Mac 1 Strain Review

Published April 25, 2023
Mac 1 Strain Review - Secret Nature

It’s beloved by breeders due to its coveted qualities. It’s a favorite among smokers due to its ability to melt both pain and the hours away. Everyone’s a fan of Mac 1 because it’s a potent, balanced hybrid that will take you to cloud nine each and every time.

What, exactly, makes Mac 1 such an excellent hybrid? Below, learn everything you need to know about this legendary strain.

Mac 1 strain overview

  • Other names: Mac, MAC, The Mac
  • Average THC percentage: 20-23%
  • Sativa/indica: Hybrid
  • Aroma & flavor: Citrus, pine, vanilla, spice, sweet
  • Genetics: Alien Cookies F2 x Miracle 15
  • Effects: Euphoric, uplifted, spaced-out

What is the strain Mac 1?

Mac 1 is a popular hybrid strain that is considered to be great for pain and mental relaxation. A cross of Alien Cookies and Miracle 15, Mac 1 comes from obscure genetics but nonetheless hits the sweet spot that many hybrid smokers are hunting for.

While it’s definitely popular among smokers, Mac 1 is even more beloved among growers and breeders due to its nearly ideal cultivation characteristics. This strain produces copious green buds with dense but fluffy calyxes. Mac 1 buds are often so covered in crystals by the end of its flowering period that you can barely see the lime-green buds underneath.

What is the cannabinoid percentage of Mac 1?

Mac 1 scores relatively high on the potency index with an average potency of around 22% THC. High potency is a characteristic of newer, “over-bred” strains, but Mac 1 somehow stays true to the best landrace traits while nonetheless boasting impressively high THC levels. Mac 1 can contain up to 1% CBG, one of the highest natural CBG concentrations in any THC strain.

Does the strain Mac 1 have any other names?

Yes, Mac 1 has a variety of aliases, but it’s usually easy to identify this strain by the three central characters: “M-A-C.” Whether it’s “The Mac,” “MAC,” “Maczilla Uno,” or even “The MAC Attack,” what matters is that it’s Mac — not the bizarre names that people sometimes attach to weed strains.

Is Mac 1 indica or sativa?

Mac 1 just about perfectly bridges the gap between indica and sativa characteristics. On the one hand, this strain is very mentally engaging and might have you staring at your fridge for hours straight. On the other hand, it offers deep bodily relaxation that makes Mac 1 a major hit among chronic pain sufferers.

What is the best time of day to smoke Mac 1?

Anytime is a good time to take a hit of Mac 1. This strain’s hybrid attributes make it ideal for morning, noon, or night — it will neither keep you up with sativa energy or make you feel unduly sleepy.

What Mac 1 might do, though, is make you entirely lose track of time. Some smokers consider Mac to be the ultimate space-out strain — consider yourself duly warned.

What are Mac 1’s genetics?

Mac 1 is generally considered to be a direct derivative of Alien Cookies, but it’s actually a cross of F2 Alien Cookies and Miracle 15. Both of these strains have storied pasts.

Miracle 15 was thus named because it was the only survivor in a group of 15 seedlings bred by Capulator. The fact that the strain came out male but nonetheless served as the basis for Mac 1 is what led its breeders to consider it a “miracle.”

Alien Cookies, for its part, is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies (phenotype unknown) and Aliendawg. Zooming in one tier further on the family tree, Alien Dawg is a cross of Chemdawg and Alien Technology.

What is Alien Technology, you might ask? Stoner lore of yore has it that a US soldier brought the first Alien Technology seeds from Afghanistan. With the mythos surrounding occult, ancient-alien artifacts dug up during the War on Terror being the subject of dozens of both fictional and non-fictional movies, books, Twitter threads, and video series, it’s no surprise that Mac 1 has received such an enthusiastic cult following.

What is the terpene profile in Mac 1?

The primary terpenes in Mac 1 are myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene, leading to a mainly dank and piney aroma that nonetheless features undertones of citrus and spice. In a nutshell, Mac 1 tastes and smells exactly like what people expect from good weed — it even looks the part, too.

How does the strain Mac 1 make you feel?

Mac 1 has a tendency to make people feel entirely out of this world — maybe the rumors that it’s derived from unearthed alien tech are true? At the same time that it provides the typical euphoric effects of pure sativas, Mac 1 also helps you calm down and see the smoother side of things. It’s no wonder that Mac 1 has become so popular among people who want to remain consistently stoned but keep a relatively clear head in the process.

What is the strain Mac 1 good for?

Mac 1 is an all-around utilitarian strain that offers plenty of intoxication without massively altering your point of view. This strain definitely gets you extremely high, but in a subtle way that won’t have you gibbering at baristas or imagining police sirens.

While Mac 1 has mostly become associated with pain relief, it’s also a strain that connoisseurs appreciate due to its storied roots and reliable effects. It’s definitely a cultivar you shouldn’t underestimate.

Is the strain Mac 1 good for anxiety?

Mac 1 is generally considered to be decent for anxiety, but it’s not exactly known for being good for this purpose. People with low-grade anxiety might do well with Mac 1, but another strain could be a better choice if reducing anxiety is the primary reason you’re using cannabis.

Is the strain Mac 1 good for depression?

Due to its ability to potently relax and satisfy you, Mac 1 is often considered to be quite good for depression. Some users experience considerable mental uplift when using Mac 1, but you’ll want to choose a full-blooded sativa if your depression is manifesting in an inability to efficiently motivate.

Is the strain Mac 1 good for stress?

Yes, Mac 1 is considered to be one of the world’s best strains for slicing stress in half like the Gordian Knot. Whatever reason you’re feeling stressed out, chances are that Mac 1 will give you an entirely new perspective on life with just a few puffs.

Is the strain Mac 1 good for pain?

Yes, Mac 1 is generally considered to be a pretty excellent strain for chronic pain. While its mental effects are definitely potent, they’re subtle and will mainly make you feel extremely serene. For those who have continual pain issues but need to remain present in the world, strains like Mac 1 are often ideal solutions.

Does the strain Mac 1 have any negative effects?

Like many potent cannabis strains, Mac 1 can cause dry mouth and headaches. This cultivar isn’t very commonly known to cause paranoia, but its mental effects shouldn’t be overlooked. Any potent strain can trip you out quite hard, and Mac 1 is no exception.

What does the strain Mac 1 smell like?

Mac 1 mainly smells citrusy with undertones of spicy dankness. Overall, the strain has a very pleasant sweet and floral scent that fills the room when you grind up a nug.

What does the strain Mac 1 taste like?

Mac 1 tastes sweet and sour, blending flavors like orange rinds, vanilla, and gas to create a completely unique culinary experience. Even if you’ve tasted strains related to Mac 1, there’s nothing quite like the Mac itself.

Are there different Mac 1 strains?

We aren’t aware of any alternative forms of Mac 1, and even the strain’s two parents are quite obscure. Perhaps part of Mac 1’s allure is its rarity and relative uniqueness.

Who is the strain Mac 1 best for?

Mac 1 is best for both connoisseur stoners and chronic pain sufferers. On the one hand, Mac 1 has unique genetics leading to a very desirable flavor and effect profile. On the other, that same effect profile makes Mac 1 a hit among chronic pain sufferers.

What strains are similar to Mac 1?

If you’re looking for a good strain that’s similar to Mac 1 that you can buy online, we have three options for you to consider:

  1. Secret Nature Dough Boy: Like Mac 1, Dough Boy is a balanced hybrid that has unique culinary properties.
  2. Secret Nature Secret OG: This strain leans a bit more toward the indica side of the spectrum, but it’s just as much of a hit among pain sufferers as Dough Boy.
  3. Secret Nature Cobbler: A strong sativa, Cobbler is closely tied to Mac 1 due to its high limonene content. Speaking of high, Cobbler will never make you feel that way since it is a CBD strain.

Mac 1 can be a difficult strain to track down. Thankfully, there are plenty of excellent alternatives you can buy online without any hassle.

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