Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Flower 3.6g Honest Review

Published February 22, 2021
Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Flower 3.6g Honest Review - Secret Nature

Sour Diesel is a legendary cannabis strain that’s renowned for its dreamy, energizing effects. Secret Nature’s Diesel Puff is a close relative of Sour Diesel. Instead of THC, Diesel Puff features CBD as its dominant cannabinoid.

I got to know Diesel Puff by breaking up a thick, resinous nug and vaporizing it in a Volcano Vape. This strain has a sweet, piney taste, and it delivered definitively dreamy effects.

As the blog correspondent at Secret Nature, learn my thoughts on the packaging, flavor, texture, and effects of Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Flower 3.6g. At the end of this review, find out if this strain is right for you. 

First impressions

I relish the feeling of anticipation I experience right before I break into a new tin of Secret Nature flower. There’s something about Secret Nature’s luxurious black-and-gold packaging that sends a thrill down my spine.

Unsealing my package of Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Flower, I was very impressed by the size of the nugs nestled within. Understandably, Secret Nature often has trouble fitting larger nugs in its 3.6g tins, but my tin featured a single distinctly large bud surrounded by an orbit of smaller flowers.

The fruity, gassy aroma of Diesel Puff was immediately familiar, but I wasn’t sure where I’d smelled it before. It actually started driving me crazy how familiar that aroma was, but I wasn’t able to satisfyingly place it at that moment.

Pulling the biggest nug out of the tin, I was impressed by its density and thickness. Darkish-green with lots of orange hairs, my Diesel Puff bud was nicely frosted on every surface.


  • Great packaging as always
  • Surprisingly large nugs
  • Very familiar, nostalgic aroma
  • Beautiful frosty buds with plenty of orange hairs

Packaging and labeling

My 3.6g tin of Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Flower delivered everything I’ve come to expect from Secret Nature. Arriving entirely unscathed, my tin remained fully sealed until I pulled the tab on the interior lid and released the dankness within.

That huge, embossed logo on top of my Diesel Puff tin will never get old. Turning my attention to the side of the tin, I saw some basic strain information on one side and more detailed product information on the other.

Flipping the tin over, I found a sticker equipped with a QR code. If I’d felt like it, I could have scanned that QR code to instantly view the third-party lab reports for my Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Flower. This is an extra touch Secret Nature provides that strongly speaks to the brand’s integrity and commitment to compliance.


  • Entirely undamaged, aesthetically appealing tin
  • Detailed product label
  • Lab test QR code provided


Since I use a Volcano Vape for flower, it’s very rare for the texture of the vapor I inhale to be notably harsh. Even so, I was pleasantly surprised by just how smooth Secret Nature Diesel Puff proved to be.

I usually start with my vaporizer at a low temperature setting and increase the temperature as I finish off a bowl. A few hits in, I increased the temperature, and my Diesel Puff vapor naturally became a little bit harsher.

Even after around 10 hits (some of them at the higher temperature setting), however, the vapor my Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Flower produced remained remarkably mild. By this point, most strains start producing lamentably harsh vapor, but Diesel Puff must just be a very mild strain.


  • Very smooth, mild texture
  • Texture remained smooth even at high temperature setting
  • Reasonably scorched buds still produced smooth vapor


The flavor of my Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Flower remained something of a mystery to me until I sought confirmation on the Secret Nature website. Certain notes, such as pine, diesel, and fruit, were immediately noticeable, but there was a flavor “on the tip of my tongue,” so to speak, that I couldn’t quite identify.

Consulting the lab reports for Diesel Puff later, I found that ocimene is the second-most abundant terpene in this strain. A rare terpene that’s usually only found in small concentrations, ocimene was almost certainly the culprit behind that nostalgic taste I’d identified.

Combined with other terpenes like bisabolol, pinene, and humulene, Diesel Puff manifested a unique flavor that remains one of the best I’ve ever tasted in hemp or cannabis. The flavor of my Diesel Puff vapor remained pleasantly noticeable even as my Volcano Vape scorched my buds.

This strain’s diesel attributes came out more strongly in its flavor than in its aroma, and my Diesel Puff vapor tasted relatively floral as well. If I had to choose one word to describe the flavor of Diesel Puff, I’d say “sweet.”


  • The rare terpene ocimene provides a unique flavor
  • Sweet, floral, and gassy taste
  • Flower continues tasting good even when scorched


The effects of my Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Flower were so uncharacteristically dreamy for a sativa that I had to double-check and make sure this strain isn’t actually indica-dominant. I felt very slow and relaxed after vaping a bowl of Diesel Puff, but I didn’t feel remarkably sleepy or lazy either.

Taking a moment to sink into the effects of this strain, I determined that I felt a lot like a huge, slow-moving tortoise. In addition to slowing everything down, Diesel Puff also somewhat muted or insulated my senses, providing the “tortoise’s” shell.

To use an even more bizarre metaphor, my brain felt like it was outside wearing ear mufflers while snow was falling. I felt somewhat spacy, but not overly detached.

Noticing fatigue lifting, I felt the aches and pains leaving my body. Overall, vaping Diesel Puff was a pleasant experience that I’m looking forward to enjoying again soon.


  • Dreamy, detached effects
  • Insulated, muted senses
  • Spacy and fatigue-reducing

Onset and duration of effects

The initial effects of my vaporized Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Flower were noticeable almost instantly. They became considerably stronger by around the two-minute mark, and by the time I was done vaping my bowl, the effects of Diesel Puff had achieved their peak.

It seemed like the effects of this strain lasted somewhat longer than the norm. I felt mildly isolated and detached for the rest of the night, and I’m confident that the main effects of Diesel Puff persisted for at least 60 minutes.


  • Fast-acting effects that became stronger after around 2 minutes
  • Effects peaked at 5 minutes and lasted a long time

Overall score

Upon consideration of all the relevant factors, I give Secret Nature Diesel Puff CBD Flower 3.6g a perfect score of 5 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 5/5

Flavor: 5/5

Effects: 5/5

Duration of effects: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

Despite my best efforts, I simply couldn’t find anything to complain about when it comes to Secret Nature Diesel Puff. This product’s packaging is effective and attractive, and the texture of the vapor Diesel Puff produced was mild and unstoppably pleasant.

I found the flavor of this strain to be downright bewitching, and its effects were just as surprisingly unique. They lasted a good long time as well, leaving my overall impression of Diesel Puff entirely untarnished.

Who is it good for?

Despite its sativa genetics, Diesel Puff might not be the best strain to use when you’re about to accomplish tasks. Enjoy Secret Nature Diesel Puff during the day on a weekend, and enjoy some time to yourself or go out in nature.

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