What Are CBD Cigars? Comparison Guide

Published March 13, 2020
What Are CBD Cigars? Comparison Guide - Secret Nature

CBD-infused cigars are all the rage, and there’s a reason people are lighting up hemp blunts left and right—these CBD smokes are both cool and convenient. When you’re looking for CBD cigars for sale, you want to know everything there is to know about this product category, and we lay it all down in this guide. Whether you want to know how to pick the best CBD flower or you have any lingering questions before you buy, read on to find the answers you seek.

What Are CBD Cigars?

CBD cigars, also called hemp cigars or CBD flower cigars, are large hemp joints that resemble cigars or blunts. In some cases, you might be able to find CBD cigar wraps that you can use to roll your own blunts, but these products usually contain isolate CBD on its own, which is inferior to the terpene and trace cannabinoid makeup of mature CBD flower.

Pre-rolled CBD cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes, but CBD cigars can be up to 10 times larger than your average joint. They’re also usually wrapped in hemp leaf, which provides the same aesthetic as a tobacco cigar without the drawbacks. The best CBD cigarettes contain organic, non-GMO hemp, and the same goes for cigars.

As you search through the CBD cigars for sale online, you’ll need to keep a variety of factors in mind to make sure you select the right option. In this section, we’ll provide you with the information you need to purchase CBD flower cigars with confidence.

Factor #1: Lab Reports

Despite ever-increasing popularity, the U.S. federal government continues to fail to provide proper regulatory oversight for the CBD industry. As a result, CBD manufacturers are able to get away with dangerous practices that wouldn’t be allowed in other industries, potentially putting consumers at risk.

That’s where lab reports come into the picture. With the independent, third-party lab reports we publish at, you’re able to verify both the potency and the safety of our products. We screen our hemp flower products for common toxins, and we also provide the exact cannabinoid percentages present in each product.

Much like it used to be necessary to bite into gold coins in the Wild West to ensure they were real, lab reports are necessary for navigating the wild jungle that has emerged around the CBD molecule. You’ll find our lab reports to be thorough, independent, and honest.

Factor #2: Product Reviews

Some popular things are bad for you—fast food, for instance. Anything that’s popular, however, has value, and if you’re already convinced CBD is the way to go, choosing brands that have the most customer reviews is the best way to get the most for your money.

When consumers are presented with purchasing decisions, they might be influenced by false advertising. Consumers who are tricked, however, leave negative reviews, so brands that lie on the internet don’t last.

Consumers also might be turned off if the price is too high for the value of the product. When hundreds of consumers come back to the same brand over and over again, however, you know that the brand has conquered the siren song of greed to provide an integral product. 

The CBD industry is becoming less forgiving as it gets bigger, and the fact that Secret Nature products have hundreds of verified, five-star reviews should tell you something very important.

Factor #3: Cigar Formulation

Why would you need preservatives, artificial flavorings, or any other non-hemp substances in a hemp cigar? You can get flavoring from terpenes, preservatives aren’t necessary, and it’s certainly possible to craft smokable hemp cigars with nothing more than the Cannabis sativa plant. If a CBD brand adds more to their cigars than is necessary, however, it’s a sure sign they’re cutting corners.

You’ll find that Secret Nature CBD cigars contain nothing but CBD flower, hemp leaf rolling papers, and a wooden mouthpiece that you don’t smoke. Everything smokable is hemp, and everything hemp is 100% organic and grown indoors with love.

Our CBD cigarettes and CBD Cigars are higher-quality, they hit better, and they’re more reliable than smokable CBD products offered by other brands. Starting with our two CBD cigar options, here are the four Secret Nature products you should try if you want to smoke CBD like a pro:

Option #1. Cherry Cough CBD Cigar

Secret Nature Cherry Cough just got a little more baller—our Cherry Cough Cigar packs three whole grams of indoor-grown, CBD-rich hemp flower, and it also includes 0.4g of CBD hash and 0.5g of CBD isolate.

Cherry Cough CBD Cigar Product Specs

  • 1 CBD cigar containing over 1500mg full-spectrum CBD
  • 3g Secret Nature Cherry Cough flower, 0.4g CBD hash, 0.5g CBD isolate
  • Lasts over 1 hour
  • No tobacco, additives, or artificial ingredients
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC
  • Independent lab test results available
  • Organic, vegan, and non-GMO

Cherry Cough CBD Cigar Customer Reviews

“Took me 4 sessions to finish the delicious cigar and I enjoyed every second. At the moment I don't want to go back to cones; don't seem as fun anymore.” - Alan A.

“Super smooth! I'm about to buy 2 more. Well worth the experience!” - Blaine R.

 Option #2: Cobbler #5 CBD Cigar

You’ve already met our Cherry Cough Cigar, and its Cobbler cousin is similar in many ways. For instance, both cigars are rolled in 100%-organic hemp leaves infused with delicious-tasting and sweet-smelling cannabis terpenes. Cobbler is a delicious hybrid strain with a terpene profile that positively begs for the elegance of cigars.


Cobbler #5 CBD Cigar Product Specs: 

  • 1 CBD cigar containing over 1500mg full-spectrum CBD
  • 3g Secret Nature Cobbler flower, 0.4g CBD hash, 0.5g CBD isolate
  • Lasts over 1 hour
  • No tobacco, additives, or artificial ingredients
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC
  • Independent lab test results available
  • Organic, vegan, and non-GMO

Option #3: CBG Pre-Rolls

CBG is the up-and-coming cannabinoid, and Secret Nature offers the best CBG flower on the internet. This seven-pack joint container pairs perfectly with our cigars—keep your joints safely in your back pocket, but spread the non-intoxicating cannabis love with your Secret Nature cigars.

CBG Pre-Rolls Product Specs

  • 7 CBD joints with 4.2g total hemp flower
  • A durable box with magnetic closure contains an odor-proof joint container
  • 100% organic Secret Nature CBG flower with no artificial ingredients, pesticides, or fertilizers
  • Indoor-grown manicured buds ground and rolled in hemp papers
  • Independent lab results available

CBG Pre-Rolls Customer Reviews

“I am not an expert by any means but have tried several different pre-rolls from Secret Nature... but the CBG has helped much more than the others… Anyone not be leary of this company. Their product is everything advertised and quality product, turn around time, communication, and package arrives discreetly, on time, and undamaged due to packing. More than pleased...will only order from Secret Nature.” - Sandra W.

Option #4: Frosted Kush CBD Pre-Rolls

Frosted Kush is our most popular strain, and no order is complete without a 7-pack of delicious, crystally Frosted Kush joints. Light up a joint whenever you want to experience that true kush feeling without the high.

Frosted Kush CBD Pre-Roll Product Specs

  • 7 CBD joints with 4.2g total hemp flower

  • A durable box with magnetic closure contains an odor-proof joint container

  • 100% organic Secret Nature Frosted Kush flower with no artificial ingredients, pesticides, or fertilizers

  • Indoor-grown, manicured buds ground up and rolled in hemp papers

  • Independent lab results available

Frosted Kush CBD Pre-Roll Customer Reviews

“These are my go-to when feeling stressed. Always makes things better” - Rocel B.

“This site has the absolute best quality products of any other site I have checked out. Their products are made with care, their prices are very reasonable, their delivery is quick. By using Via Pay Bill, a site that allows anonymity, you can rest assured that your goods will get to you.” - Mary M. 

Top 5 CBD Cigars FAQs Asked In 2020

Still, have some questions before you’re ready to buy? Let’s clear things up:

1. What Is The Best CBD Flower On The Market?

What is the best CBD flower? Secret Nature CBD, of course! But, you knew we’d say that. Here’s the proof:

  • We have more customer reviews than any other CBD flower company

  • Our lab results are truly independent—we start over instead of paying the lab techs to fudge our numbers if we make a mistake

  • From pictures alone, our flower is clearly on par with top-shelf THC nugs in recreational marijuana states—just wait until you open your vacuum-sealed package and take a whiff

2. Does CBD Flower Smell?

We’ll be honest with you—hemp flower does have an aroma, and it smells just like you’d expect cannabis to smell. The similarities between hemp and marijuana make field tests difficult for police officers, and in most places, increasingly lax cannabis laws are rapidly making raised eyebrows over dank odors a thing of the past. 

3. Why Is CBD So Expensive?

Simple economics. Any commodity that is prevented from entering the mainstream market naturally increases in price due to the added hurdles required to get it.

CBD suppliers, for instance, still deal with losing credit card processors as of 2020, and we can’t advertise on Google or social media like other industries. Once CBD regulation becomes normalized, prices will drop automatically.

4. Can I Buy Wholesale CBD Cigars?

Secret Nature is the company you want to work with if you want to distribute hemp cigars or other CBD flower products. No other brand has our recognition, and no other products offer our reliable quality. Visit our wholesale page for more details.

5. Is CBD Flower Safe To Smoke?

It’s impossible to classify smoking anything ask strictly safe. Smoke is incinerated plant matter, after all, and your lungs were never designed to handle its impacts. Done the right way, however, the harmful impacts of smoke can be reduced, and the benefits can be increased.

One of the reasons people think smoking is so bad for you is because of all the added ingredients in cigarettes. Starting with low-grade, shredded tobacco dipped in extra isolated nicotine, these inherently harmful products also contain a variety of flame accelerants and preservatives that cause lung disease.

Organic, loose-leaf tobacco is much safer than mass-marketed cigarettes, but nicotine still exacerbates heart problems no matter what form it’s in. It’s only by switching plants entirely for your next cigar that you can enjoy smoke the way it was made to be inhaled.

Secret Nature CBD cigars contain 100% organic, pesticide-free hemp flower. Everything in our cigars is derived from hemp, and we treat our indoor plants with care before processing them and testing the finished products. While smoking might never be as healthy as vaping, smoking organic CBD flower from Secret Nature is certainly better for you than smoking anything else.

Get The Best Hemp Cigarettes On The Internet With Secret Nature

Organic, artisan CBD cigars offer more than cannabinoids—they offer a unique experience. Whether you want to share your smoke with your friends or hoard it all to yourself, pre-rolled indica and sativa hemp cigars provide you with a true OG experience without getting high or using any tobacco.

Secret Nature CBD cigars are 100% hemp, and they’re 100% organic. Place your order today.

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