Review of Grape Ape Vape Cart (w/ Battery & Charger)

Published September 08, 2020
Review of Grape Ape Vape Cart (w/ Battery & Charger) - Secret Nature

With more than 70 five-star reviews, it’s clear that our Grape Ape CBD vape cartridge is a hit with Secret Nature customers. My name is Samuel Popejoy, and I write for the blog here at Secret Nature. Recently, I had the opportunity to sample some Secret Nature products that I hadn’t tried before, and Secret Nature Grape Ape CBD Vape Cartridge was one of them. Check out my detailed review of this product to get a better idea of what you’re in for when you take your first puff of Grape Ape.

First impressions

While I already knew that Secret Nature was the best supplier of CBD flower and vape cartridges in the country, I still had room to be impressed by the fulfillment of my sample order. My package of four Secret Nature products arrived two days after the team sent it out, and my samples arrived in a simple white USPS mailer. There was nothing on the package to indicate that it contained hemp, and when I opened the mailer, I even found a handy letter explaining to law enforcement and postal officials that my package did not contain marijuana.

The products had been well protected in their padded envelope, and each of the product boxes was in perfect condition without any major dings or scratches. Appearances may not be the most important factor to many Secret Nature customers, but I still loved the aura of distinguished gravitas that each beautiful black-and-gold package gave off.

SUMMARY: Even after I opened my envelope, I didn’t smell any aroma of hemp. In every way imaginable, my Secret Nature sample package was completely discreet.

Packaging and labeling

Both the battery and charger for my Secret Nature Grape Ape vape cart were included loose in the USPS mailer, but the cart itself was found inside a sleek black cardboard box that was clearly labeled. It took me a moment to figure out how to open the box, but once I removed the sticker placed on the bottom, the inner box slid smoothly out of its outer shell.

Inside this inner box, which resembled a jewelry box more than anything else, was a miniature plastic bag containing my vape cartridge. It was only after I opened this plastic bag that the powerfully pleasant smell of grape terpenes assaulted my nostrils. Having vaped live resin extract before, I immediately recognized the unique aroma that this type of extract emits even when it isn’t paired with additional cannabis terpenes.

Eager to try my vape cartridge, I quickly screwed it into the provided battery. I wasn’t sure whether the battery would be charged, but I was pleased to see a white light start shining the moment I inhaled at the tip of the cartridge. Soon, my mouth became full of delicious grape-flavored vapor, and I inhaled my first taste of Secret Nature Grape Ape vape oil.

SUMMARY: Secret Nature’s packaging and labeling is sleek, elegant, and sexy. It’s instantly easy to see that you’re dealing with a high-quality brand when you behold the packaging of your Secret Nature products.


I’ve used THC-dominant vape cartridges in the past, so I knew what to expect from the cannabis vaping experience. I’ve also used plenty of CBD tinctures in my time, so I was already aware that this cannabinoid can cause a significant amount of throat burn even in liquid form. 

Therefore, I wasn’t shocked by the somewhat harsh sensation that immediately met my throat when I took my first inhalation of Secret Nature Grape Ape vape juice. After a few puffs, however, my throat acclimated to the harshness of CBD, and I was able to start noting some of the other attributes of this high-quality vape cartridge. 

While it isn’t possible to change the temperature of the battery that Secret Nature provided, it appears to be preset at an optimal temperature. The clouds I blew from this vape cart weren’t incredibly thick, but they weren’t thin and wimpy either. This happy medium is very important to shoot for with vape cart temperatures because you don’t want to blaze through your vape oil at warp speed, but you also don’t want to have to take multiple drags just to get a serious hit.

As expected from live resin cannabis extract, the vapor that filled my mouth and lungs was remarkably smooth with no trace of chemical burn or other tell-tale attributes of low-quality vape juice. Aside from the harsher hit that vaporized CBD molecules inevitably provide, this exemplary CBD vape cartridge offered an amazing texture indicative of its high-quality origins.

Summary: CBD hits slightly harsher than THC, but I could tell that this live resin vape cartridge was high-quality from the perfectly balanced thickness and smoothness of the clouds it produced.


As is usually the case with vape products, the flavor of my Secret Nature Grape Ape vape pen was very potent and easy to recognize. The moment I inhaled my first puff, a powerful grape flavor filled my mouth, and this delicious taste remained on my tongue for a minute or two after I exhaled. While this could just be me, I also detected a hint of chocolate in the aftertaste.

In combination with these somewhat unusual flavors, my vape cartridge also properly expressed the types of “hempy” tastes that you’d expect from CBD-rich cannabis extract. Notes of pine were readily apparent, and my vape cartridge tasted undeniably “dank.”

All of these impressive flavors were brought to the fore even more effective due to the fact that this Grape Ape vape cartridge contains live resin extract. It’s hard to overstate the difference that live resin makes in the flavor department. After vaping live resin extract, normal types of hemp extract simply taste dull and unappealing.

Summary: Unsurprisingly, this Secret Nature Grape Ape vape cartridge has an intense grape flavor. All of the taste notes in this live resin extract are expressed strongly, and I may have detected a hint of chocolate.


The effects of this Grape Ape vape cartridge were just what I’ve come to expect from the CBD products offered by Secret Nature. True to the fact that this cartridge contains less than 0.3% THC, it didn’t make me high, but I certainly experienced the effects of CBD quite strongly the moment I started puffing on my new cart.

To get a gauge of the effects of this vape cartridge at different doses, I tried using various amounts throughout the day. A small hit is enough to cause a feeling of deep relaxation, but the effects dissipate relatively quickly. When I took two or more large puffs in a row, however, a strong CBD-typical relaxing effect immediately overcame my mind and body that lasted for around an hour.

The primary sensation I noticed after using my Secret Nature Grape Ape vape pen was calmness and relaxation. While I didn’t feel intoxicated or high, I noticed that my stress threshold was much higher than usual, meaning that events or situations that would usually cause stress didn’t bother me as much.

CBD tends to cause a feeling of tiredness, and I noticed this effect most strongly once the primary effects of my Secret Nature CBD vape cartridge started to wear off. However, I simply experienced this tiredness as an incentive to rest more throughout the day, and it helped me get relaxed before going to sleep at night.

Overall score

Let’s break things down with an overall score of this high-quality Secret Nature product:

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 4.7/5

Flavor: 5/5

Effects: 5/5

Overall score: 4.85/5

The only reason I docked a point on texture is because of the inherently throat-burning effects of CBD. This scoring doesn’t reflect on Secret Nature’s live resin hemp extract in any way, which is undeniably superb. For people who aren’t used to the sensation of inhaling CBD vapor, however, this harsh throat hit might be something of a surprise, and for me, it makes inhaling CBD-rich hemp extract slightly less enjoyable than inhaling THC-rich cannabis extract.

From beginning to end, the experience of setting up and using my Secret Nature Grape Ape vape cartridge has been easy and highly rewarding. I’ve been puffing on my cart for three days now, and I’ve only used up around ¼ of the vape juice inside, which attests to the lasting power of Secret Nature vape cartridges. Find out what all the fuss is about, and try a Secret Nature Grape Ape vape pen for yourself today!
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