Secret Nature Delta 8 THC-CBG Hemp Blunt Customer Review

Published September 22, 2021
Secret Nature Delta 8 THC-CBG Hemp Blunt Customer Review - Secret Nature

When Secret Nature came out with delta 8 blunts, I got understandably excited. I both write for Secret Nature’s blog and am a connoisseur Secret Nature customer, so I couldn’t wait to taste this delta 8 concoction from my favorite hemp brand.

I’m here with my objective opinion on the Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt. I have liked, if not necessarily loved, every single Secret Nature product I’ve tried, but this blunt is the first purely smokable SN product I’ve tried that I absolutely adored.


  • Packaging and labeling: 5/5
  • Texture: 5/5
  • Flavor: 5/5
  • Effects: 5/5
  • Duration of effects: 5/5
  • Overall score: 5/5

I found nothing to complain about in my Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt. If you’ve read through my reviews for other Secret Nature products, you’ll see I’m no sycophant, but this blunt just got me going.

There’s something irreplaceably iconic about smoking a blunt, and it just feels so futuristic to smoke a blunt you bought online that features a brand-new, Wild West cannabinoid. It’s even cooler to know the blunt you’re puffing is organic and doesn’t contain any nicotine at all.


I’m thoroughly domesticated when it comes to what I inhale. To me, it tastes better and offers greater efficiency, so I like to vape. It’s rare for a smokeable product to come along that so thoroughly captures my attention as the Secret Nature Delta 8 THC-CBG Hemp Blunt.

Maybe it’s just that we all associate blunts with being cool. I’m not sure, but it certainly seems like my delta 8 blunt was also a lot smoother than other hemp smokables I’ve inhaled.

It was love at first sight, and my appreciation for the Secret Nature delta 8 blunt only grew with time.

  • Excellent packaging
  • Like Secret Nature’s other joints
  • Only 1 blunt inside the container, though
  • Blunt has a swanky finger wrap on the bottom
  • Lights easy
  • Burns well, slow
  • CBG flower + delta 8 distillate
  • 180mg delta 8 & 125mg CBG per blunt
  • Epic delta 8 high
  • Blunt-style intensity
  • Easy to store
  • You can crush the tip if you want, but the container puts it out automatically
  • Best blunt I’ve ever smoked


For details on the packaging my blunt came in, look at some of the reviews for other Secret Nature joints I’ve tried. It was the same thing, but just as impressive as before: A sleek black box containing perfectly smell-proofed hemp goodness in a glass cylinder.

  • Simple black box with glass cylinder inside
  • Blunt was perfectly preserved at optimum moisture content
  • Smelled great, felt very firm between my fingers
  • Glass cylinder is completely airtight
  • You can store a half-smoked blunt without any smell leakage at all


I usually have a somewhat pessimistic view toward smoking. As a former cigarette smoker, I have too many memories of waking up in the morning and hacking up a lung. For once though, smoking didn’t dredge up bad memories for me: it made new ones that I’ll honestly treasure and seek to repeat.

That’s right: I’ll buy more Secret Nature delta 8 blunts in the future. Consider this one-time vape-only cannabis consumer officially converted.

  • I tore the end of my paper off for easy lighting
  • Be very careful, though, not to spill any flower if you do the same
  • Smoke was ridiculously smooth and mellow
  • I was actually expecting something harsher
  • Considerably smoother than Secret Nature’s joints
  • Easy to inhale big hits


The flavor of my Secret Nature Delta 8 Hemp Blunt was impressively smooth for a smoked product. Even just a small amount is worth saving if you feel like you can’t finish it all. Blunts with tobacco wraps often taste bad when they are relit, but this is not the case with tea wraps.

  • Delicious sweet taste
  • Never had a tea paper blunt before, but I think it tastes better
  • Smoke gets progressively harsher as you move through the blunt
  • Still only leaves a clean weed taste in your mouth, though
  • Taste remains great even toward the end of the blunt


Sometimes, nothing gets you quite as stoned as a blunt. Maybe the rappers had it right after all.

  • Powerful effects from just 2-3mm of blunt
  • Stays lit remarkably well
  • Reached satiation after smoking about half an inch of blunt
  • Quite stoned by halfway through the blunt
  • It’s that delta 8 high, though, which is slightly different


This is less of a smoke than it is an adventure. I would say it takes about 20 minutes to smoke the blunt in total. You literally could not smoke it faster.

  • Instant effects
  • Amazed by how well it stays lit and how slow it burns
  • Overall extremely pleasant experience
  • Remains smokable until it hits the finger wrap
  • Seriously long smoke
  • Could last between 3-4 people for a good, long time


Love Secret Nature? Love delta 8? Love blunts? You’re home, my friend.

  • Great for vapers or others who don’t like harsh smoke
  • Provides same basic experience as a delta 9 blunt
  • Pairs well with coffee

Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt FAQ

1. What is a delta 8 blunt?

A delta 8 blunt is an extra-large joint containing the cannabinoid delta 8 THC. Known for their iconic tobacco wraps and intense effects, blunts have a massive pop-culture following, and it’s now possible to find delta 8 blunts with non-tobacco wraps.

2. Do delta 8 blunts get you high?

Yes, delta 8 THC is an intoxicating cannabinoid, so naturally, delta 8 blunts get you high. Connoisseurs may be able to detect a slight difference between the highs provided by the delta 8 and delta 9 forms of THC, and it’s commonly reported that smoking delta 8 skips many of the worst side effects of delta 9.

3. Are Secret Nature delta 8 blunts good?

Based on personal experience and objective fact, Secret Nature delta 8 blunts are, by far, the best delta 8 blunts on the internet. The bud they contain is better, the wraps are higher-quality, and most importantly, Secret Nature delta 8 blunts are backed by plenty of customer reviews. Let’s close with a few of the most captivating Secret Nature delta 8 customer reviews:

  • Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt review - Felicia G. ★★★★★ “This! The paper, the flavor, the smoothness! By far my favorite item I’ve purchased from SN. I’ve been a customer for over a year now and they always shine through with the quality! This really put me in a relaxed state of mind.”
  • Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt review - Amber O. ★★★★★ “Delicious tasting blunt!! Smoked it after a long day and it completely relaxed me. Will be ordering again.”
  • Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt review - Rose M. “Delta 8 THC pre rolled” ★★★★★ “Lovley smoke, smells nice, very relaxing and easing of neurological neck pain and restless legs. So happy to have found Secret Nature. Thanks for the relief.”
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