Is It Better to Vape or Smoke CBD?

Published September 20, 2021
Is It Better to Vape or Smoke CBD? - Secret Nature

Inhaling cannabis allows cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to flood your central nervous system via the extremely porous barrier of your lungs. Providing instant effects, vaping and smoking cannabis has become the default way to consume this medicinal plant.

Despite sharing many similarities, though, vaping and smoking are not exactly alike. We’ll unpack the differences between vaping and smoking below as we find out which inhalation method provides the best effects and safety

Vaping vs. smoking CBD: efficiency

In all senses of the term, vaping offers better efficiency than smoking. You get more cannabinoids out of cannabis you vape than you do out of cannabis you smoke, offering greater effects at reduced cost.

Plus, the bioavailability of vaping cannabis appears to be significantly higher than the bioavailability of smoking it, making vaping even more efficient. Still, vaping is not the hands-down winner of this contest for reasons you’ll see as we continue.

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Bioavailability of vaping vs. smoking CBD

Bioavailability is a measurement of how much of a substance your body can use before it is excreted. Scientists use bioavailability as a key measurement of how effective and efficient a substance is in the human body.

All the available evidence indicates that vaping cannabis offers better bioavailability than smoking it. One of the reasons for this discrepancy is the destruction of natural plant oils that occurs during incineration. Vapes don’t incinerate the substances they heat.

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Health benefits of vaping vs. smoking CBD

There's some reason to believe that vaping CBD could be healthier than smoking it, but there’s also some evidence indicating that smoking CBD could be safer than anyone expected. Regardless of the overall safety of inhaling hemp, vaporizing anything is probably safer than setting it on fire and inhaling the resulting smoke.

Whether you smoke CBD or vape it, inhaling this cannabinoid allows the benefits of CBD to exert themselves in your body with unparalleled intensity and effectiveness. No matter how much CBD you inhale, you won’t get high, but you will experience a side of this cannabinoid that you never knew existed.

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Vaping vs. smoking CBD: blood pressure

There’s no evidence that vaping CBD would be any different than smoking it when you’re trying to attain optimum blood pressure. One of CBD’s known side effects overall is blood pressure reduction.

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What about “vaping-related illnesses”?

A few years ago, stories of vaping-related illnesses started popping up everywhere on the internet. What actually happened is that a few illicit THC cartridges became contaminated with a dangerous filler substance called vitamin E acetate, but along the way, everything to do with the art of vaping became tarnished in the public eye.

We may never know the true motivations behind the vaping illness hysteria, but we should take a scientific view toward vaping, not a hysterical one. All the science available on vaping indicates that it’s the best way to inhale any substance.

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Vaping vs. smoking CBD FAQ

1.) Is smoking CBD better than cigarettes?

Smoking CBD is almost certainly going to be better for you than smoking tobacco cigarettes for the simple reason that CBD products hardly ever contain any nicotine, the cardiotoxic substance responsible for cigarette addiction. That’s not a claim about the safety of any particular CBD product, just an overall observation of the differences between CBD and tobacco.

2.) What is the safest CBD to vape?

The safest CBD vape will feature high-quality cannabis distillate that doesn’t contain any contaminants or additional substances. The only substances admissible to add to hemp distillate are organic hemp terpenes, which boost flavor and effectiveness while also mimicking the distinct attributes of specific cannabis strains.

3.) Does vaping CBD affect your liver?

There is no evidence that normal CBD use could contribute to liver damage in any way. More research needs to be done, but existing scientific evidence has yet to indicate that CBD has any major side effects.

A few years ago, a single study was published indicating that massive doses of CBD could be hepatotoxic to mice. International researchers rapidly reached the consensus, though, that the results of the study had little to no bearing on CBD use in human beings and that the fundamental methods the study’s facilitators used could be fatally flawed.

4.) Does vaping CBD make you feel good?

Vaping CBD doesn’t get you high, but it does provide a pleasantly intense sense of relaxation. Notably absent is the rush of euphoria and altered perception associated with THC. Instead, you’ll find vaping CBD to feel like snuggling up in your favorite throw blanket on a brisk autumn day.

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