Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape Review

Published April 07, 2022
Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape Review - Secret Nature

Secret Nature has been winning the CBD vape game for years, but the Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape represents a new era in the brand’s cannabinoid distillate saga. Never before has Secret Nature live resin CBD distillate made its way into a disposable vape pen, and now that it has, the world of disposable CBD vapes will never be the same.

As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I recently had a chance to try the Durban Poison version of the Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape. Like all the other disposables I tried as part of this care package, I was massively impressed with the design and performance of this disposable vape, making this small and convenient product one of my new favorite ways to use CBD.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most popular cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. The first non-intoxicating cannabinoid to be bred in hemp in large concentrations, CBD has immense therapeutic potential and generally provides a feeling of mild calm and relaxation. People commonly use CBD for anxiety, depression, or to get to sleep at night, but the potential uses of this incredibly versatile cannabinoid are beyond number.

What is a CBD disposable vape?

A CBD disposable vape is a disposable vape pen that contains hemp extract with high concentrations of CBD. Most disposable vape pens activate upon inhalation, and some are rechargeable. Combining the cartridge and battery into one device, disposable vape pens are more discreet and offer increased convenience when using CBD on the go.

Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape overview

Let’s take a closer look at my thoughts on the Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape after trying this product. I’ll break down my assessment into the usual five categories: first impressions, design, battery life, extract quality, and convenience.

First impressions

I received quite a few different disposable vape pens in this package, and I’m not sure exactly which one I opened first. Regardless, they all have the same design even if the distillate inside differs from product to product.

Whether it contains CBD, D8, or THCV, I guarantee your Secret Nature Disposable Vape will be the sexiest vape pen you’ve ever come across. In my mind, not even the Pax ERA can supplant this vape’s sleekness and quality.


Black, rounded, and seamless, this vape comes capped on the top to preserve freshness, and there’s a replaceable cap on the bottom to prevent grit or lint from getting into the charging port. Sometimes, it’s truly the little things that matter, and while this silicone cap might not be the most important feature of the Secret Nature Disposable Vape’s design, the fact that it’s there speaks to the thought that went into the creation of this vape pen.

Battery life

Based on the performance I experienced, I’d guess the amount of charge this disposable comes with out of the box would be more than enough to vape the entire tank. I never found out, though, since I regularly recharged by Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape as I used it over the course of around two weeks.

Extract quality

Secret Nature’s CBD extract is the stuff of legends. It produces the smoothest, tastiest clouds of hemp vapor I’ve ever inhaled, and the Secret Nature Disposable Vape does little to diminish the splendor of this CO2-extracted live resin distillate. Since this disposable vape only offers one temperature option, though, some users might find the clouds it produces to be slightly harsher than what they’re used to with battery-cartridge combos.


Convenience is the category in which the Secret Nature Disposable Vape truly shines. It’s extremely easy to slip into practically any pocket—which you could also say about most other vapes. Unlike most other vapes, however, the Secret Nature Disposable Vape doesn’t clog or leak when you leave it in your pocket, making it truly ideal for on-the-go CBD cloud-blowing.

Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape flavors

At the moment, the Secret Nature Disposable Vape is offered in two CBD flavors: Durban Poison and White Fire OG. Of the two, I only tried Durban Poison, but I’ve vaped the cartridge version of Secret Nature’s WiFi OG extract before.

Secret Nature Durban Poison was just as I remembered it, but the draw was slightly harsher than I expected due to the single, relatively high temperature setting. White Fire OG is the choice to go for if you’re more a fan of the effects indica terpenes offer.

Secret Nature CBD Vape Cartridge flavors

If you’re willing to expand beyond disposables, Secret Nature offers a much wider array of CBD vape flavors in cartridge form. Grab a Durban Poison or White Fire OG Secret Nature Disposable Vape Pen for your on-the-go needs, and consider stocking up on some of these alternative strains for at-home use:

  • Grape Ape (I)
  • Gelato 33 (H)
  • Forbidden Fruit (I)
  • Lemon Diesel (S)
  • Bellini (S)
  • Orange Royale (S)
  • Raw Nectar (H)

Why you should try the Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape

CBD may be the most well-known hemp substance at this point, but there are still new ways to experience the benefits of this cannabinoid. While a disposable vape will never give you the power or customizability of a battery-cartridge combo, there’s nothing slicker or more convenient than the Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape. Whether you’re at a party or just a block around the walk, hitting a disposable CBD vape is the easiest, most convenient way to flood your system with the benefits of hemp’s most famous cannabinoid.

The Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape is the only product to choose if you want your on-the-go CBD vaping experience to be tasty and pleasant. CBD vapes vary considerably in terms of quality, and disposable vapes are often at the bottom of the barrel. Having already accrued a solid reputation as a producer of safe, high-quality vape products, though, Secret Nature is the nation’s top brand for disposable CBD vapes—or any other hemp vape products.

Consistently tasty and reliably effective, Secret Nature’s hemp distillate is more accessible than ever in the form of this disposable vape. Reasonably priced and packed with 1.1g of CBD-rich hemp distillate, the Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape offers everything you could want or need in a convenient, portable vape pen you can simply hit and forget.

Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape FAQ

Let’s finish up with answers to frequently asked questions relating to disposable CBD vapes:

1. How long does it take for a CBD vape to start working?

You should start feeling the effects of a disposable CBD vape pen within a minute or less. Inhaling CBD is the fastest and most effective way to enjoy the benefits of this cannabinoid, and vaping offers these fast-acting benefits without producing any smoke.

2. How many hits of CBD vape should I smoke?

Since there are no official guidelines yet pertaining to the ideal dosage of CBD when vaporizer used otherwise, simply consult your own judgment when deciding how much CBD to vape per session or per day. Most people take around 1-2 hits of CBD vapor every 3-4 hours.

3. How does CBD vape make you feel?

For most people, CBD induces a pleasant sense of relaxation that is calming without being euphoric or resulting in any degree of intoxication. Vaping CBD will accentuate these effects, but it should not change their nature. CBD remains non-intoxicating regardless of how you use it or how much.

4. Why does CBD make me feel high?

If you are new to CBD, vaping it for the first time can be somewhat overwhelming. You should never feel high after using CBD, though, so also consider the possibility that your vape is contaminated with another cannabinoid or even a non-cannabis substance. If vaping CBD still makes you feel high even after you have acclimated to its effects, try using a different CBD vape pen, and make sure to check the lab results this time.

5. What is the best CBD disposable vape?

The best disposable CBD vape contains nothing aside from CO2-extracted hemp distillate and added cannabis terpenes for flavor. Adding any additional ingredients to CBD vape products is unnecessary and can be dangerous.

CBD vapes should also come with independent, third-party lab reports and have dozens of verified 5-star customer reviews. Contact customer service if you still aren’t convinced of a CBD vape product’s safety or authenticity.

6. Are CBD disposables safe?

The safety of a disposable CBD vape mainly depends on its ingredients. The overall safety of inhaling hemp substances has been passively confirmed by thousands of years of unremarkable human use, but adulterating help with foreign materials can reduce the safety of using CBD or any other cannabinoid. Always check the ingredients in a CBD vape before you hit it, and confirm that it is contaminant-free by consulting lab reports.

7. Is Secret Nature CBD safe?

Secret Nature is lauded the country over as the most reliable online source of high-quality hemp products. Offering CBD, CBG, D8, and THCV options, Secret Nature has accumulated more than 10,000 5-star customer reviews, and every Secret Nature product is batch-tested by an independent lab to confirm its purity and potency. Experience the Secret Nature difference today with a disposable CBD vape.

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