Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 2-Pack Honest Review

Published February 22, 2021
Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 2-Pack Honest Review - Secret Nature

OG Kush is a legendary cannabis strain. Even people who aren’t that into hemp or cannabis associate “OG kush” with dankness, relaxation, and smooth, chilled-out effects.

The Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 2-Pack features two pre-rolls packed to the brim with Secret OG, Secret Nature’s CBD-centric take on OG Kush. Since I’d never tried this strain before, I decided to make myself acquainted by smoking a pre-roll, and the results of my experiment thoroughly exceeded my expectations.

As the blog writer for Secret Nature, learn more about my impressions of the packaging, taste, texture, and effects of the Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 2-Pack.

First impressions

I like the way that Secret Nature packaging looks on its own. I also like, however, the way Secret Nature packaging looks next to other Secret Nature packaging.

Carefully stowed away inside bubble wrap, my Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 2-Pack looked right at home alongside the vape cartridges, larger pre-roll packs, and flower tins that came in my box. Secret Nature puts forward a unified aesthetic that’s just so pleasing to the eye.

Opening the top of my Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 2-Pack box, I slid the cylinder inside onto my hand. It consisted of a sturdy glass beaker with a steel cap on top.

Inside were two identical pre-rolls. Identical twins, so to speak. By uncapping and carefully shaking the glass cylinder, I was able to make one of the twins slide out into my waiting fingertips.

The density of my pre-roll was impressive. It’s aroma, while somewhat muted by a layer of rolling paper, was deliciously earthy.

Thickening slightly along its length, my pre-roll ended in a twist of paper that’s very useful once you’re ready to smoke. Though it might seem like a small detail, the Secret Nature logo on the crutch really did something to me.

As a consumer, I like products that are high-quality and well thought-out. Over the years, I’ve become willing to spend more and more on the things I use because I’ve learned you almost always get what you pay for.

The presence of this little logo further reinforced my expectations that I was about to enjoy a great smoke. I wasn’t disappointed.


  • Attractive packaging that matches other Secret Nature products
  • It was easy to remove a joint from its packaging
  • The joint was densely packed and beautiful
  • Little details like the Secret Nature logo on the crutch seal the deal

Packaging and labeling

The back of my Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 2-Pack box featured some basic brand information along with a sticker providing details on the strain. There was a code that I could have used to look up the 3rd-party lab reports for my product if I hadn’t already found them online.

Choosing to use glass packaging for their pre-roll two-packs is a gamble Secret Nature has taken that has paid off. With thousands of pre-rolls sent out every month, I’ve only ever heard of a couple of glass cylinders breaking during transit, and glass preserves hemp flower better than practically any other material.

I really like the aesthetics of the glass cylinder and steel cap. There’s something about this combination that positively screams “quality.”

After extracting one pre-roll, I replaced the cap on my cylinder and slid it into its cardboard box for safekeeping. I know that when I go back for the other pre-roll, it will still be fresh and well-preserved.


  • Informative labeling and high-quality packaging
  • Resealable glass cylinder preserves the hemp within
  • The glass cylinder is very aesthetically pleasing


I prefer to vape rather than smoke, so I’m always a little bit trepidatious before smoking a pre-roll. I enjoy smoking pre-rolls, but smoking hemp flower can be considerably harsher than vaping it.

It was to my pleasant surprise, however, that I found the smoke of my Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll to be very mild and smooth. I’ve smoked a few different Secret Nature pre-rolls, and I’d hazard a guess that Secret OG was the smoothest Secret Nature strain I’ve smoked.

After using two matches to get my pre-roll fully lit, it remained lit, sporting a fat, glowing ember that smoothly slid down the length of the joint as I inhaled. My Secret OG pre-roll produced speckled-gray ash that stuck to the end of the joint for a while before falling off.

The texture of my Secret OG smoke remained smooth and pleasant even as I reached the midpoint of my joint. Just below the ember, the paper became covered with a thick slathering of melted oils.

I didn’t cough a single time while smoking my Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll. It burned nice and slow, and I smoked the joint until its ember was around half an inch away from the crutch.


  • Surprisingly smooth smoke
  • Stayed lit and burned smoothly
  • Slow burn
  • No cough


My Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll tasted purely earthy at first, and I quickly noticed a sour undertone. To my palate, this indica strain exhibited an ideal balance of hazy and gassy flavors.

The flavor of my joint was just as mild as its smoke was smooth. My Secret OG pre-roll didn’t taste unpleasant in any way, and I could tell from flavor alone that Secret Nature wrapped this joint in a hemp paper and kept it entirely free of contaminants.

As I continued smoking my Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 2-Pack, the flavors of its terpenes were gradually overwhelmed by the taste of burning plant matter. My joint tasted good right until the end, however.


  • Earthy and sour notes were most apparent
  • Excellent balance of hazy and gassy attributes
  • Clean, tasty, organic smoke


In terms of effects, Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 2-Pack is an indica strain through-and-through. I first noticed the effects of my pre-roll after around 30 seconds, and they were profoundly relaxing and made me feel impressively chilled-out.

I would almost go so far as to describe the effects of Secret OG as “stoney” even though this strain doesn’t contain nearly enough THC to get anyone high. Its terpene profile produced such a sense of stereotypical indica chill, however, that I was able to enjoy the effects I associate with my favorite indica strains without experiencing any intoxication whatsoever.

In addition to making me feel relaxed almost to the extent of experiencing couchlock, the effects of my Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll also made me feel surprisingly adventurous. I felt cool, calm, confident, and like I was ready to take on the world.

After a quick nap, of course.


  • Classic indica effects
  • Calm, relaxed, and confident
  • So relaxing that nighttime use is advised

Onset and duration of effects

The effects of my Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 2-Pack seemed to come on all at once around 30 seconds to a minute after my first puff. I finished my pre-roll in around 5 minutes, and by that point, the relaxing indica effects of Secret OG were in full swing. These effects lasted around an hour before petering off.


  • Quick effects that came on all at once after around 30 seconds
  • Peaked after around 5-10 minutes, lasted around an hour

Overall score

All things considered, I give the Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 2-Pack an overall score of 4.94 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 5/5

Flavor: 4.8/5

Effects: 5/5

Duration of effects: 4.9/5

Overall score: 4.94/5

Even though I prefer vaping over smoking, I found almost nothing to complain about in this pre-roll. Its packaging was excellent, the texture of the smoke was surprisingly mild, the flavor was nice, and the effects were both quick-acting and very enjoyable.

All things considered, I’d recommend smoking a Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll sometime during the middle of your nighttime wind-down period.

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