Suver Haze Strain Intro & Top 3 Alternatives

Published August 23, 2022
Suver Haze Strain Intro & Top 3 Alternatives - Secret Nature

Suver Haze is among one of the most well-known CBD-rich hemp strains. Notoriety isn’t always a good thing, however, and the fact that almost every CBD company offers Suver Haze should at least cue you to research this strain a bit further.

Is Suver Haze truly one of the best indica CBD strains around, or are there better alternatives you might want to try first? Learn everything you could possibly want to know about Suver Haze, and then discover our top 3 alternative strains.

What is the strain Suver Haze?

Suver Haze is an indica-dominant hybrid hemp strain that contains high concentrations of CBD and low concentrations of THC. A cross of Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry, Suver Haze is a CBD strain through-and-through and is mainly chosen by hemp farmers because it's easy to grow.

What is the cannabinoid percentage of Suver Haze?

Suver Haze generally contains 15% or more CBD and less than 0.3% THC. Some Suver Haze buds, however, might contain 8% CBD or less since this strain is often grown for extraction purposes rather than for smoking. Check to make sure your Suver Haze is “smokeable grade” before you load up a bowl.

Does the strain Suver Haze have any other names?

No, Suver Haze isn’t generally known by any aliases or nicknames. There are quite a few different kinds of Suver Haze out there, though, some of which have been boosted with delta 8. As a result, your potential for accidental intoxication is relatively high with this strain.

Is Suver Haze indica or sativa?

Suver Haze is definitely indica-leaning, but it also has some undeniable sativa attributes that can be linked back to its “Haze” lineage. The effects of this strain are reasonably balanced even though all CBD strains tend to be relaxing unless they’re very strongly sativa-dominant.

What is the best time of day to smoke Suver Haze?

Suver Haze is a good CBD strain to smoke any time of the day. It won’t make you unreasonably relaxed, but be cautious when using this strain in the middle of your daily workflow. While Suver Haze isn’t that strongly indica-leaning, it definitely isn’t a sativa either, so don’t turn to this strain expecting to feel energized.

What are Suver Haze’s genetics?

Suver Haze is derived from a phenotype of Suver, a popular hemp strain among early growers who adopted the practice in the wake of the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills. Suver #8 is particularly beloved for its ability to thrive in a wide range of climates, but its yields are quite low as are its cannabinoid percentages.

The solution chosen by hemp breeders Oregon CBD was to cross Suver #8 with Early Resin Berry, a much high-potency if more finicky strain of CBD-rich hemp. The resulting strain was named Suver Haze and displayed the same potency as Early Resin Berry and resilience as Suver #8.

Compared to other CBD-rich hemp strains, Suver Haze reaches the end of its maturation cycle considerably faster, which is another reason this strain has become popular among hemp farmers. What’s good for hemp farmers, though, isn’t necessarily the same as what’s good for hemp users.

What is the terpene profile in Suver Haze?

The primary terpenes in Suver Haze are caryophyllene, myrcene, and humulene, making it relatively unremarkable among cannabis cultivars. The combination of these terpenes results in a very typical dank, hoppy, and peppery aroma.

How does the strain Suver Haze make you feel?

Suver Haze is usually described as offering relatively balanced hybrid effects that make you feel more tired than a sativa strain would. Users do not generally regard Suver Haze as a particularly high-potency strain, and its effects are mostly nondescript and unmemorable.

What is the strain Suver Haze good for?

Suver Haze is an all-rounder strain that isn’t particularly good for any single purpose. For daytime use, Suver Haze might make you a bit too sleepy, but when it’s time to relax in the evening, this strain usually lacks the ability to cut all the way through your stress. At best, Suver Haze is a backup strain to choose when you don’t want to have to pick between the specific effects of indicas, sativas, and hybrids.

Is the strain Suver Haze good for anxiety?

Suver Haze is not a particularly good choice for anxiety. It neither provides the head-clearing rush of energy of a sativa or the deep chill of an indica. If you’re just managing low-grade anxiety throughout the day, though, Suver Haze might be an acceptable choice.

Is the strain Suver Haze good for depression?

You can choose better strains than Suver Haze if you’re trying to fight back against depression. This strain’s uplifting sativa properties are too weak to provide any considerable boost to your motivation, but it also doesn’t provide the deep enjoyment of everyday activities that is typical of strong indicas.

Is the strain Suver Haze good for stress?

Suver Haze is a reasonably good strain for stress. This strain’s powers might be the most appropriate for low-grade, chronic stress, though: It’s likely you’d be better off with stronger indicas for end-of-the-day stress-busting.

Is the strain Suver Haze good for pain?

Suver Haze is an acceptable strain to choose if you’re battling chronic pain. Just make sure to look at the cannabinoid percentage of the particular Suver Haze product you’re considering before you buy it. This strain ranges from 6% CBD on the low end all the way to a maximum of around 15% total cannabinoids.

Does the strain Suver Haze have any negative effects?

Suver Haze isn’t known to have any considerable strain-specific negative effects. Like all CBD strains, smoking Suver Haze might make you feel a bit tired or dry out your throat.

What does the strain Suver Haze smell like?

Suver Haze mainly smells earthy and herbal with a slight hint of citrus thrown in. This strain doesn’t have any distinguishing aromatic notes and mainly just smells like hemp.

What does the strain Suver Haze taste like?

Suver Haze tastes as nondescript as it smells: spicy, woody, and herbal. Experts might be able to detect slight hints of citrus, but otherwise, the flavor of Suver Haze is pretty bland.

Are there different Suver Haze strains?

Yes, there are a few variants of Suver Haze out there including Super Suver Haze. Lifter is a well-known child of Suver Haze that has decidedly sativa-leaning effects.

Who is the strain Suver Haze best for?

Suver Haze is best for novice hemp smokers who haven’t tried enough strains to establish their preferences. The cultivar’s underwhelming potency and nondescript effects make it ideal for users who aren’t yet familiar with the differences between sativas, indicas, and hybrids and might become overwhelmed by high CBD percentages.

What strains are similar to Suver Haze?

Suver Haze is genetically very close to its offspring, Lifter and Super Suver Haze, and its parents, Early Resin Berry and Suver #8 — along with the rest of the hardy Suver family. In terms of effects, Suver Haze is relatively similar to fellow high-CBD balanced hybrids Sour Tsunami and Cherry Wine.

Top 3 alternatives to Suver Haze

If Suver Haze is the entry-level option, we’ve selected three alternatives that will be there when you’re ready for specific high-grade effects. Whatever you’re looking for in Suver Haze, either Secret Dream, Dough Boy, or Frosted Kush can do better.

1. Secret Nature Secret Dream 

How is Secret Nature Secret Dream like Suver Haze?

Like Suver Haze, Secret Dream has Haze roots that show through in its flavor, aroma, and effects. Like a true Haze strain, however, Secret Dream offers uplifting sativa effects where Suver Haze will fail to provide the expected boost.

Why Secret Nature Secret Dream is better

As a high-potency strain, Secret Dream usually packs at least 20% CBD. Suver Haze, on the other hand, rarely contains more than 10% CBD even when specifically designated as smokable-grade. If you’re looking for an authentic haze experience in CBD form, Secret Dream is the obvious choice.

2. Secret Nature Dough Boy

How is Secret Nature Dough Boy like Suver Haze?

Suver Haze and Dough Boy are alike in that they offer slightly indica-leaning hybrid effects. Where Dough Boy has Suver Haze beat, though, is in terms of potency. This strain packs more than 20% CBD, around double Suver Haze’s average.

Why Secret Nature Dough Boy is better

Dough Boy was bred just as much for its culinary attributes as for its potency. This strain shares some of the woody, nutty notes you’ll find in Suver Haze, but it's far more delicious overall.

3. Secret Nature Frosted Kush 

How is Secret Nature Frosted Kush like Suver Haze?

Suver Haze is often billed as a “super-chill” indica — which it is not. This strain is slightly indica-leaning at best, but Frosted Kush is the real deal.

Why Secret Nature Frosted Kush is better

As one of the strongest indicas in the Secret Nature arsenal, Frosted Kush often contains more than 21% CBD. Combine that with this strain’s genuine Kush appearance and flavor, and Frosted Kush is the indica you were looking for.

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