The Importance of Hemp Lab Testing

Published November 26, 2019
The Importance of Hemp Lab Testing - Secret Nature

Many people cite the mostly-unregulated state of the hemp industry as the reason you should only purchase tested CBD products. However, that’s only part of the equation.

The snack food industry, for instance, is fully regulated, but does that mean it’s safe? Regulation is often no more than red tape and an excuse for taxation, so it’s ultimately up to you to discern which products are safe and which aren’t.

CBD oil testing helps you do that. Tested CBD oil comes with data that’s easy to understand, and you can use this information to make informed purchases. We’re proud to provide lab testing information for all the products we offer at Secret Nature, and it’s our goal to offer the highest possible standard in transparency and customer service. Learn more about why CBD product testing is important in this guide.

Why Is Hemp Tested?

Hemp testing is done to ensure the potency and purity of CBD products. While hemp is a very beneficial plant, it tends to accumulate contaminants, so lab testing helps ensure that your CBD products are safe. As you search for lab-tested CBD oil for sale, keep the following testing criteria in mind:


For CBD products, potency is measured by the percentage of CBD or CBDa in hemp oil. CBDa converts to CBD at low heat, so it’s best to look at the “total CBD” percentage instead of the CBD and CBDa concentrations in the lab report’s cannabinoid breakdown.

Terpene profile

In addition to a list, by percentage, of all the cannabinoids present in a CBD product, lab testing also informs you about your product’s terpene profile. Terpenes are special oils that are present in hemp and various other plants. Some of these oils are beneficial, so testing the terpene profile in CBD products is important.


Lab testing also often searches for the presence of contaminants in CBD products. Testing for contaminants is important at every stage of the CBD production process.


What level of THC do labs test for? Most labs can detect cannabinoids down to 0.01%, which is well below the 0.3% threshold that’s important due to federal law. Testing for THC is another important reason that CBD manufacturers test their products.

Why should you only buy tested CBD products?

Lab-tested CBD oil is simply less dangerous. While the verdict is still out on the safety of CBD itself, it’s common sense that products with fewer toxins and better quality controls are naturally safer. CBD testing eliminates the possibility of toxins finding their way into saleable products, and tested CBD oil is also more likely to be organic, non-GMO, and pesticide-free.

CBD oil producers should make an effort to make their products as safe and simple as possible. After all, CBD is supposed to improve your life, and making you sick from accumulated toxins years down the road would defeat this intended purpose.

When you’re trying CBD to improve your health, buying tested CBD oil is a must. If CBD was a limited commodity controlled by a monopoly, it would make sense to settle for less. The truth is, however, that the CBD industry is thriving and diversifying, and companies like Secret Nature are leading the way when it comes to organic cultivation, total transparency, and authentic customer service.

How can you find out if hemp has passed laboratory tests?

CBD companies that have done their due diligence with CBD lab testing have nothing to hide. Like Secret Nature, these brands make it easy for you to find their lab reports, and good CBD brands are never satisfied with their current level of testing. Purity, potency, and positive vibes are what we’re all about at Secret Nature, so feel free to peruse our independent lab tests as you shop for the best CBD flower, vape, and tincture products under the sun.

In the end, there’s no such thing as “passing” a CBD lab test. These purity and potency tests aren’t perfect, and some labs are better than others. Do your best to verify that your CBD company’s lab is independent and third-party, and always remember to trust your own discernment as you take advantage of everything the CBD renaissance has to offer.

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