Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt vs. THC Blunts

Published April 07, 2022
Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt vs. THC Blunts - Secret Nature

You know you have to smoke them if you want to be considered a “real” stoner, but what, exactly, is a blunt? These hefty smokeables now come in both THC and delta 8 options, adding further questions.

The Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt cuts through the confusion by offering the best blunt experience available in any cannabinoid. Last fall, I had a chance to try the Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt for the first time, and now I’m back after smoking my second blunt to comment on how this potent mini-cigar compares to THC blunts I’ve smoked.

Overall, this pre-rolled delta 8 blunt is better than any blunt I or my friends have tried to roll over the years, and its effects are second-to-none. In this review, learn the difference between delta 8 and THC blunts, and find out how these two classes of smokeables compare in terms of availability, price, and more.

What are blunts?

A blunt is a large cannabis joint wrapped in brown paper that usually consists of dried tobacco leaf. Traditionally, blunts were made by purchasing gas-station cigarillos and replacing the tobacco inside with cannabis. Nowadays, non-tobacco wraps are more popular with tea-leaf wraps being the preferred option.

What is the point of blunts?

The main advantage of a blunt is the enhanced airflow offered by this type of smokeable’s wider profile. You can inhale more smoke per hit when hitting a blunt as compared to hitting a joint, but with conventional blunts, at least a portion of this smoke comes from tobacco, not cannabis.

Whether or not blunts have a genuine, rational “point” or not, the blunt has become inextricably defined as the “coolest” way to smoke weed. When you really want to impress your friends, you roll a blunt, and worrying too much about why you’re doing it would only kill the mood.

Do blunts have nicotine in them?

Yes, conventional blunts made with tobacco leaf paper do have nicotine in them—albeit a very small amount. Natural tobacco leaf contains relatively low concentrations of nicotine, and keep in mind that tobacco leaf constitutes less than 10% of the overall plant material in your blunt.

Still, the amount of nicotine in a conventional blunt might be enough to feel the effects of this addictive stimulant. All the more reason to opt for a tea wrap instead. 

Part 1: THC blunts

We’ll start our comparison with a definition of THC blunts: What they are, the effects they have, and the general enjoyability of the THC blunt-smoking experience.

What is THC?

The acronym “THC” usually refers to the natural cannabinoid delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or delta 9 THC for short. The most abundant cannabinoid in most forms of cannabis, the world of weed was limited to THC until the advent of CBD-rich flower. Then, delta 8 THC came along to disrupt things even further.

What is a THC blunt?

A THC blunt is a blunt that contains cannabis high in delta 9 THC. Almost all the blunts you see people smoking in real life or in movies are THC blunts. CBD blunts and delta 8 blunts didn’t exist until recently, and they’re still lesser-known even among cannabis users.

Can you smoke THC in a blunt?

Yes, it’s definitely possible to smoke THC in a blunt, and for many THC users, this is the premier way to use their favorite cannabinoid. THC blunts can be excellent in theory, but due to low-quality materials and user error, they rarely are in actual practice.

Are THC blunts good?

A THC blunt is only as good as the weed that went into it and the person who rolled it. Quality varies massively within the THC market, and it’s a rare stoner who can roll a blunt with admirable competence.

Part 2: Delta 8 blunts

Now, we’ll turn our attention to delta 8 blunts, the up-and-comers on the block and the primary alternative to THC blunts currently available online:

What is delta 8?

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 8) is an analog of THC, meaning it has a nearly identical structure that is nonetheless chemically unique. Due to this unique structure, delta 8 is treated as a separate substance from THC, and as such, delta 8 products are widely sold online.

What is a delta 8 blunt?

A delta 8 blunt is a blunt that contains the THC analog delta 8 (sometimes shortened even further to merely “D8”). Delta 8 blunts offer effects that are similar to those of delta 9 blunts, but you can buy delta 8 blunts online and have them shipped to all 50 states.

Can you smoke delta 8 in a blunt?

Yes, it’s possible to smoke delta 8 in a blunt, and doing so is one of the most potent ways to experience the benefits of this popular THC alternative. Making matters even more convenient, pre-rolled delta 8 blunts are widely available on the internet, sparing you the often-torturous process of trying to roll a blunt yourself.

Are delta 8 blunts good?

Some delta 8 blunts are better than the best THC blunts you can find in state recreational or medical cannabis markets. Others are so bad you wonder if a high-schooler rolled them. With multiple options available online, choose your delta 8 blunts carefully by studying product information and consulting customer reviews.

Part 3: Delta 8 and THC blunts compared

It’s finally time to compare delta 8 blunts to their THC equivalents. Let’s take a look at how these two types of blunts compare in terms of availability, potency, effects, price, and quality:


When it comes to availability, delta 8 blunts have THC blunts completely beat. You can only legally acquire delta 9 blunts through medical or recreational cannabis dispensaries, which are only present in certain states at the moment. You can buy delta 8 blunts on the internet, though, and have them shipped anywhere in the United States.


We’ll have to give THC the win when it comes to potency, but it’s a close race. Users report (and I can confirm) that delta 8 offers effects that are similar to those of THC, but they’re usually described as being slightly less intense. 


In the end, the winner of this category all comes down to personal preference. The effects of delta 8 and THC are very similar, but some users prefer delta 8’s relaxed chill while others still prefer the original THC’s intense hit.


You can usually get a lot more blunt for your buck when you buy delta 8 online instead of buying THC at a dispensary. Recreational and medical dispensaries are burdened with state taxes and other costs of business that online delta 8 sellers don’t have to contend with.


Some THC blunts are high-quality, but they’re usually hand-rolled and contain inferior weed. Delta 8 blunts can be low-quality as well, but you have more options at your disposal, and you have access to more product information when you buy delta 8 online instead of buying THC at a dispensary.

Delta 8 vs. delta 9 blunts FAQ

Let’s close things out with a brief question-and-answer session related to delta 8 and THC blunts:

1. Should I smoke delta 8 in a blunt?

Smoking delta 8 in a blunt is one of the most potent and enjoyable ways to experience the effects of this THC analog. If you decide to smoke a delta 8 blunt, we’d suggest purchasing a pre-rolled option instead of trying to do it yourself.

2. What happens if you smoke too much delta 8?

Just as is the case with THC’s conventional form, it appears practically impossible to overdose on delta 8. If you use too much of this THC alternative, you might experience an overwhelming high, but the experience will dissipate within a few hours at most without any long-lasting negative effects.

3. How long does the delta 8 high last?

You’ll be high for around an hour if you smoke delta 8 and for around 3 hours if you orally ingest it. The high offered by orally ingested delta 8, however, is considerably less intense than the high you experience when you smoke this cannabinoid.

4. How often can you smoke delta 8?

There are no official guidelines regarding proper delta 8 dosing, and this situation is unlikely to change anytime in the near future. As a result, use your own discretion as a guide when determining how much delta 8 you should smoke in a given day. Average delta 8 users tend to enjoy 3-4 sessions per day, and each session involves smoking around half a gram of delta 8 weed.

5. Is 50mg of delta 8 a lot?

In the grand scheme of things, 50mg of delta 8 is neither an enormous or tiny dose. The average delta 8 smoker ingests about 50mg of this cannabinoid in each session. For instance, the Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt contains 180mg delta 8, and I’ve found this blunt to be best split into 3-4 sessions. That equals 45-60mg delta 8 per session.

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