Melon Frost vs. Sweet Cake vs. Mr. Rainbow: Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack Comparison Review

Published March 03, 2021
Melon Frost vs. Sweet Cake vs. Mr. Rainbow: Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack Comparison Review - Secret Nature

Nice to meet you, I’m Melon Frost. I’m Sweet Cake. I’m Mr. Rainbow.

Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Packs slide out of their luxury black boxes just like business cards slide out of their polished holders at a fancy soiree. As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I’ve recently had the opportunity to make the acquaintance of three of these CBD joint paragons.

I’m equally glad to have Melon Frost, Sweet Cake, and Mr. Rainbow in my contacts list for different reasons. Find out how the 7-pack pre-roll versions of these Secret Nature strains fare when unsparingly compared.

Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll 7-Pack recap

My Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll 7-Pack was my first taste of what would ultimately prove to be a strain with a great flavor and even more impressive effects. Having nothing to complain about regarding Melon Frost’s packaging, I lit a joint and immediately noticed that this strain has a somewhat rougher texture.

At first, the flavor of Melon Frost was strongly fruity but otherwise indistinct. As I continued puffing, I found that my pre-roll tasted remarkably like honeydew melon but with a little bit of mint or pine thrown in as well.

My Melon Frost Pre-Roll delivered alert, contemplative effects. A distinctly energizing sativa, Melon Frost left me feeling enthusiastic and almost whimsically creative.


  • Somewhat harsher texture
  • Creativity-inducing sativa effects
  • Pleasant melon-pine flavor
  • Overall score 4.82 out of 5

Read my full Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll 7-Pack review here.

Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll 7-Pack recap

Sweet Cake, which is derived from the THC strain Birthday Cake Kush, is one of the strongest straight-up indica strains that Secret Nature has to offer. I found that my Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll 7-Pack delivered lightning-fast, ultra-strong indica effects and had a great flavor and texture to boot.

A considerable subset of Secret Nature’s customer base smokes CBD to help with pain, and I can’t think of a better strain than Sweet Cake for such individuals. Strongly sweet and pleasantly earthy, Sweet Cake goes down smoothly and delivers effects that last longer than I was expecting.


  • Extra-strong indica effects
  • Sweet, earthy taste
  • Intense but smooth burn
  • Overall score 4.94 out of 5

Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll 7-Pack recap

Consistently testing in at 24-25% CBD, Mr. Rainbow holds the distinction of being one of the strongest strains Secret Nature has bred. The Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll 7-Pack captures all the potency and flavor of this brand favorite in a convenient, portable package.

My Mr. Rainbow pre-roll produced smoke with a very mild, pleasant texture. I could take huge puffs without coughing, and there’s no doubt that Mr. Rainbow’s relatively nondescript flavor remained pleasant throughout my entire smoke.

The main reason you smoke Mr. Rainbow is for its effects. As an almost perfectly balanced hybrid strain, Mr. Rainbow delivers massive doses of inhaled CBD straight up and without an unnecessary abundance of chitchat.


  • Ultra-potent CBD flower strain
  • Very smooth texture, nondescript yet pleasant flavor
  • Strong hybrid effects
  • Overall score 4.96 out of 5

Secret Nature pre-roll 7-pack comparisons

In my line of business, you can be discerning about who you partner with. Melon Frost, Sweet Cake, and Mr. Rainbow have all given me their calling cards, and now it’s time to compare and contrast the merits and detractors of each Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack offering.

In the end, I’ve decided to keep all three strains on hand, each for a specific type of CBD need. I’ll compare these Secret Nature joint offerings to help you make the right choice.

Melon Frost vs. Sweet Cake

In terms of effects, Melon Frost and Sweet Cake are stark opposites. Sweet Cake is the type of strain that I’d like to smoke when nothing but spacing out and sleep are left on my task list. I’d turn to Melon Frost, on the other hand, if I needed an extra boost to finish a new poetry submission or musical composition.

From a texture perspective, these two pre-rolls are around equal. They’re actually both among the harsher-textured Secret Nature pre-rolls I’ve smoked, but both Melon Frost and Sweet Cake make up for it with delicious flavors. The products were identically packaged as far as I could tell.


  • Almost exactly opposite sativa and indica effects
  • Both have reasonably harsh textures
  • Similarly pleasant flavors and impeccable packaging

Melon Frost vs. Mr. Rainbow

Mr. Rainbow and Melon Frost might appear similar at a glance, but they’re more different than you’d think. Mr. Rainbow is smooth and suave while delivering a big payload, but Melon Frost is sweeter and brighter if a little rougher around the edges.

In my eyes, Mr. Rainbow had the superior effects and texture. Melon Frost, on the other hand, was the winner when it comes to flavor.


  • Mr. Rainbow is strong and smooth
  • Melon Frost is rougher but sweeter
  • Mr. Rainbow lacks any notable energizing effects

Sweet Cake vs. Mr. Rainbow

Notoriously aloof, Mr. Rainbow stands out even from Sweet Cake. While the clear winner when it comes to taste, Sweet Cake can’t beat Mr. Rainbow when it comes to sheer intensity of effects.

Since Sweet Cake’s texture is on the same level as Melon Frost’s, the texture of Mr. Rainbow also takes the cake in this instance. In terms of effects, Mr. Rainbow serves as the moderate, hybrid mediator between strongly sativa Melon Frost and intensely indica Sweet Cake.


  • Sweet Cake has the better taste
  • Mr. Rainbow has stronger effects and a better texture

Winner for texture

The Mr. Rainbow pre-roll pack is the clear winner when it comes to texture. Both Sweet Cake and Melon Frost may be delicious, but they’re among the harsher Secret Nature strains.

Winner for flavor

I can’t choose between Sweet Cake and Melon Frost. Each pre-roll’s flavor was pleasant and rich, but they were each so different. While certainly still pleasant, Mr. Rainbow failed to truly impress in the flavor department.

Winner for effects

If you’re looking for sheer intensity, go with Mr. Rainbow. There was something unique about the effects of Melon Frost, however, that I found enduringly captivating.

Why should you choose Melon Frost

You should keep the Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll 7-Pack on hand for contemplative smokes on moonlit nights. Melon Frost isn’t the right strain to choose for solid sleep, but its unique effects will keep me curious until my seven-pack is all smoked.

Why you should choose Sweet Cake

I can imagine the Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll 7-Pack being a favorite among insomniacs or chronic pain sufferers. Delightfully tasty, Sweet Cake delivers those strong indica effects that pair so nicely with CBD.

Why you should choose Mr. Rainbow

Whatever your reasons might be, you want to experience the utmost pinnacle of CBD. If that’s the case, then the Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll 7-Pack is the right choice. Seven immaculately rolled sticks of high-CBD adventure await you.

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