Secret Nature Delta 8 Pre Roll 7-Pack — 7 Things to Love

Published May 18, 2021
Secret Nature Delta 8 Pre Roll 7-Pack — 7 Things to Love - Secret Nature

The Secret Nature Delta 8 Pre Roll 7-Pack is just the Delta 8 Pre Roll 2-Pack but with more to love. I was lucky enough to receive both products in my latest Secret Nature care package, and here, I’ll be giving you my thoughts on the benefits of my favorite hemp brand’s Delta 8 Pre Rolls rather than their features.

1. Delta 8 is the new kid on the block

What’s there to love about the Secret Nature Delta 8 Pre Roll 7-Pack? Let’s start with the star of the show.

Everything's better when it's new, and I don’t get the impression that delta 8 is a passing fad. In fact, it might be the foot in the door that THC itself needs to finally enter the mainstream of American culture.

Delta 8 is just enough like delta 9 to be satisfying, but the two cannabinoids aren’t similar enough to be scary. Some people prefer to stay away from THC for one reason for another, and it’s important to underline that ∆8 is different.

It’s not just different in its effects. The story of delta 8 is even entirely separate from the tarnished tale of “marijuana.” With delta 8, the cannabinoid zeitgeist can have a fresh start, and the epicenter of this industry-wide evolution indisputably originates from Secret Nature.

  • There’s nothing fresher than a fad
  • There’s nothing better than a fad that never ends
  • Delta 8 is a new hope for cannabis
  • Secret Nature is a new hope for delta 8

2. It’s the same Secret Nature packaging you know and love

A lot of things are changing at Secret Nature. They recently launched Rare Earth Medicine (REM), a sub-brand focused on capsules and tinctures. Not all new things are all that new, however.

Even though these Secret Nature pre-rolls contain a different cannabinoid, they come in the same pre-roll 7-pack packaging to which you’ve grown accustomed. Right there on the back is the same familiar sticker with strain information, and the airtight joint bag is just as resealable as always.

  • Comes in a standard Secret Nature pre-roll 7-pack box
  • Same informative labeling on the sides
  • Same detailed, batch-specific sticker with QR code on the back

3. The texture ain’t that bad

As I covered in my review of the Delta 8 Pre-Roll 2-Pack, these joints are a little harsher than Secret Nature’s norm. I’d be the first to quickly follow up by saying that these pre-rolls also contain twice the cannabinoids as an average Secret Nature joint, instantly explaining this texture difference.

The reality is that it’s very hard to entirely screw up indoor-grown, organic hemp — especially when the grower is Secret Nature. Sure, these joints have added ∆8, so they might not taste quite as sweet and delicious as you’re used to. The same Secret Nature quality standards apply, though.

  • Even with the added ∆8, the texture is mild and pleasant
  • I can definitely tell the cannabinoid content has almost doubled, though

4. The flavor is familiar

As I remarked in my other Secret Nature Delta 8 Pre Roll review, there’s nothing about your joint’s taste that will make you startle. After all, it's just composed of Frosted Kush and Secret Nature CBG buds, both of which should be familiar to frequenters.

Still, these joints will definitely taste stronger than you’re used to. In my experience, all cannabinoids have a similar, sharp taste — the more cannabinoids in a joint, the sharper the flavor.

  • Flavor is a mix of isolated cannabinoids, Frosted Kush, Secret OG, and CBG Flower
  • Unusual and familiar at the same time

5. The effects are soul-satisfying

There’s something about THC that can’t ever be truly replaced. Regardless of what anyone says, CBD isn’t an alternative — it’s a contemporary.

With THCV and delta 8, however, we have the first real beginnings of real alternatives to ∆9-THC, which has certain unavoidable (if mild and usually counterable) side effects.

It’s possible that THCV and delta 8 have the same side effects — there isn’t enough research to know for sure. What I personally know for sure, however, is that the effects of delta 8 are just as satisfying as the effects of delta 9 while scratching a very slightly different itch.

  • It’s THC, but it isn’t
  • The effects of CBD are also very strong
  • CBG’s effects are faint if even noticeable

6. It’s the comfiest way to experience delta 8

Delta 8 vapes are great, but they’re pretty harsh regardless of how you prepare them. If you’d rather experience even delta 8 with the guard rails up, Secret Nature’s Delta 8 Pre Rolls are a safe bet since they also contain CBD and CBG.

Plus, pre-rolls are inherently less potent than vapes, so you won’t be impacted the same amount by pre-roll smoke as vape cart vapor. Taking things even further, there’s something comfortingly analog about smoking a joint, so the Secret Nature Delta 8 Pre Roll 7-Pack is certainly due a “Rustic Delta 8 Award.”

  • Sit down
  • Put your feet up
  • Grab a lighter
  • Prepare for a familiarly unfamiliar experience

7. I can’t see a reason to dock any points

Sure, added delta 8 isn’t perfect — it diminishes the flavor of the hemp, and it adds a harsher texture.

Still, that’s not a flaw with a product, and my personal preferences didn’t come into conflict with my Secret Nature Delta 8 Pre Roll 7-Pack at any point. As a result, this pre-rolled ∆8 joint multi-pack gets a perfect 25-point score for an average of 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Packaging and labeling: 5/5
  • Texture: 5/5
  • Flavor: 5/5
  • Effects: 5/5
  • Duration of effects: 5/5
  • Overall score: 5/5

Who is it good for?

For some of us, delta 8 THC joints might be more of a dabble than a full-on commitment. Others might try delta 8 hemp in pre-roll form and transition to vape cartridges.

However, if you know you:

  • Like delta 8,
  • Also like CBD and CBG,
  • Like smoking as opposed to vaping,
  • And would rather not roll your own joints,

Then this hefty pre-roll pack is perfect for your needs. For me, it was a little much, but I’m sure that’s because I generally gravitate toward vapes and I’m not much of a social smoker.

Secret Nature Delta 8 Pre Roll 7-Pack FAQ

Let’s finish up with some answers to common Secret Nature Delta 8 Pre Roll questions:

1. What is CBD hemp flower, and how is it different from delta 8 flower?

Hemp flower is another word for cannabis flower that contains less than 0.3% ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the cannabinoid most people know as THC. Delta 8 THC is, however, indisputably chemically distinct from delta 9 THC, making ∆8-rich cannabis hemp as long as its ∆9 concentration is less than 0.3%.

So, there’s no inherent difference between delta 8 flower and CBD flower aside from the dominant cannabinoid. This cannabinoid switchup, however, has a profound impact — as evidenced by the Secret Nature Delta 8 Pre Roll 7-Pack.

2. What is CBD vape juice, and could it be a better choice?

To be honest, “CBD vape juice” has become something of a derogatory term. If it pleases the sir or madam, thou mightst be after “CBD distillate” or a “CBD vape cartridge” instead.

When crafted competently, CBD vape products can be phenomenally effective and stunningly tasty. Compared to flower, vapes are more potent, and they might also be easier on the throat.

3. Will delta 8 become illegal?

It’s very unlikely that delta 8 will become illegal. For one thing, the federal government has bigger fish to fry right now. Also, any upcoming delta 8 legislation will likely be accompanied by sweeping cannabis reform, making the fate of delta 8 the least of our worries — or sources of potential excitement.

4. Do delta 8 pre-rolls get you high?

That depends on your definition of “high.” Is delta 8 the same as delta 9? Certainly not. Is delta 8 fully non-intoxicating, however, like CBD? I’d also have to give an unequivocal “no” in response.

If THCV is like “THC lite,” then I’d say delta 8 THC is more like a competing brand’s product. It’s similar enough to ∆9 THC for the two cannabinoids to have roughly the same effect, but the way they do it is different enough that cannabis users will ultimately divide into two camps over their THC variant preferences.

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