Smoking Hemp on the Road: 5 National Hotels with Smoking Rooms

Published October 28, 2021
Smoking Hemp on the Road: 5 National Hotels with Smoking Rooms - Secret Nature

Smoking hemp in a hotel is more convenient than you might think, and more hotels than you’d imagine allow smoking of one form or another in their rooms. After considering the facts, smoking CBD hemp flower inside your hotel room might not be something you end up wanting to do, but we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make your own decision on the matter.

5 hotels that usually allow smoking

Let’s start with a list of the five biggest and most notable hotels that almost always offer smoking accommodation. Aside from a few major chains like Hilton and Hyatt, many notable hotel names are franchised, meaning that individual hotel policies may vary. The best way to ensure that your hotel offers smoking rooms is to call the front desk directly, but you’re very likely to find a smoking room if you pull up to any of the following five well-known national hotels:

1. Hilton Hotels

Hilton is one of the best-knownand the most popular hotel chains throughout the country. Often charging a significantly higher premium than discount hotel chains, Hiltons are nonetheless renowned for their excellent guest service and flexible policies. Every Hilton hotel in the United States should be fully capable of servicing guests who wish to smoke.

2. Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt is another example of a premium hotel chain that almost always offers smoking accommodations. Over recent years, Hyatt hotels have started offering fewer and fewer smoking rooms, but if you stay at the Hyatt in a major city, it’s likely you’ll be able to find a room where you can smoke discreetly without anyone taking note.

3. Extended Stay Hotels

A room at an Extended Stay may not be as swanky as what you’re used to at a Hilton or Hyatt, but anyone who has ever resided at one of these chain of suite-hotels knows there’s an “anything goes” atmosphere that includes a reasonably lax smoking policy. Keep your smoking to designated rooms, and it’s unlikely Extended Stay staff will raise the alarm regardless of which types of odors they detect creeping under your door frame.

4. DoubleTree Hotels

As a chain that is usually franchised, DoubleTree isn’t as sure of a bet when it comes to finding smoking accommodations. Call ahead, though, and it’s likely you’ll find that the DoubleTree hotel in your area has a few smoking rooms vacant.

5. Holiday Inn Express Hotels

Almost every Holiday Inn Express hotel around the country is independently owned, but these budget hotels are nonetheless remarkably uniform with their smoking policies. Some Holiday Inn Express hotels may have stopped offering smoking rooms in recent years, but many still do.

Smoking hemp in a hotel FAQ

Can I smoke cannabis in a smoking room at a hotel?

It is generally frowned upon to smoke cannabis in national hotel chains regardless of the hotel’s overall stance on smoking. Cannabis use by adults has been legalized in many states, but it remains illegal from a federal level, making it impossible for hotel chains with national reach to condone its use.

With that said, smoking rooms at hotels are generally designed to be as smell-proof as possible, limiting the likelihood that anyone will bat an eyelash if you use hemp or outright cannabis in your hotel room. In states where cannabis is legal, staff and management are unlikely to take a firm stance against cannabis use in smoking rooms.

Can I smoke CBD hemp flower at a hotel?

Even though you probably won’t get in trouble, don’t simply assume it’s okay to smoke hemp in your hotel room. As long as it contains less than 0.3% delta 9 THC, hemp flower is considered to be industrial hemp, not cannabis, but hotel management might not make this distinction.

In many places around the country, cannabis use of any kind is very strongly frowned upon. The iconic smell of burning cannabis can get you in trouble if you allow it out of your smoking hotel room and into public areas.

Is it okay to vape in a hotel room?

Technically, if it is not okay to smoke in a hotel room, it is also not permissible to vape. Vaporizing cannabis concentrate, however, hardly leaves any perceptible odor behind, and whatever aroma might linger dissipates entirely within an hour or two.

As a result, many people who travel with cannabis choose to vape rather than smoke it. Cannabis distillate is essentially odorless, and it gives no indication by its appearance that it contains cannabinoids. If you want to act out of an abundance of caution, you can even vape in designated smoking areas outside the hotel.

Toking CBD on the road: final thoughts

Over the last decade, bookings of smoking rooms have sharply declined. It turns out that even smokers don’t want to stay in smoking rooms, which have become synonymous with almost-unbearable odors for smokers and non-smokers alike.

In light of this recent trend, most people have taken to smoking outside their hotel rooms on balconies or in designated smoking areas. Almost all hotels still have outdoor smoking areas, and even if it’s against stated policies, no one will know if you vape hemp concentrate in your hotel room since any subsequent aromas dissipate almost instantly.

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