Snozzberry Strain Guide

Published April 25, 2023
Snozzberry Strain Guide - Secret Nature

“Snozzberry” is one of those strain names that might have you scratching your head, wondering how the breeders came up with it. Nonetheless, this slightly indica-leaning hybrid cultivar has been making waves in the cannabis connoisseur community due to its unique palette of effects and deliciously curated terpene profile.

What could be even more delicious and enjoyable than Snozzberry? Find out at the end of this guide. In the meantime, learn everything there is to know about the Snozzberry strain: how it makes you feel, the conditions it’s useful for, and much more.

Snozzberry strain overview

  • Other names: Snozz Berry
  • Average THC percentage: 17%
  • Sativa/indica: Indica hybrid
  • Aroma & flavor: Strawberry, blueberry, mixed berry
  • Genetics: Purple Urkle x Snow Dog
  • Effects: Euphoric, creative, sleepy

What is the strain Snozzberry?

Snozzberry is a slightly indica-dominant, berry-flavored hybrid that resulted from a cross between Purple Urkle and Snow Dog. The purplish tint of Purple Urkle is usually absent, but what carries through strongly is the berry flavor that’s present in both parents to lesser degrees.

While it might seem made up, the strain name Snozzberry has an unexpected origin. Actually, the name is, in fact, made up, but by Roald Dahl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a name for an invented berry flavor.

Truly, there’s something over-the-top about Snozzberry’s flavor. Smokers who have sampled this strain say that it somehow tastes like every berry at once. Just like a sugar high, this strain also seems to gently soften everything around you before eventually landing in a deep, serene sleepiness.

What is the cannabinoid percentage of Snozzberry?

Snozzberry usually contains around 15-20% THC with no considerable concentrations of other cannabinoids. Sometimes, this strain can contain up to 1% CBD.

Does the strain Snozzberry have any other names?

No, Snozzberry is usually just known as “Snozzberry” since that’s how the word is written in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. At some dispensaries, though, you might see this strain’s name written as Snozz Berry.

Is Snozzberry indica or sativa?

Snozzberry is definitely indica, but it’s either strongly indica leaning or more of a hybrid depending on who you ask. Those who contend that Snozzberry has hybrid attributes do so due to this strain’s unique head effects. While Snozzberry makes you sleepy like an indica, it also sends your mind into a space so creative that it’s truly reminiscent of a Dahl (or even a Dali) daydream.

What is the best time of day to smoke Snozzberry?

Even though it has somewhat sativa-reminiscent effects, we’d still categorize Snozzberry as a nighttime indica. There’s the fact that this strain has definitely sleep-inducing attributes, and it also doesn’t make you feel clear-headed or peppy at all. What sativa characteristics do come through do so in the form of an effervescent head-high, which would be just as distracting in the middle of the day as an indica snooze.

What are Snozzberry’s genetics?

Snozzberry is a cross of Purple Urkle, a classic purple strain, and Snow Dog, a Chemdawg derivative. Overall, Purple Urkle’s indica effects shine through the strongest, but those familiar with Chemdawg will feel a familiar brain-twisting sativa tingle — the hallmark of a strain well-known for its ability to utterly warp the senses and boggle the mind.

What is the terpene profile in Snozzberry?

Like around 50% of cannabis strains, the dominant terpene in Snozzberry is caryophyllene, followed closely by myrcene. What gives Snozzberry its unique flavor and effects, however, is the presence of the rare terpene geraniol, which, as the name suggests, is also found in geraniums.

Combined with the other terpenes present in Snozzberry, geraniol provides a pan-berry flavor that sits somewhere between strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry. All in all, Snozzberry is a delectable strain that’s mainly desirable due to its unique flavor.

How does the strain Snozzberry make you feel?

Flavor is far from all that Snozzberry has to offer, though. This strain also has powerful and unique effects that we’ve already described in some detail.

Where another indica would simply make you feel sleepy — maybe even a little bit down — smoking Snozzberry is something like dreaming while being awake. Your body won’t want to move, but thoughts will race through your mind with crystal clarity, leaving behind vague, multi-sensory afterburns in their wake.

If cannabis ever makes you feel synesthesia or triggers out-of-body experiences, Snozzberry will definitely be the strain to get your psychonautic juices flowing. Just be careful of this cultivar, especially when it’s very high-grade and offered in the form of concentrate. If there were ever a cannabis strain that perfectly evoked the spirit of sleep paralysis, Snozzberry would be that strain.

What is the strain Snozzberry good for?

Most people who have reviewed Snozzberry indicate that it’s a great strain for relaxing late at night or before bed. If you don’t have much to do or it’s a sleep-inducing rainy day, though, you might want to curl up with some Snozzberry and read a fantasy novel or play a video game. It’s a great strain for getting immersed in some imaginative world or another.

Is the strain Snozzberry good for anxiety?

Based on the general consensus surrounding the strain, it doesn’t appear that Snozzberry is particularly good for anxiety. If you’re the kind of person who tends to go on paranoid trips when you get too high, Snozzberry is definitely a strain to stay away from. For most smokers, a straightforward indica will be the best for anxiety.

Is the strain Snozzberry good for depression?

If the source of your depression is simply not getting enough entertainment out of life or feeling dead to experiences that once filled you with joy, Snozzberry might be just the thing. It soothes you with a mild indica chill but also keeps your mind active and imaginative, chasing away the cobwebs of depression.

Is the strain Snozzberry good for stress?

On all accounts, Snozzberry appears to be a pretty killer strain for stress. It does everything stress-busting weed should do — calms down your jangling nerves and then transports you to a different mental dimension where your problems become less looming and pressing.

Is the strain Snozzberry good for pain?

As an indica, Snozzberry should be reasonably good against pain. Those seeking to simply use THC as a pain treatment without the psychoactive effects, though, might be cautioned against this strain’s almost-hallucinatory effect profile.

Does the strain Snozzberry have any negative effects?

Users haven’t reported that Snozzberry has any unique negative effects. As with any strain in the Chemdawg lineage, however, it pays to exercise caution when using trippy strains like Snozzberry in high doses. Also, it’s reasonable to expect to experience the usual side effects of high-grade cannabis, such as dry mouth or minor paranoia.

What does the strain Snozzberry smell like?

Most users report that Snozzberry has a relatively indistinct berry aroma that is nonetheless very potent and alluring. The aroma of this strain is described as coming on like a powerful wave that brings smokers back to joyful memories of candy, sugar highs, and bright TV screens.

What does the strain Snozzberry taste like?

While no one will know exactly what Roald Dahl had in mind when he envisioned the flavor Snozzberry, breeders have done their best to capture the spirit of this mythical taste in the Snozzberry strain. Basically, Snozzberry tastes like mixed berries, but in such a bizarre and funky way that you almost feel like you’ve stepped into a surrealist children’s novel.

Are there different Snozzberry strains?

No, we aren’t aware of any variants of Snozzberry. Of course, though, this strain is very similar to its parents: Purple Urkle and Snow Dog.

Who is the strain Snozzberry best for?

We would highly recommend Snozzberry to a smoker who appreciates the psychoactive properties of a good sativa while also valuing the relaxation provided by a stoney indica. With many hybrids, indica and sativa properties get jumbled out of recognition. Snozzberry, though, is an excellent example of a strain that takes a sativa attribute — creativity — and bundles it neatly inside a deep indica chill.

What strains are similar to Snozzberry?

If you’re looking for spiritual cousins to Snozzberry, you should start by looking at relatives to Purple Urkle and Snow Dog. On the Purple Urkle side, you have true landrace purple ancestry by way of California’s pioneering medical cannabis market of the early 2000s. Any Cali purp will deliver roughly similar effects — Grape Ape (descended from Mendocino Purps just like Purple Urkle) is a great example.

On the Snow Dog side, you have the whole Chemdawg and Skunk families, each with a rich lineage of related strains. Chemdawg apparently originated in a random bag of seeds acquired at a Grateful Dead concert, and Skunk has been part of the landrace family for millennia. All in all, Snozzberry keeps good company.

Top 3 alternatives to Snozzberry

Out of the Secret Nature catalog, the top 3 alternatives to Snozzberry that we would recommend are:

Frosted Kush we recommend because it’s an indica with a very flavor profile. Secret Dream most closely mirrors Snozzberry’s effects, and Sour Gummi is overall a very similar hybrid.

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