Review of Papaya Nights CBD Flower 3.5g

Published September 07, 2020
Review of Papaya Nights CBD Flower 3.5g - Secret Nature

Papaya Nights CBD flower is one of the most popular products offered at With more than 100 five-star reviews, this strain is sorely missed when it sells out, and it’s cause for jubilation when Secret Nature Papaya Nights comes back in stock. As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I recently had the opportunity to try a 3.5g tin of Papaya Nights CBD flower, and I’m here to give you the lowdown on how this product is packaged, the effects this strain provides, and everything else you might need to know about your Papaya Nights purchase.

First impressions

For hemp flower this dank, it’s impressive that I didn’t detect a hint of hempy aroma even after opening the standard USPS mailer within which my Secret Nature products were nestled. Even after I found my tin of Papaya Nights CBD flower and brought it close to my nose, I couldn’t smell any of the delicious, fruity goodness I knew was contained within. My tin of hemp flower arrived in perfect condition without any dings or scratches.

SUMMARY: Despite being dank on the inside, my Papaya Nights tin arrived in a smell-proof package that was in perfect condition.

Packaging and labeling

After examining the packaging that my other products came in, I could tell that Secret Nature pulled out all the stops for its hemp flower tins. That’s not to say that the pre-rolls and vape cartridge I also received were placed in sub-par packaging, but the packaging and labeling surrounding my Papaya Nights CBD flower was in another league entirely.

On the lid of the tin was a large black sticker embossed with the now-familiar Secret Nature “eye-in-a-hemp-leaf” logo. This sticker displayed the Secret Nature logo on a larger scale than I’d seen before, and I appreciated the aesthetics this enlarged imagery offered.

Turning my tin on its side, I observed a black wraparound sticker that went all the way around the diameter of the tin. In addition to another Secret Nature logo and more gold-embossed lettering, I came across a plethora of information about my hemp flower.

At a glance, it was easy to see that my tin of Papaya Nights flower contained 3.5g of CBD-rich flower, was indoor-grown, and contained less than 0.3% THC. This sticker also gave me an idea of what my Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD flower would taste like and informed me that I was about to smoke a sativa-dominant strain.

Flipping my tin over to view its bottom, I found a third sticker with a QR code, lab testing information, and the cannabinoid percentages and total cannabinoids my Papaya Nights CBD flower contained. These measurements may vary from batch to batch, but my Papaya Nights CBD flower contained 19.7% CBD (689mg) and 21.5% total cannabinoids (752mg).

SUMMARY: The packaging my Secret Nature Papaya Nights bud came in was highly informative, and it was more beautiful than the packaging of any other Secret Nature product I’ve received.


Since I had the option to use my loose Papaya Nights nugs any way I liked, I tried both loading them into a volcano vaporizer and smoking them in a joint. As a result, I’ll provide detailed information on the texture, flavor, and effects derived from each ingestion method, but I’ll start with my overall impression of the buds my tin contained.

After removing the plastic cap from my Papaya Nights CBD flower tin, I found a sealed pull-tab top that pulled away easily. As soon as I broke this seal, a powerful fruity aroma started filling my nostrils and the room around me. My buds smelled like they had been cured to perfection, and they clearly expressed high concentrations of delicious terpenes.

Upon visual inspection, my Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD buds exceeded my expectations. The entire tin was packed with dense, light-green buds with abundant short hairs, and even without looking closely, it was clear to see that each nug was dusted with a thick layer of sparkling trichomes.

To further assess the texture of my Papaya Nights hemp buds, I took a nug out of its container and broke it up in my hands. The nug was perfectly moist without being overly wet, and it was even stickier on the outside than it was on the surface. Bud chunks fell away from their central stems easily, and my fingers were imparted with a strong fruity aroma along with undertones of haze and pine.

Next, it was time to grind up my buds and try them out using both of the methods I described above. I started with my volcano vape, and due to the relative moistness of my buds, I heated my vape to 385° F. After a few moments, my volcano bag filled with vapor, and I took a few puffs from the bag.

I found that my Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD flower produced thick, delicious vapor. CBD, however, is inherently harsh on your throat as it goes down, so I wasn’t able to hold my Papaya Nights vapor in my lungs as long as I would have liked.

After rolling a joint with ground-up Papaya Nights nugs and lighting it up, I was pleased by the thickness and consistency of the smoke is produced. I found the smoke my CBD joint produced to be slightly harsher than other CBD flower products I’ve tried, but it was also undeniably delicious.

SUMMARY: My Papaya Nights buds were beautiful, dense, and perfectly moist. They produced thick, flavorful vapor and smoke.


The flavor of my Papaya Nights nugs came through most clearly with my volcano vape. It’s been so long since I’ve eaten papaya that I’ve mostly forgotten what these tropical fruits taste like, but I certainly noticed plenty of strong fruity notes in the terpenes my Papaya Nights CBD flower contained.

Instead of being overwhelmingly citrusy, the vapor my Papaya Nights nugs produced was more reminiscent of peach or even mango. These powerful fruity flavors were followed up by undertones of pine and lavender. I didn’t detect any spiciness to speak of, which made my Papaya Nights vapor very mild and smooth.

The flavor of my Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD flower wasn’t as apparent when I rolled my nugs into a joint and smoked them, but it was still present. When smoked, I felt like the fruity flavors of my Papaya Nights bud were suppressed and its piney notes were accentuated. Aside from the terpenes it contained, the plant matter in my Papaya Nights nugs also tasted very clean and fresh, which is to be expected from a CBD flower producer that prides itself on using artisan, organic cultivation methods.

SUMMARY: In addition to fruity overtones, I also noted hints of pine and lavender in my Papaya Nights flavor profile.


I found the energizing effects of this overwhelmingly sativa strain to balance delicately with the inherently relaxing effects of CBD. While Secret Nature Papaya Nights didn’t send me into flights of creative fancy like some sativa-dominant THC strains might have, it also didn’t provide the feeling of slowness or tiredness that commonly accompanies indica-dominant CBD strains.

The effects provided by vaping my Papaya Nights CBD flower were practically indistinguishable from those provided by smoking a joint containing this delicious strain. The only minor difference I noticed is that vaping my flower seemed to make me more energized than smoking it. In retrospect, it’s possible that this effect was provided by the increased expression of terpenes that vaporizing cannabis provides. The energizing effects of my Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD bud lasted for around a half an hour, and the relaxing effects inherent to CBD persisted for around an hour in total.

SUMMARY: All in all, I was highly impressed by the energizing yet relaxing effects of my Papaya Nights CBD flower.

Overall score

Let’s sum things up with my overall opinion of my Papaya Nights CBD flower experience:

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 5/5

Flavor: 5/5

Effects: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

I found my 3.5g tin of Secret Nature Papaya Nights flower to be perfect in every conceivable way. Since this product is offered in loose nug form, I was able to use it in any way I wished, and vaping my Papaya Nights produced remarkable effects and benefits. The texture of the flower was superb, and the packaging it arrived in is the best I’ve seen in the business. Try Papaya Nights for yourself by ordering a tin today.

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