Smoking vs. Vaping Delta 8: Pros & Cons

Published May 30, 2022
Smoking vs. Vaping Delta 8: Pros & Cons - Secret Nature

Smoking and vaping delta 8 are both highly effective ways to use this popular alternative to conventional THC. Which way of using delta is ideal for your particular circumstances, though?

In this guide, we’ll compare smoking and vaping delta 8 across five different categories before we break down the pros and cons of each option. Stick around until the end to find answers to the subject’s most commonly asked questions.

Is delta 8 good to smoke?

Yes, cannabis infused with delta 8 is just as rewarding and enjoyable to smoke as cannabis containing CBD or conventional THC. It all depends on how well the cannabis was grown and processed, however—low-grade outdoor-grown flower is often less potent and more likely to contain contaminants. You’ll also need to take into consideration the way the added delta 8 was produced since D8 distillate is considerably superior to isolate.

Is it better to vape delta 8?

Depending on what you want to get out of using this cannabinoid, you might prefer vaping delta 8 to smoking it. There’s nothing about vaping delta 8, however, that makes this option inherently superior. Just like smoking delta 8, vaping this cannabinoid comes with its own particular set of pros and cons you’ll want to consider carefully before you make a decision.

Smoking & vaping delta 8 compared

To thoroughly answer the question of whether vaping or smoking delta 8 is right for your specific needs, we’ll compare the two options across five critical categories:

— Potency

There’s no denying that delta 8 vapes are more potent than delta 8 flower. Most delta 8 vapes contain around 80-90% delta 8 while D8 flower only offers a maximum of 20% potency. If you want to enjoy delta 8 at its maximum-possible potency, vaping is the option to choose.

— Convenience

Vaping is often more convenient than smoking delta 8, but it isn’t always. While delta 8 vape cartridges and disposable vapes are easy to take with you and use discreetly wherever you go, so are delta 8 joints. The only way in which delta 8 vapes are inherently more convenient than delta 8 flower is the fact that cannabis vapor is considerably less noticeable than cannabis smoke—vapor isn’t as aromatic as smoke, and it dissipates more quickly without leaving any odors behind on your hands or clothes.

— Shareability

You might think it’s easy to share a delta 8 vape, but you’d be surprised by how attached people get to their personal vaping devices. As a product that’s meant to be burnt up and discarded, delta 8 flower—especially in the form of joints—is considerably easier to share. Light one up, and pass it around.

— Flavor

When it comes to flavor, it’s hard to pick a winner between delta 8 flower and vapes. Some would say that the taste of terpenes comes out more clearly when you vape delta 8 rather than smoke it, but others would say that vaping doesn’t taste like cannabis at all. There’s certainly something to be said for the smooth, aromatic flavor of high-grade cannabis smoke—it’s simply impossible to fully reconstruct the taste of smoke in a vaporized product.

— Safety

Due to the massive onslaught of anti-smoking propaganda that has been unleashed over the last few decades, most people assume smoking cannabis is just as bad as smoking tobacco. However, some studies have shown that smoking cannabis is not associated with some of the worst side effects of long-term tobacco use, and people have smoked cannabis for thousands of years without noting significant adverse effects.

In regards to both smoking and vaping, the specific products you choose to inhale seem to matter much more than the way in which you inhale them. Both delta 8 flower and delta 8 vapes are commonly contaminated with dangerous substances, so choose your D8 brands wisely.

Pros and cons of smoking delta 8

To further elucidate the differences between smoking and vaping delta 8, let’s list out the pros and cons of each option:


  • Authentic cannabis experience
  • Multiple use methods (joints, bongs, pipes, etc.)
  • Easy to share
  • Joints can come pre-rolled for enhanced convenience
  • Potent flavor only smoke can deliver


  • Considerably more aromatic than vapor
  • Requires a lighter, produces flame
  • Can sometimes feel harsher than vapor
  • Not as potent as vapes

Pros and cons of vaping delta 8

Now, what are the benefits and detractors you should know about if you decide to try vaping delta 8 instead of smoking it?


  • Most potent option available
  • Some users prefer the milder flavor of vapor
  • More discreet—vapor dissipates quickly
  • Makes it easier to use smaller amounts of delta 8 without waste
  • Comes in cartridges, disposable vapes, and dabs


  • Lacks the authenticity of smoking cannabis
  • Increased potency might not be a plus for everyone
  • Cartridges require batteries that you need to keep charged
  • Not as ideal for sharing in a group

Vaping vs. smoking delta 8: The bottom line

When all’s said and done, should you vape or smoke delta 8? It all comes down to a matter of personal preference—neither option is inherently safer or more desirable than the other. While vapes are more potent than flower, some people prefer to take it easy. And, while it can be more fun to share a joint with a group, lots of delta 8 users prefer to enjoy this cannabinoid alone.

Simply take into account the level of potency you want to experience, the place where you plan to use delta 8, and your preference when it comes to flavor. As long as you carefully consider all the points we covered in this guide, you won’t have any trouble figuring out whether vaping or smoking delta 8 is the right option for you.

Smoking & vaping delta 8 FAQ

To finish up, we’ll answer some common questions related to both smoking and vaping delta 8:

1. Does delta 8 flower get you high?

Yes, delta 8 flower certainly gets you high. It might not get you as high as vaping delta 8, and in general, delta 8 is considered to be quite a bit less potent than delta 9 THC. Even so, just a few puffs of delta 8 flower will be enough to provide a novice with a potent feeling of intoxication, and even experienced cannabis users won’t be able to help getting high after smoking an entire delta 8 joint.

2. How does the efficiency of vaping delta 8 compare to smoking?

If you want to use delta 8 as efficiently as possible, vaping is definitely the best option. Not only is delta 8 flower less potent, but it’s also more prone to being wasted. No matter how much you love cannabis, nobody wants to smoke the very end of a joint, leading to flower going unused. It’s also easy to accidentally waste small flakes of cannabis flower during the grinding and transfer process—which add up over time.

It’s worth noting, though, that the price-per-cannabinoid of vaping and smoking is about equal. An average vape cartridge contains 80% or 800mg of delta 8. That’s pretty close to the 700mg of D8 that’s contained in an eighth of delta 8 flower—which costs about the same amount as a vape cartridge. Regardless, it remains a fact that you get considerably higher from a single hit from a D8 vape cartridge than you get from a similarly-sized hit of delta 8 flower.

3. What are some side effects of delta 8 you might feel the next day?

Delta 8 usually doesn’t have any side effects that persist until the next day. If you consider a general feeling of relaxation and satisfaction to be a side effect, you might want to prepare to experience those sensations the day after a productively pleasant D8 session. Some users also feel groggy the day after using delta 8, but this rare side effect is usually quite mild.

4. Is smoking or vaping delta 8 better for experienced users?

If you already have considerable experience using cannabis, you might choose to jump right into vaping delta 8. As the more-potent option, vaping D8 will scratch that cannabinoid itch more fully than vaping even if you only take a single hit at a time.

5. Is smoking or vaping delta 8 better for novice users?

For users who are brand-new to cannabis, vaping delta 8 might be a bit overwhelming due to its increased potency. To get your feet wet in the ocean of D8, start with a single puff from a pre-roll.

6. How many delta 8 joints can you smoke?

You should smoke as many delta 8 joints as you want throughout a given day. Most users feel content after smoking 1-2 joints per day, though—any more than that might begin to feel excessive.

7. Can you smoke delta 8 in a blunt?

Yes, it’s possible to smoke delta 8 in a blunt, and D8 blunts offer the same unique benefits as their delta 9 THC counterparts. You can even buy pre-rolled delta 8 blunts featuring organic buds and tea-leaf wraps for the ultimate all-natural experience.

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