Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit Vape Is So Delicious It Should Be Banned

Published February 22, 2021
Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit Vape Is So Delicious It Should Be Banned - Secret Nature

A cross of Cherry Pie and Tangie, Forbidden Fruit is a cannabis strain with an unforgettably tantalizing flavor. Secret Nature takes live resin Forbidden Fruit terpenes and combines them with its CBD-rich raw hemp nectar to produce the Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit Vape.

As a newcomer to Secret Nature’s take on this sumptuous strain, I was impressed by how expertly my vape cartridge fuses the raucous flavor notes of Forbidden Fruit with the relaxing effects of CBD. As we explore my impressions of the flavor and effects of Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit, learn why I think it’s ideal to indulge in this strain deep in the night.

First impressions

I could tell Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit would be flavorful from the moment I opened its box. Cutting the black-and-gold seal at the bottom of the box, I slid out its inner tray.

Right then, I detected the first tiny hints of an aroma that would blossom into full bloom once I opened up the airtight bag it was sealed inside. Secret Nature’s bags do a great job of providing a smell-proof seal, but there’s only so much a single bag can do to contain Forbidden Fruit.

Equipped with one of Secret Nature’s ceramic tips, my Forbidden Fruit vape cartridge featured sturdy glass and a hearty dollop of light-amber hemp extract within.

Foreshadowed by its aroma, the flavor of my Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit Vape was so powerful that it immediately kicked off a string of nostalgic memories. Its indica effects hit hard, making Forbidden Fruit a solid end-of-night vape.


  • Very powerful sweet and fruity aroma
  • High-quality cartridge with light-colored distillate
  • Impressive flavor, solid indica effects

Packaging and labeling

The packaging of my Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit vape cartridge was on par with what I’ve come to expect from Secret Nature. For a brand that’s kept so busy filling orders, Secret Nature’s packaging is more uniform than you’d think.

I’ve noted a couple of different types of seals on the bottom of Secret Nature’s vape cartridge. My Forbidden Fruit cartridge had the black-and-gold type that goes on the side.

Interestingly, the box my Forbidden Fruit cartridge came in doesn’t have a sticker on the bottom. The sticker on the back with the QR code you can scan for lab reports was there, however.

The bottom sticker usually displays information about the dosage of a particular vape product. Since this information is also available on Secret Nature’s Forbidden Fruit product page, it’s no big deal that I can’t find the sticker.

With this cartridge, I took time to fully appreciate the aesthetics of Secret Nature’s vape cartridge bags. In addition to relishing the sight of the Secret Nature logo juxtaposed against the white background of the bag, I noticed that the sticker I’d expected to see on the bottom of the box was there instead. 


  • Informative labeling
  • High-quality, attractive box
  • Detailed product specific-information
  • Additional info on Secret Nature as a brand


I started by taking a few puffs of Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit at my vape battery’s “high” setting. The vapor Forbidden Fruit produced at this setting was harsher than some Secret Nature carts I’ve tried, but milder than others.

After taking a few puffs on “high,” I thought I’d probably start coughing unless I switched to “low.” At this setting, my Forbidden Fruit cartridge produced uniformly mild, pleasant clouds of vapor.

The texture of Forbidden Fruit was so nice that I felt I could keep puffing on this cartridge for hours. I didn’t detect any flavors aside from the characteristic bitterness of cannabinoids and the deliciousness of Forbidden Fruit’s terpene profile.


  • One of the harsher Secret Nature cartridges at high temperature
  • Perfectly smooth at low temperature
  • Clean cartridge with no telltale tastes of contaminants


The flavor of Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit is its most memorable attribute. It took me a while to figure out exactly what Forbidden Fruit tastes like, and I’m still not entirely sure.

Even if I can’t quite put it in words, I knew exactly what Forbidden Fruit’s flavor was from the moment that I first tasted it. The live resin terpenes in this cartridge had a taste so uniquely their own that it was incomparable with any other flavor found in cannabis or anywhere else.

The closest approximation I can come up with is that Forbidden Fruit tastes a little bit like one of the brightly packaged, fruity candies that I misguidedly indulged in as a kid. At first, I was convinced that this cartridge tasted like Fruit Gushers.

As I continued puffing Forbidden Fruit, however, I started to feel like its flavor more closely resembled Smarties — the candies that came stacked inside tiny cellophane tubes in birthday party gift bags. All I’m truly sure of is that Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit tastes remarkably sweet and fruity.

It also has a piney flavor that hits the back of your throat. The three most prominent fruity flavor notes I detect are strawberry, cherry, and mango.

In short, Forbidden Fruit has a remarkably sweet taste that reminds me of my childhood. Thankfully, it’s 100% sugar-free.


  • Tastes like candy
  • Strong fruity, sweet flavor with piney undertones
  • Strawberry, cherry, and mango


Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit’s jolting sweetness was deftly balanced by its thoroughbred indica effects. This vape cart made me feel really relaxed and detached.

In addition to an overall aura of pure spaciness, my head also felt remarkably light and clear. While uninterested in doing anything other than sitting around, I didn’t feel particularly tired.

I felt like I could probably work while puffing on Forbidden Fruit. I could also tell that I probably wouldn’t want to.

Even at the peak of effects, I didn’t feel high or intoxicated in any way. Forbidden Fruit is a great cartridge to vape when you want to stay with it even if you don’t have anything in particular you need to do.


  • Strong, calming indica effects
  • Not particularly sedative, definitely spacy
  • Clear, detached, not intoxicated in any way

Onset and duration of effects

I felt like the effects of Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit lasted a little while longer than I’m used to with CBD vapes. This strain kicked in around two minutes after my first puff, and its full effects were noticeable after around 4-6 minutes.

Forbidden Fruit’s pleasant aftertaste stuck around in my mouth for a while. I didn’t feel any headache after its effects wore off.


  • Effects set in over the course of around 5 minutes
  • Lasted for around 70-90 minutes
  • No side effects

Overall score

After thoroughly sampling everything this cartridge has to offer, I give the Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit Vape an overall score of out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 4.9/5

Flavor: 5/5

Effects: 4.8/5

Duration of effects: 5/5

Overall score: 4.94/5

Forbidden Fruit’s labeling and packaging were superb, but the texture of the vapor it produced was relatively harsh at high temperatures. This cart’s flavor is magnificent, and its effects would be great for someone who deals with chronic pain.

Who is it good for?

Since it’s delicious, long-lasting, and indica-dominant, I think that Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit is great for anyone who wants to feel extra-comfortable before bed. Simply take a few puffs of Forbidden Fruit while you wind down to prepare your body and mind for a full night’s rest.

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