect you:

  • May reduce nausea
  • May help with appetite
  • May reduce anxiety
  • May reduce glaucoma
  • May help with depression
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