Sweet and Sumptuous Indica: Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll 7-Pack Review

Published March 03, 2021
Sweet and Sumptuous Indica: Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll 7-Pack Review - Secret Nature

Taking a good portion of its heritage from Birthday Cake Kush, Sweet Cake is a Secret Nature original CBD hemp strain that translates well into pre-roll format. Like its THC-rich parent, Sweet Cake is a strongly indica-leaning strain, but third-party lab tests confirm that Secret Nature Sweet Cake contains less than 0.3% THC.

As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I’ve recently been giving my thoughts on a wide variety of different products in the Secret Nature catalog. Earlier, I smoked a joint from my Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll 7-Pack, and now I’ll report on the effects, flavor, and overall score of this premium CBD joint.

First impressions

Sweet Cake is a strain I don’t know a lot about. Being partial to hybrids, I’ll usually steer away from thoroughbred sativas and indicas when left to my own selection.

All the same, I’m excited to learn more about Sweet Cake’s flavors and effects. I decide the best way to get acquainted is with the Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll 7-Pack.

Packaged individually in a rugged plastic wrapper, my Sweet Cake pre-roll package arrives unscathed. It’s easy to open, and I have a joint between my fingers in seconds.

I found that my Sweet Cake pre-roll had a sweet, earthy, and hazy aroma. Each joint looked well-rolled, and I didn’t note any whiff of aroma until I unsealed the airtight bag in which my hemp joints arrived.


  • Undamaged, easy-to-open packaging
  • Arrived fully airtight with no detectable aroma
  • Pleasant, sweet aroma once pre-roll bag opened

Packaging and labeling

The packaging that Secret Nature uses with its pre-roll seven-packs is thin, discrete, and unique. Even with the unique legal status of CBD, you might not want to loudly advertise that you’re smoking hemp.

Secret Nature’s pre-roll packaging has you covered there. Its primarily black surface blends in well with other items you might have in your pocket.

Instead of looking like a cigarette pack or joint container, my Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll 7-Pack looks more like a designer deck of playing cards or a suave business card holder. The joints inside are in a resealable bag, and there’s no odor once the bag is sealed shut.

I’d feel comfortable carrying a Secret Nature pre-roll seven-pack with me anywhere. A single seven pack is unassuming, thin, and discreet, but it’s enough to provide a whole group with the benefits of CBD using nothing more complicated than a lighter.

The labeling on the Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll 7-Pack will put to rest any concerns from skeptics. Anyone with a smartphone can scan the QR code on the back of the pack that links to batch-specific, third-party lab reports.

Secret Nature’s pre-roll packages seem more than sturdy enough for their intended use. I often end up recycling them, but I bet there are dozens of potential uses for boxes as attractive and durable as these.


  • Discreet, smell-proof packaging
  • Plenty of CBD to go around
  • QR code for lab reports
  • Sturdy, useful boxes


My Sweet Cake joint lit with an unusual intensity, and it continued to burn a little bit more intensely than I’m used to for the duration of my smoke. All the same, the flavor and texture of the pre-roll remained unflaggingly pleasant.

Due to the sheer volume of smoke, my throat started to hurt a little bit part way through my Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll. At no point, however, did I cough or experience any more significant discomfort.

The texture of the smoke my joint produced naturally became harsher as the ember came closer to my mouth. Since the ember was so large and ferocious, the thinner second half of my joint burned away with just one or two puffs.


  • Pleasant texture, intense burn
  • Might burn a little bit faster than you expect
  • Puff moderately


My Sweet Cake pre-roll was certainly sweet. That was my first impression the moment Sweet Cake’s smoke hit my tongue, and it didn’t change from that point on.

Upon exhalation, I noticed that my Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll also exhibited undertones of earth along with faint notes of citrus and a cream-like note that was almost a mixture between a taste and a texture.

By my estimations, Secret Nature Sweet Cake is decidedly a dessert strain that’s designed to be used in the evenings. Like the crash following a sugar high, your rendezvous with Sweet Cake may be cut short by this strain’s tendency to make Secret Nature verified reviewers very sleepy.


  • Strongly sweet dominant note
  • Earthy undertone
  • Citrusy and creamy backup notes


The effects of Secret Nature Sweet Cake were everything that I’ve come to expect from indica-leaning CBD flower strains. CBD already has a tendency to make you very relaxed, and the terpene ratios in indica strains do everything they can to help this tendency along.

Here’s a piece of advice: Don’t smoke a Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll when you have something to do. This pre-roll might make you feel less like doing it, and you may even start feeling like a nap is an even better idea.

It’s not Sweet Cake’s fault. It’s simply an indica strain with a heart of CBD gold. I wasn’t particularly sleepy when I smoked my Sweet Cake pre-roll, and I smoked it during the day.

Even so, I spent the next hour or so quietly resting when I’d felt like going for a walk just fifteen minutes before.


  • Intensely relaxing indica effects
  • Active mind, restful body
  • No intoxication

Onset and duration of effects

The effects of my Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll seemed to last an unusually long time. Combined with my compliantly restful choice of activities, the relaxing effects of Sweet Cake dovetailed perfectly with my day’s existing trajectory.

I’d say I noticed the effects of Sweet Cake around 1-2 minutes after my first puff, and the effects appeared to reach their apex after around 5 minutes. This apex was maintained for around 30-40 minutes, after which the effects gradually diminished before petering out after 75-80 minutes.


  • Effects fully set in after around 2-5 minutes
  • Persisted for close to 90 minutes before dissipating 

Overall score

I really enjoyed my experience with the Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll 7-Pack. I give this product an overall score of 4.94 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 4.8/5

Flavor: 4.9/5

Effects: 5/5

Duration of effects: 5/5

Overall score: 4.94/5

Despite sampling almost the entirety of Secret Nature’s line, I’ve found it very difficult to detect any flaws in this brand’s packaging. Due to its intense, hot burn, the texture of my Secret Nature Sweet Cake pre-roll was a little bit harsher than I’m used to.

Maybe I’m accustomed to fruity hybrids and sativas, but Sweet Cake’s flavor profile seemed just slightly underwhelming. The effects of this strain were spot-on, and they lasted longer than the average.

Who is it good for?

I’d recommend the Secret Nature Sweet Cake Pre-Roll 7-Pack to people who are in intense pain or have trouble sleeping. Carried with you throughout the day, your Sweet Cake Pre-Roll 7-Pack can provide you with instant relaxation when you need it the most. Kept next to your bed, you can smoke a Sweet Cake pre-roll any night you find sleep hard to come by.
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