Secret Nature Nightfire Indoor THCA Flower Review

Published August 24, 2023
Secret Nature Nightfire Indoor THCA Flower Review - Secret Nature

Sometimes, a strain can seem unassuming but absolutely floor you with its effects. Out of Secret Nature’s new THCA lineup, it’s easy to miss Nightfire next to eye-catching cultivars like Sugar Pop and Kush Glue.

In fact, this was one of the last THCA strains I tried as part of this latest review series. In this guide, relive the experience I enjoyed making my way through an eighth of this pleasantly uplifting, stoney indica.

Nightfire THCA Flower overview

  • Total cannabinoids: 24%
  • CBD %: 0%
  • THCA %: 23%
  • THC %: <0.3
  • Strain genetics: White Fire OG x White Nightmare
  • Appearance: Dense, bright-green buds
  • Aroma: Fruit, gas, haze
  • Effects: Outgoing, relaxed, no anxiety
  • Best for: Relaxing, focusing on the positive things in life


Nightfire THCA Indoor Flower and all other products from Secret Nature ship in discreet, compact mailers that don’t look different from any other apparel or personal goods item you might be ordering. The first thing that will catch your attention upon opening the package is a full-page letter explaining how THCA is different from THC for legal purposes.

Secret Nature provides these letters with all their products, even CBD options. Since the beginning, I’ve really liked this aspect of how SN runs their business. Before law enforcement or postal employees can raise the alarm about a package, they’re met with a succinct legal statement explaining the legality of the contents.

There were no issues with my shipment, and the products arrived five days after I received my tracking number. For top-shelf THCA weed you can buy online, fulfillment times that short are like heaven.

Unboxing & first impressions

As I sorted through the nine products in my care package, I originally overlooked Nightfire THCA since it was sent in a CBD flower envelope. The only place where THCA is mentioned at all is on a small sticker on the back.

My guess is that Secret Nature ran out of THCA envelopes and needed to use CBD pouches for a while instead. All this meant for me was that I still had THCA weed even after I thought I’d run out. No problems here.


Secret Nature’s packaging has always been simple and elegant, but these new pouches are a step even further up. Less materials means more savings, both in economic and environmental terms. Products are cheaper to ship, and they produce less waste — for one, I’m a big fan of Secret Nature’s new packaging even if it was chosen primarily for economic reasons.

Aroma & appearance

Nightfire THCA from Secret Nature doesn’t look bad at first glance, but it doesn’t exactly grab the eye either. To me, this was more a strain that was felt than seen — the density and the effects were the highlights, and the unassuming appearance simply hid the impressive value that lay within.

Aromas of sourness, sweetness, and fruit were apparent from the moment I opened my eighth bag of Nightfire, and the fruity side of this strain became even more present when the buds were ground. The smoke, though, mainly tasted and smelled hazy — all in all, Nightfire THCA is a strain offering a very varied profile of experiences.

How to use Nightfire THCA Flower

Holding a bud between my fingers and squeezing gently, Nightfire THCA didn’t give a millimeter. It’s not that the buds are too dry but rather that they’re very dense. The stems are also pretty big in this strain.

All this combined makes Nightfire a great strain for either a bong bowl or a joint. Once ground, the super-dense buds stick together nicely, but they don’t make a sticky mass that’s hard to burn inside a rolling paper.

In a bong, the bowl of Nightfire smoked slowly, emitting a very flavorful smoke. For me, this strain is great for any time of day, but some might find themselves distracted after smoking a bowl of Nightfire THCA from Secret Nature.


Once it burns and produces smoke, Nightfire loses many of its subtler notes and takes on a taste of nearly pure haze. Out of all the THCA strains I’ve tried from Secret Nature, I think Nightfire has the mildest texture, and its aftertaste is pleasant and woody. There’s nothing to complain about in the flavor of this strain — in fact, just thinking about it makes me want to smoke one of my few remaining bowls of Nightfire.

Activation time & effects

Secret Nature Nightfire THCA flower didn’t come on slowly, but it did activate gently. A minute or so after taking my first bong rip, I started to feel my mood gently elevate and my urge to relax grow.

In terms of pure enjoyability, I find Nightfire to be one of the best THCA or THC strains I’ve ever tried. This would be a great strain to share with a significant other.

How long does Nightfire Indoor THCA Flower last?

The effects of Nightfire THCA flower from Secret Nature are pretty long-lasting. A single bong hit is enough to keep a high-tolerance user stoned for a good hour at least.

If you keep smoking Nightfire throughout the day, it will feel like the effects are never-ending. I have made this my main strain for three days now, however, and supplies are dwindling fast.

Secret Nature Nightfire THCA Flower expiration

The average expiration date for cannabis flower is around 6-12 months after the date of manufacture. For strains that tend to be drier and denser like Nightfire, it might be wise to use up your stash within 90 days at the most. That’s the ideal usage window for cannabis of any kind — cannabinoid degradation begins in earnest when weed is around three months old.

Secret Nature Nightfire THCA Flower use journal

Get a better idea of what it was like to try Secret Nature Nightfire THCA Flower over the course of a week… or close to it!

Secret Nature Nightfire THCA Flower after 1 day

  • My first day with Nightfire has been almost indescribably pleasant
  • All the nugs are pretty small but impeccably manicured
  • On the dry side but still plenty moist
  • It’s the kind of strain that branches out into a lot of spindly colas
  • Soothing, calming stone
  • Like sitting down into a hot jacuzzi
  • Pleasant, centering high
  • Not too sleepy
  • Enhances sensory experiences
  • Started smoking mid-afternoon
  • Did not interfere with tasks
  • Just made everything more pleasant and worry-free

Secret Nature Nightfire THCA Flower after 3 days

  • I opened Nightfire the day before yesterday
  • Now, I only have a few nugs left
  • I plan to save them so I can sample Nightfire once more after a bit of time has elapsed
  • Nightfire has made me feel pleasantly stoned without being out of it
  • Some strains push you further away from reality…
  • … But Nightfire gently guides you back where you belong

Secret Nature Nightfire THCA Flower after 7 days

  • After trying CBD strains in addition to my usual THC intake, I went back to Nightfire
  • The two remaining nugs had gotten drier in their bag
  • The smoke was just as smooth, however
  • The universal appeal of this strain made itself apparent once again
  • It’s more like a balanced hybrid in that it offers both mental calm and bodily relaxation
  • I’ll miss Nightfire now that it’s gone — it’s one of the best indica hybrids I’ve tried in recent memory

Secret Nature Nightfire Indoor THCA Flower use tips

Nightfire is a strain to which no major use restrictions should apply. It isn’t stoney enough to make you forget what you were doing, and it also isn’t energizing enough to suspect your postal worker is a spy.

As a strain that tends toward the dense and dry side, you might want to exercise some caution when grinding and transferring Nightfire into a pipe or bong bowl. Nightfire’s smoke remains smooth no matter how you smoke it, though, and it holds together nicely in a joint without canoeing or becoming monolithic.

Try Nightfire in the morning, and try it at night. Try it here, there, and everywhere — this is weed that will delight regardless of the circumstances.

What is Nightfire THCA Flower best for?

I’d be hard put to find a strain in the Secret Nature THCA catalog with more universal appeal than Nightfire. It’s plenty potent to satisfy high-tolerance users, but its high is also mellow enough to avoid freaking out newbies.

If conquering chronic pain is your goal or you want to get completely blitzed out, other strains might do the trick better. For the average cannabis user, however, Nightfire THCA from Secret Nature is practically guaranteed to hit the spot.

This strain won’t make your mind spin out of control with paranoia, and it also won’t make you too lazy or distracted to work. On the contrary — Nightfire THCA has the power to keep the ball rolling when other strains might get in the way of your day.

Reviewer’s notes

I’ve liked each THCA strain I’ve tried from Secret Nature for different reasons. Not until I came across Nightfire, however, did I find a strain I’d be confident recommending to everyone else.

Some people don’t like sativas because they make them paranoid. Others don’t like indicas because they make them sleepy. It is to the hard-to-please stoner that I most recommend Nightfire — Finally, a strain that makes you say, “Ahh,” sit back, and relax.

3 similar products to try

  1. Secret Nature LA Kush THCA Flower: One of the latest additions to the Secret Nature THCA catalog, LA Kush is a beloved Cali strain with indica effects and a purple tinge. It’s uplifting, though, due to its Ice Cream Cake parentage.
  2. Secret Nature Jet Fuel THCA Flower: Jet Fuel is a classic hybrid cross of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, and now it’s available in THCA from Secret Nature. Those in search of hybrids even more uplifting than Nightfire will be well pleased.
  3. Secret Nature White Fire OG THCA Disposable Vape: White Fire (WiFi) OG is one of the parents of Nightfire. Explore the roots of this impeccable strain by trying WiFi OG in the form of a convenient and dependable disposable vape pen.

Is Nightfire a strong strain?

Yes, at 24% total cannabinoids and more than 20% THCA, Nightfire is among the strongest indica-hybrid THCA strains ever bred. Expect this strain to have strong effects even if you have a high tolerance.

What is the best Secret Nature THCA strain?

Based on effects and universal appeal, Nightfire may well be the best strain in Secret Nature’s THCA catalog. We invite you to try other strains like Bourbon Sugar and Purple Punch to get a better idea of what Secret Nature has to offer within the rapidly evolving THCA market.

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