Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable Vape Review

Published August 24, 2023
Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable Vape Review - Secret Nature

Forbidden Fruit is a strain that Secret Nature has been known for since the days when they only offered CBD flower and vapes. Now, Forbidden Fruit is available in more forms than once seemed possible — even THCA vapes sold online.

Over the two weeks or so that I used it, my Forbidden Fruit THCA vape became an indispensable part of my daily routine. The only reason it lasted so long, actually, was that I lost it for a while — something I’ll talk about later in the review

For now, let’s start covering the most basic details of the Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable Vape: What it tastes like, how to use it, etc.

Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable Vape overview

  • Total cannabinoids: 69%
  • CBD %: 36%
  • THCA %: 33%
  • THC %: <0.3
  • Strain genetics: Tangie x Cherry Pie
  • Appearance: Slim, oblong black vape with rounded corners
  • Effects: Deeply pleasant and relaxing-yet-euphoric indica effects
  • Best for: Using throughout the day, reflecting on the beauty of life


It’s truly a joy to buy THCA products online. To me, there’s a big difference between THCA and delta 8 — I like both, but being able to buy THCA vapes from Secret Nature is like a dream come true.

The tracking info always arrives promptly, and my packages arrive in the Midwest after around five days. Buying products from Secret Nature has only gotten easier with time, and the experience is more professional with each order.

Unboxing & first impressions

I fished through the envelope all nine of my products came in and found the little pouch labeled “Forbidden Fruit THCA Vape.” This envelope had been contained in a more-durable USPS mailer, but nothing about the package gave any impression of its contents. There was no noticeable aroma whatsoever until I unsealed the inner envelope.

Secret Nature’s disposable vapes are very satisfying to a techie like me. I remember when USB flash drives were ubiquitous, and the SN disposable is a lot like a flash drive. The major difference is that instead of containing a gigabyte or two of data, it contains a gram of concentrated weed.


Most Secret Nature products come in envelopes now, something I consider to be a major improvement. I’ll look back fondly on the days when packages consisted more of glass tubes and aluminum tins, but that was hardly the “good ‘ol days.”

I find the slim, material-efficient mylar bags Secret Nature now uses to be even more professional and suave than the old packaging paradigm. Kudos, Secret Nature, for finding a way to save on costs while also upping your vibe.

Aroma & appearance

Even after you pop the small silicone cap out of the textured plastic mouthpiece, the Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit THCA Vape doesn’t emit that much of an aroma. The dankness is definitely there if you put your nose by the mouthpiece and take a whiff, but it isn’t enough to draw the attention of anyone further than a couple feet away.

The vape itself is around three inches long and an inch wide. It’s only about a third of an inch high, though, and this slim design is one of the attributes I love the most.  There’s a square viewing window through both sides of the tank that’s pretty useful for telling when the vape is empty. I’d hit it a few more times even if you can’t see any oil, though, since little bits of extract like to hide in the corners out of sight.

How to use the Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable Vape

Using the Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable from Secret Nature is almost absurdly easy. Here’s all it takes:

  1. Open the mylar bag
  2. Shake out the contents
  3. Remove the silicone cap from the mouthpiece
  4. Put the mouthpiece in your mouth
  5. Inhale

It’s never been easier to vape in my opinion. This also means your Forbidden Fruit vape needs to stay firmly out of the reach of children, though.

Troubleshooting a Secret Nature THCA vape is also just as easy. Unless the mouthpiece is clogged, there’s usually only one issue at hand — a dead battery. Just plug your vape in using the provided microUSB cord, and wait around an hour for it to charge. If your SN disposable still doesn’t work, customer service will be glad to help.


Forbidden Fruit from Secret Nature is absolutely delicious. Based on flavor alone, this might be one of my favorite Secret Nature vapes ever, but then there are also the entirely on-point effects to consider.

What Forbidden Fruit reminds me of in the flavor department is gorging myself on some kind of tropical fruit, maybe a papaya, in the middle of a sweltering jungle filled with lush flowers. The genetics draw from strains that taste like tangerine and cherry, resulting in a rainforest vibe replete with moist sweetness.

Activation time & effects

For me, an ideal strain of weed calms my mind while also providing me with enough energy to be outgoing or focus on exercise. Forbidden Fruit does just that — it’s an indica, but it fills me with all the joy of a sativa and none of the jitters.

From the first hit on, I felt the effects of my Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit Disposable Vape after around ten seconds. This was also a particularly long-lasting high — the effects often lasted for an hour or longer with just a couple small puffs.

How long does a Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable Vape last?

If you only use it lightly, a Forbidden Fruit THCA disposable from Secret Nature might last you around two weeks. With medium-to-heavy use while also using flower, dabs, or other vapes, it might last you a week.

Those who are used to high levels of THC, though, could easily run through a 1g vape like this in three days or less. It all depends on your usage preferences and whether or not you’re using other products at the same time.

I have never experienced any clogging or separation issues with Secret Nature disposable vapes — no matter how long I leave them be or store them at an improper angle. I’m not sure what type of innovation is responsible for this impressive benefit, I’m just happy I can find a SN disposable I didn’t finish six months ago and it’s still fine to hit.

Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable Vape expiration

Cannabinoid vapes become unsuitable for use within a year after their date of manufacture. Most vapes only remain ideally usable for a maximum of 90 days after they were made, but I’ve found Secret Nature vapes to still hit just fine for much longer than that. With that said, don’t test fate by trying to hit a Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit disposable that’s more than a year old.

Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable use journal

My love affair with Forbidden Fruit lasted around 12 days or so before it was all said and done. Actually, I just found the vape on my floor again, and it had a hit or two left. Since it was near the end, though, the vapor was somewhat harsh. Time to get another one!

Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable after 1 day

  • Powerful fruit punch flavor
  • Ultra convenient design
  • Slightly harsh draw
  • But very clean taste
  • Powerful hits
  • White indicator light activates upon inhalation
  • Fast onset of effects
  • Very soothing and balanced
  • Mental clarity and bodily calm
  • Feels like a level-up overall

Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable after 3 days

  • I’ve been hitting this vape almost exclusively for the last 72 hours or so
  • My Melon Frost vape has also received a bit of attention, but nothing to this degree
  • I’m just now seeing through the viewing window that there are gaps in the concentrate
  • The vape is definitely dwindling bit by bit due to my heavy use
  • I’ve found it’s best to plug the vape in every night
  • The battery lasts around 36 hours, so nightly charging is convenient

Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable after 7 days

  • This Forbidden Fruit THCA vape has helped me relax majorly when I needed it
  • Whether it was going for a walk or winding down before bed, this fruit punch vape did the trick
  • It’s now about half-gone, or maybe more
  • The vapor still tastes great
  • Charging it every night has kept the battery at optimum levels
  • This is definitely a strain I will miss once it is gone
  • (It was right after this that the vape went tragically missing for about a week)

Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable use tips

This is one vape you’ll want to make sure is charged and by your side until it doesn’t have any juice left. For me, heavy sativas like Melon Frost are only truly ideal for active situations, and heavy indicas like Kush Glue are better for chilling out in the evening.

Forbidden Fruit THCA from Secret Nature is one of those strains that simply makes me feel more like myself. Whether it’s at the end of a long day or right at the start, Forbidden Fruit gets my head straight and takes the edge off things. Enjoyment levels are up, stress is down, and the vape is incredibly delicious to boot.

What is the Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable best for?

Turn to the Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit THCA Disposable Vape whenever pain, stress, or any of the other rigors of life get you down. Named after the fruit of the mythical Tree of Knowledge, Forbidden Fruit certainly seems to confer godlike powers.

The only price I’ve found is that a Forbidden Fruit THCA vape runs out faster the more you use it. Not quite the paradox of Original Sin, but still a mystery worthy of at least some contemplation.

Reviewer’s notes

This is the type of strain that I would choose if I could only bring one vape with me to a deserted island for a year. Of course, I’d want more than one, but the strain I’d choose would be Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit THCA. No other vape I’ve tried recently has so fully hit the spot. If you’re a fan of indica-leaning hybrids like I am and you’re ready for another culinary adventure, Forbidden Fruit is the THCA disposable to grab.

3 similar products to try

  1. Secret Nature Gelato THCA Disposable Vape*: Gelato is also known as pleasantly balanced indica hybrid — try this one next.
  2. Secret Nature WiFi OG THCA Disposable Vape: This is among the stoniest indicas there is, making it a step further than Forbidden Fruit
  3. Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape:
    Even though it’s a sativa, I’d still recommend Melon Frost — just to witness the contrast between this strong sativa and Forbidden Fruit’s balance

* all 3 products are listed on the same product page

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