Secret Nature Disposable Vapes Compared

Published March 08, 2022
Secret Nature Disposable Vapes Compared - Secret Nature

As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I recently had a chance to compare five varieties of the new Secret Nature Disposable Vapes. I’ll admit that I was skeptical of disposable vapes in general coming into this review, but now I’m completely convinced of the convenience of this all-in-one vaping technology that has evolved a lot since I last hit a disposable.

In this review, I’ll start by giving a general overview of the Secret Nature Disposable Vape as a product, and then I’ll compare the five vapes I received: Sour Diesel THCV, Mimosa Delta 8, Gorilla Glue #4 Delta 8, Forbidden Fruit Delta 8, and Durban Poison CBD. Lastly, I’ll answer some of the questions that might be on your mind as you get ready to purchase your first Secret Nature disposable.

First impressions

As usual, I had the immediate impression that Secret Nature had done a familiar thing much better when I opened my first disposable vape. Secret Nature’s sleek, gold-embossed cardboard packaging never disappoints, and I appreciate the sealed inner baggie and silicone cap on the mouthpiece.

The Secret Nature Disposable Vape feels good in your hand. It has an outer surface that feels like brushed metal even though it’s just plastic. I like everything about the vibe of the pen from its size to its weight to its color to its curves.


Disposable vapes have the advantage of being significantly smaller than even the slimmest cartridge-battery combos. My Secret Nature disposable feels about the same size as a lighter in my hand, and as an average-sized person, my hand can almost entirely enclose the vape, hiding it from view instantly.

The mouthpiece is on one end, and I was pleasantly shocked to discover a charging port on the other. Disposable vapes that I’d used before couldn’t be recharged. This feature ensures you’ll be able to vaporize every last drop of distillate in your vape.

Battery life

The battery life of the Secret Nature Disposable Vape is essentially infinite due to its rechargeability. In reality, I noticed a significant downtick in voltage after the cartridge was around halfway empty, prompting me to remove the replaceable silicone cap over the charging port and plug it into a spare microUSB cord sitting on my desk. The activation light lit up white to indicate the vape was charging, and it had already turned off to indicate a complete charge around half an hour later when I returned to my desk.

Extract quality

This is the same exact extract that you find in Secret Nature vape cartridges, just in a more convenient form. As usual, I was impressed by the loudness of SN’s terps and the smoothness of the underlying extract. These disposables burn a little hotter than my adjustable vape batteries, though, doing a slight disservice to the tasty distillate they contain.


I can’t overstate how impressed I am with the convenience of these disposables. While many disposable vapes only contain 0.5g of concentrate, these contain 1.1g each. You simply put the pen in your mouth, inhale, and generate a thick cloud of vapor within moments.

The pen easily slips into your pocket, and it doesn’t leak or clog even if you don’t store it upright. Lastly, I’ve never used a vape pen so discreet—the matte black color of the Secret Nature Disposable makes it look like it isn’t even a vape, and its minuscule size can help it disappear faster than the eye can track.

How they compared

So far, I’ve discussed the five Secret Nature Disposable Vapes I tried collectively as I described the overall benefits of this discreet new product. Now, let’s get into the individual differences between the various vapes in Secret Nature’s disposable vape collection.

Secret Nature Sour Diesel THCV Disposable Vape

This is one I was really excited to try. Despite considering myself a cannabis connoisseur, I hadn’t tried THCV yet, and I was keen to find out exactly how this cannabinoid variant affected me.

One thing I’ll note is this vape seemed a little harsher than the rest, perhaps due to the increased complexity of converting THCV from other cannabinoids. The effects, though, were well worth the slight throat pain.

Interestingly, I noted the reported digestive effects of THCV right away. I won’t get into the lurid details, but let’s just say the benefits were noted. Also, the high I experienced with this THCV variant was unlike anything I’ve ever enjoyed before. It felt a lot more like delta 9 than delta 8, and I was honestly more stoned than I’ve been for a long time—most likely due to my total lack of tolerance to this particular form of THC.

If you can only try one Secret Nature Disposable Vape, make it Sour Diesel THCV. Secret Nature also offers this novel cannabinoid available accompanied by Payana terpenes if you’d prefer to try a different terp profile in your THCV disposable.

Secret Nature Mimosa Delta 8 Disposable Vape

Mimosa has been one of my favorite Secret Nature vape strains for a long time, and I thoroughly enjoyed this flavor in disposable form. For those who haven’t tried Mimosa before, this is a strong sativa that’s perfect for getting geared up for a creative task or outdoor activity. I kept my sativa, hybrid, and indica Secret Nature delta 8 disposable vapes lined up on my desk to use at different intervals throughout the day.

Secret Nature Gorilla Glue #4 Delta 8 Disposable Vape

Gorilla Glue is a potent hybrid that leans slightly more toward the indica side of things. I’ve always found GG#4 to be a perfectly acceptable strain for daytime use, however, and it won’t make me feel too antsy if I use it while winding down at night. As with all my Secret Nature Disposable Vapes, Gorilla Glue hit a little harsher than I was used to, but the payoff was a significantly reduced draw time.

Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit Delta 8 Disposable Vape

This is the indica vape to fill out your Secret Nature delta 8 disposable lineup. I found Forbidden Fruit to be the perfect pen to hit right before going to sleep, and I even took it to bed with me a few times.

Usually, I’m afraid to sleep with vapes due to clogging and leaking, but I never experienced this problem with my Secret Nature disposables. Any time I woke up in the middle of the night suffering from insomnia, I’d simply fish for my pen, take a hit, and go right back to sleep.

Secret Nature Durban Poison CBD Disposable Vape

Durban Poison is one of Secret Nature’s most popular CBD vapes, and now it’s available in disposable form. For me, CBD is only really appropriate at nighttime, and the intense sativa terpenes of Durban Poison don’t make it the best nightcap. Nonetheless, I really appreciated having this vape whenever I experienced any aches, pains, or headaches.

Which Secret Nature disposable is best?

Out of the five Secret Nature Disposable Vapes I tried, I’d have to say that either Sour Diesel THCV or Gorilla Glue #4 Delta 8 were my favorite. I’d choose the THCV pen simply because it’s something new that I’d never experienced before, but I’d choose the Gorilla Glue pen since that’s my favorite strain among Secret Nature’s vape cartridges.

In reality, though, all of these disposable pens were equally excellent. There’s something for everyone among the options in the Secret Nature Disposable Vape collection, and trust me that you’ve never experienced vaping convenience like this before.

CBD vape FAQ

Let’s finish up with a few answers to common CBD disposable vaping questions:

Which CBD vape is best?

The highest-quality CBD vape on the market will contain nothing but all-natural CO2-extracted CBD distillate combined with cannabis terpenes for flavor and boosted effectiveness. High-quality CBD vapes are also accompanied by third-party lab reports and dozens of five-star, verified customer reviews.

What is the strongest CBD vape cartridge?

Due to inherent limitations of the material, it’s impossible to increase the cannabinoid potency of cannabis or hemp distillate above 90%. As a result, most high-quality CBD vapes contain around 70-80% CBD. That leaves enough room for terpenes, which improve the flavor and effects of CBD vapor.

Are disposable CBD vapes safe?

There’s nothing inherently about disposable CBD vapes that makes them any more dangerous than the types of CBD vapes you screw onto the ends of rechargeable batteries. What matters when it comes to the safety of a CBD vape isn’t whether it’s disposable or not but rather the quality of the ingredients that go into it and the reliability of the components that make the vape function.

Do you hold in CBD vape?

Some users choose to hold in the vapor they inhale from CBD vape cartridges. There’s some evidence that the amount of time you hold cannabinoids in your lungs might impact their potency, but that’s when it comes to smoke. There’s no research yet regarding the effect of breath-hold duration on the potency of CBD vapor, so we’ll decline from commenting on that matter for now.

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