Smoking or Vaping CBD Provides Unparalleled Purity and Effectiveness

Published January 10, 2021
Smoking or Vaping CBD Provides Unparalleled Purity and Effectiveness - Secret Nature

There’s no doubt that CBD is one of the most useful and effective medicinal substances to be discovered in generations. Not all CBD products offer the same effects, however.

Some types of CBD products take forever to kick in, and even once they activate, their effects are minimal at best. CBD flower, on the other hand, provides potent effects that kick in instantly.

You don’t have to wait for CBD to kick in

CBD has been widely researched for its potential impact on anxiety. Researchers have also investigated the potential benefits of CBD for chronic pain.

Based on our own research, most CBD users turn to this cannabinoid for help with anxiety, sleep issues, or pain. While cannabidiol might be useful for dozens of conditions, none of them are as common as these three.

You don’t have time to wait when you’re in the midst of a panic attack. You want to be free of pain as quickly as possible. You don’t want to time your CBD ingestion to perfectly match the moment your head hits the pillow.

Thankfully, there are ways to use CBD that don’t involve long waits. The next time you’re in need of this cannabinoid, try smoking or vaping CBD flower instead.

CBD flower provides instant effects

Each compound metabolizes differently in the body. The activation time of a substance is mainly determined, however, by the way you ingest it.

When you ingest a substance orally, it’s digested in your stomach first. While a significant portion of the CBD you ingest is absorbed at this time, some makes its way into your intestines.

Your stomach takes around 30-45 minutes to digest a substance. Ingesting CBD orally, therefore, can take close to an hour to deliver effects, and the effects delivered at this time don’t match the full potency of the CBD you ingested.

CBD smoke or vapor, on the other hand, is absorbed into your lungs. As a result, inhaled CBD bypasses your digestive system, and it enters your bloodstream almost instantly.

Smoking or vaping CBD offers impressive bioavailability

It would be one thing if you only had to deal with your stomach’s poor absorption and long digestion times. But, you also have to contend with your liver.

This organ filters out more than half of the CBD your stomach absorbs. It also filters out CBD absorbed through your intestines.

As a result, the bioavailability of orally ingested CBD is only 13-19%. That means, out of all the CBD you ingest orally, less than one-fifth actually makes its way to your bloodstream and nervous system.

Your lungs also filter out some of the CBD you ingest. Compared to the impressive filtration powers of your liver, however, your lungs allow a lot more through.

Estimates suggest that the bioavailability of smoking or vaping CBD might exceed 56%. That’s around 3-4 times the bioavailability of orally ingested CBD.

Inhaling CBD doesn’t just provide effects that kick in almost instantly. The effects of inhaled CBD are also much stronger than the effects of any other CBD ingestion method.

What is the most effective method of using CBD?

Smoking or vaping CBD is the most effective way to use this cannabinoid. Since this approach offers high bioavailability and lightning-fast activation times, inhaling cannabidiol is the most effective CBD ingestion method overall.

Other ingestion methods might be useful for specific purposes. You may, for instance, want to apply a CBD topical to address localized aches and pains.

If you’re dealing with a condition that affects multiple areas or pervades your entire body, however, smoking or vaping CBD is ideal. There are no circumstances in which ingesting CBD orally provides faster or more potent effects.

The only scenario in which orally ingesting CBD might be desirable is when you want to experience the effects of this cannabinoid for a long time. Ingested CBD products can provide effects that last upward of three hours.

Remember, however, that these effects are much less potent compared to the effects of inhaling CBD. You might simply be better off smoking or vaping CBD again whenever this cannabinoid’s effects wear off.

What is the most potent form of CBD?

CBD flower and CBD vape cartridges are the most potent CBD products. Inhaling CBD provides the strongest effects, and both CBD flower and CBD vape cartridges contain high concentrations of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid.

If you’re looking for the strongest effects possible, you should try a CBD vape cartridge. Most CBD vapes contain between 50-90% CBD. Cannabidiol-rich hemp flower, on the other hand, usually doesn’t contain more than 25% CBD.

Both CBD flower and CBD vapes have incredibly high bioavailability. Whichever option you choose, you’ll enjoy strong, potent effects.

But, you say, some orally ingested CBD products contain higher concentrations of CBD than you can find in CBD vapes or CBD flower. While that may be true, it’s important to remember a critical distinction.

Inhaled CBD has 300-400% the bioavailability of orally ingested CBD. Say, for instance, you use 100mg of orally ingested CBD and 50mg of inhaled CBD.

At a generous bioavailability rate of 15%, your body will only metabolize 15mg of the CBD in your orally ingested product. While your inhaled CBD product only contains 50mg CBD, your body will be able to metabolize 25mg of this cannabidiol at a conservative 50% bioavailability rate.

When it comes to CBD flower and CBD vapes, less can be more.

CBD flower goes straight to the source

Unless you’re using CBD flower or high-quality CBD vapes, you’re ingesting substances that aren’t present in CBD flower. CBD tinctures must be cut with carrier oils, and CBD capsules and edibles commonly contain tons of added ingredients. Let’s not even mention CBD topicals.

CBD flower is the source material from which all other CBD products arise. While some CBD vapes contain added ingredients, it’s possible to fill vape cartridges solely with substances that are found in hemp flower.

If you’re always on the hunt for simple, raw, or unprocessed products, inhalable CBD is a no-brainer. We all try to be careful with what we allow into our bodies, and CBD flower and vapes keep things incredibly straightforward.

Using CBD in flower form offers unparalleled purity

It’s incredibly hard to determine the safety and purity of orally ingested or topical CBD products. With so many ingredients, simply testing for common agricultural contaminants and residual solvents isn’t sufficient.

The simplicity of CBD flower, CBD pre-rolls, and CBD vapes, on the other hand, also makes these types of CBD products remarkably pure. Without any non-cannabis added ingredients, all it takes is standard lab tests to prove the purity of inhaled CBD products.

CBD flower provides the most variety

Beyond increased effectiveness, fast activation times, and impressive purity, inhaling CBD in the form of hemp flower or a vape cartridge has an added benefit. While the CBD in orally ingested and topical CBD products is pretty much all the same, each inhaled CBD product is unique.

That’s because every strain of CBD flower contains a distinct set of terpenes. There’s a lot we need to learn about the effects of terpenes in Cannabis sativa, but these beneficial, non-intoxicating compounds appear to contribute to the entourage effect and imbue each hemp strain with unique benefits.

The terpene diversity within the inhalable CBD market allows you to zero in on specific effects. Plus, terpenes smell and taste great.

Experience CBD the way nature intended

There’s no reason to beat around the bush when it comes to using CBD. You want to use this cannabinoid in the easiest, most effective, and most delicious way possible.

Only CBD flower, CBD pre-rolls, and CBD vapes can give you the experience you desire. Connect with nature, and use CBD in its most pure and primal form.

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