Secret Nature Delta 8 Vape Strains Compared

Published April 25, 2022
Secret Nature Delta 8 Vape Strains Compared - Secret Nature

It’s convenient to be the blog writer for Secret Nature when you’re also a big fan of Secret Nature delta 8 products. Over the last year or so, I’ve tried every single strain of delta 8 vapes Secret Nature has to offer, and it has come time to definitively compare each option to help our readers find out which strain is right for them.

Especially with the recent arrival of Secret Nature disposable vapes, it’s natural to feel a little bit overwhelmed with your options. In this guide, I’ll compare all the strains of Secret Nature delta 8 vapes currently available using the unique insights that can only come about from using each product—in most cases, multiple times.

What is a Secret Nature delta 8 vape?

Secret Nature delta 8 vapes combine high-quality delta 8 distillate with genuine cannabis terpenes to replicate the flavors and effects of classic strains with perfect fidelity. Available in both cartridges and disposable vapes, Secret Nature delta 8 vape strains taste great and provide the cleanest, most enjoyable effects of any delta 8 product I’ve tried. Secret Nature is simply a cut above the competition, and nowhere is this more clearly evident than in the brand’s delta 8 vape offerings.

What Secret Nature delta 8 vape strains are there?

Secret Nature offers delta 8 vapes in the strains OG Kush, Mimosa, Gorilla Glue #4, Forbidden Fruit, Gelato, and Wedding Cake. Some of these strains are only available in Secret Nature’s disposable vapes, which is all the more reason to pick up one (or more) of these ultra-convenient and super-portable vaping tools if you haven’t already.

Secret Nature Delta 8 Vape Cartridge strains

Let’s compare each of the strains of delta 8 vapes that Secret Nature has to offer:

OG Kush - Indica

To me, this classic strain tastes just like birthday cake. Creamy berry notes collide with just enough dankness to remind you that you’re “smoking weed.” Personally, the Secret Nature OG Kush Delta 8 Vape Cartridge isn’t my absolute favorite since I like to stay somewhat conscious when I get high. This strain has a propensity to lock you to the couch right before knocking you out for the night—which might be exactly your cup of tea.

Mimosa - Sativa

I absolutely love Secret Nature’s Mimosa Delta 8 Vape Cartridge. For a while, it was the only strain I bought—and not only because Secret Nature’s incredibly popular delta 8 vapes often go out of stock. No, for me, Mimosa offers the perfect blend of peppiness and relaxation to focus on work and knock it out of the park. If you need a little pick-me-up during the day, this cartridge is an ideal solution.

Gorilla Glue #4 - Hybrid

There’s something special about Gorilla Glue—it’s too bad that most brands get this strain entirely wrong! I’ve never tasted a Gorilla Glue #4 product that was quite this perfectly clean and astoundingly effective before. It might be a little bit too much on the indica side of things for daytime use, but the Secret Nature Gorilla glue #4 Delta 8 Vape Cartridge certainly makes it a lot more fun to sit back and watch the clouds go by.

Forbidden Fruit - Indica

Forbidden Fruit tastes just like its name and provides a powerful zen-like chill. I personally love this strain just for its flavor even if hitting it during the day can sometimes get me in trouble. For nighttime use, there’s no Secret Nature delta 8 vape I’d recommend more highly than delicious Forbidden Fruit.

Secret Nature Delta 8 Disposable-only vape strains

There are a couple of Secret Nature delta 8 vape strains that are currently only available in the brand’s new disposable vape cartridges. Coming at disposable vapes from the perspective of a skeptic, I have to say that Secret Nature completely changed my mind about this class of vape products. Find out why below:

Gelato - Hybrid

Gelato is a classic strain that’s just as famed for its flavor as it is for its balanced hybrid effects. I found Secret Nature Delta 8 Gelato to be a little bit more energizing than most hybrids, which is exactly what I’m looking for in a strain to get me through the day. Come for the flavor, stay for the “anytime” effects.

Wedding Cake - Hybrid

In flavor, Wedding Cake is a lot like OG Kush but a little bit fruitier. For me, this strain has a tendency to be distracting—whether due to its fascinatingly delicious flavor or indica-leaning hybrid effects, I’m not sure. If you’re looking for a strain that will help you shut out the world and focus entirely on the beneficial effects of delta 8, Wedding Cake is a winner.

What is the best Secret Nature delta 8 vape strain?

In my opinion, Mimosa is the best delta 8 vape strain Secret Nature currently has to offer. Sure, for folks with less of a manic streak, this sativa-dominant hybrid might be a little bit overwhelming. When I get high, though, I want to feel euphoric and excited, and Mimosa certainly does the trick in that department. Plus, this strain’s bright, fruity flavor never seems to get old.

Which Secret Nature delta 8 vape strain is best for anxiety?

If you suffer from anxiety, I would recommend Secret Nature’s Gorilla Glue #4 delta 8 vapes, available in both cartridge and disposable vape form. For me, this strain offered balancing, soothing effects without making me feel too sleepy or lazy to get through the day.

Which Secret Nature delta 8 vape strain is best for energy?

If you’re turning to delta 8 for help with energy and motivation, there’s no better choice than Secret Nature’s Mimosa vape cartridge or disposable vape. A few puffs of Mimosa is all it takes to get through the day, and I’ve found this strain to even exacerbate the pleasure of exercising while also helping me sustain my fitness routine long enough to please my smartwatch.

Which Secret Nature delta 8 vape strain is best for relaxing and sleep?

For relaxing at the end of the day and getting ready for a long, restful sleep, I’d recommend either the Secret Nature OG Kush Delta 8 Vape or the Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit Delta 8 vape, both available in either cartridge or disposable vape form. OG Kush is by far the “stoniest,” but I’d say Forbidden Fruit wins out when it comes to flavor.

My personal favorite Secret Nature delta 8 vape strain

You may have already guessed it—if I was trapped on a desert island with only one Secret Nature delta 8 vape strain, it would be Mimosa. Sure, this strain might not be the best for getting to sleep or overcoming anxiety, but to me, it’s the tastiest while also offering the most enjoyable effects. If you only try one Secret Nature delta 8 vape strain after reading this article, make it Mimosa.

Secret Nature Delta 8 Vape FAQ

To finish up, I’ll provide my thoughts on some of the most popular questions related to vaping delta 8:

1. What does vaping delta 8 do to you?

Vaping delta 8 feels similar to vaping THC, but the effects are somewhat less intense. The feelings of paranoia that sometimes occur when vaping delta 9 THC are notably absent, and overall, delta 8 is more relaxing. Vaping delta 8 simply takes the inherent properties of this cannabinoid and intensifies them.

2. Is vaping or smoking delta 8 better?

If you want to experience the strongest effects possible, you might prefer to vape delta 8. As long as you choose the right brand, however, there isn’t much difference between vaping and smoking delta 8 when it comes to safety. People have smoked cannabis for thousands of years without complaint, and the differences between delta 9 THC cannabis and delta 8 THC cannabis are very slight.

3. Is delta 8 sativa good?

Yes, combining delta 8 with terpenes derived from sativa-leaning hemp strains results in a pleasant experience that is simultaneously relaxing and energizing. The Secret Nature Mimosa Delta 8 Vape captures this fusion of benefits better than any other delta 8 vape I’ve tried.

4. Does delta 8 make your eyes red?

Yes, just like delta 9 THC, smoking or vaping delta 8 might make your eyes red. This redness is caused by the dilation of blood vessels in your eyes, not irritation from smoke, so it’s just as likely to be caused by delta 8 vapes as it is by smoking delta 8.

5. Does delta 8 make you hallucinate?

No, delta 8 is not known to cause hallucinations. Even delta 9 THC isn’t strictly a hallucinogen—while all forms of THC can slightly alter your sensory perceptions, full-blown hallucinations are practically unheard of.

6. Does delta 8 give you the munchies?

Yes, delta 8 is just like any other form of THC in that it might make you unreasonably hungry. This feeling of hunger is mainly caused by the enhanced enjoyment of food THC causes, though, not by any measurable uptick in metabolism. 

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