Review of Sour Gummi Pre-Rolls 2-Pack

Published September 07, 2020
Review of Sour Gummi Pre-Rolls 2-Pack - Secret Nature

Purchasing a 2-pack of Secret Nature Sour Gummi pre-rolls is one of the most cost-effective and delicious ways to enjoy this strain and discover everything that the nation’s favorite CBD flower brand has to offer. As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I recently had the chance to try this delicious and effective hybrid pre-roll product for myself, and I was immensely impressed with every aspect of the Sour Gummi pre-rolls I received. Dive into my in-depth review to get an idea of what makes these pre-rolls so great.

First impressions

If you’re worried about your Secret Nature package smelling like hemp when it arrives at your door or in your mailbox, don’t be. The packaging that Secret Nature uses to ship products is discreet in every sense of the term—there is no labeling on the package to indicate that it contains hemp, and I couldn’t detect a single whiff of “dankness” until I opened the airtight seals provided with each individual product. I had no trouble finding my small, rectangular box of Secret Nature Sour Gummi joints within the USPS mailer, and I appreciated the disclaimer letter in my package asserting that the products it contains are not marijuana.

SUMMARY: Even though my pre-rolls were deliciously dank once I got them out of their box, there were no images or odors indicating that my package contained hemp.

Packaging and labeling

There’s something undeniably sleek and high-class about Secret Nature’s gold-embossed black product boxes. These boxes contain the best hemp flower products on the market, but even if they contained low-quality merchandise, the boxes that Secret Nature uses would make any product look good.

My pre-rolls were contained in a glass cylinder that looked like a test tube nestled within a long, thin, rectangular box. On the front side of the box, I found the name of the product along with its weight, and on the back, I found some helpful information about Secret Nature and a disclaimer stating that my pre-rolls contained less than 0.3% THC.

The glass cylinder with my pre-rolls inside was topped with a black metal cap, and it was only when I cracked open this cap that I got a whiff of the scrumptious contents within. While some cannabis strains smell distinctly citrusy or piney, Sour Gummi immediately assaulted my nostrils with overpoweringly “dank” aromas, which I’ve come to associate with high concentrations of the terpene myrcene.

SUMMARY: The glass cylinder containing my pre-rolls arrived undamaged, and the box it came in was attractive, elegant, and informative.


Taking one of my pre-rolls out of its cylinder, I was immediately impressed by the quality and attention-to-detail of its roll. The Sour Gummi joint was very tightly packed to the extent that it was difficult to bend it from side to side. It contained a large, spiral-rolled crutch at the bottom that made handling the joint easily.

At the top of the pre-roll, I found a small nub of excess rolling paper. As any expert joint smoker knows, this nub becomes very useful when it’s time to light up your smoke. To start smoking my Sour Gummi pre-roll, I simply ignited this paper tip and used the resulting flame to then ignite the tightly-packed plant material at the end of my joint.

I took a few small puffs without inhaling to get my joint going, and I was impressed by how evenly the end of my Sour Gummi pre-roll burned. Each side burned at an equal rate, and as I took my first large inhalation, I was pleased to see the glowing ember at the tip of my joint slowly grow and burn brighter.

The smoke that my Secret Nature Sour Gummi pre-roll produced was thick and delicious. For some reason, I found the characteristically harsh throat hit inherent to CBD to be less intense as I puffed on my pre-roll. Vaporized CBD causes a mild burning sensation in my throat, but my Sour Gummi pre-roll didn’t cause this effect. At the same time, however, smoke is inherently harsher than vapor, so maybe the throat hit of the CBD molecule simply wasn’t as noticeable when mixed in with the plant matter and additional oils contained in my Sour Gummi smoke.

Instead of holding the smoke from my Sour Gummi pre-roll in my lungs, I blew it out quickly, but I made sure to savor its flavor and texture on the way out as well. As I got toward the end of my Sour Gummi joint, its smoke became hotter and harsher, and I stopped smoking when the ember on my pre-roll was around half an inch away from the crutch.

SUMMARY: The smoke produced by my Secret Nature Sour Gummi pre-roll was incredibly smooth and surprisingly mild. My joint was beautifully rolled and well-packed.


I always find the flavor of smoke to be harder to identify than the flavor of vapor. To me, hemp smoke mainly just tastes like hemp smoke, and it isn’t as easy for me to separate the flavors of individual terpenes.

While this usual state of affairs remained largely the same as I puffed on my Secret Nature Sour Gummi joint, I found the smoke to be so mild that I was able to hold it in my mouth long enough to identify some of its rich flavors. Unsurprisingly, there was a flavor that was sharply reminiscent of sour fruit, and it was accompanied by a sweet, sugary flavor that made the smoke taste like sour candy overall.

Combined with the overpowering smoky taste of any smoked hemp product, these flavors ended up reminding me most strongly of the type of myrcene-rich marijuana that people I used to smoke with invariably labeled as “dank.” At the same time, my Sour Gummi CBD joint didn’t have any intoxicating effects, so I was able to enjoy its rich flavor profile with a clear head.

SUMMARY: Underneath the overpowering taste of smoke, I was able to identify flavors reminiscent of sweet candy and sour fruit. For want of a better word, I would classify this strain’s flavor as undeniably “dank.”


The relaxing effects of my Sour Gummi CBD pre-rolls were quite strong. The bioavailability of CBD is very high when you smoke or vape this cannabinoid, so any time you inhale CBD, you should be prepared for strong effects. The way that pre-rolls are designed, however, makes it seem natural to smoke an entire joint at once, which led me to ingest more CBD than I usually use during a single sitting.

Each Secret Nature Sour Gummi pre-roll contains around 80mg of CBD, so if you smoke this entire joint at once like I did, expect that you will experience powerfully relaxing effects. At no point did I feel high, and I did not notice any significant head change. However, the world around me transformed very subtly but to a significant enough degree to be noticeable. Lights were slightly brighter, shadows were slightly darker, and I felt a powerful sense of peace and calm.

I wasn’t in any considerable pain at the time that I smoked my Sour Gummi joint, but I did notice that my post-workout soreness decreased to a significant degree. The effects of my pre-roll kicked in within less than a minute, and they lasted for approximately an hour once I was done smoking. After the primary effects of my joint started winding down within around 30 minutes, I enjoyed a pleasant sleepiness that encouraged me to sit on my couch and relax.

SUMMARY: I attribute the increased clarity of perception that I experienced while smoking this joint to its sativa attributes and the sense of relaxation it caused to its indica components.

Overall score

You’ve heard what I have to say about the effects of these pre-rolls, so let’s sum things up with an overall score:

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 5/5

Flavor: 5/5

Effects: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

While it isn’t worth removing a point, I’d like to comment that the flavor of any smoked hemp product will always be reduced versus the flavors expressed by vape juice. However, some would argue that smoking hemp is the more “natural” option since it doesn’t involve any extraction or electronics, so this isn’t truly a negative.

I found the texture and effects of this pre-roll to be superb, and as always, Secret Nature hit it out of the park with the packaging and labeling on my products. Picking up a 2-pack of Secret Nature Sour Gummi pre-rolls is a great way to find out what this strain is all about while staying within a budget, so make your order today to experience the impressive benefits of this strain.
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