The Truth Behind Secret Dream CBD Flower

Published January 26, 2021
The Truth Behind Secret Dream CBD Flower - Secret Nature

There are some strains that never get old. Beloved for its delicious flavor, naturally good looks, and on-point effects, Blue Dream is something of a legend among cannabis smokers around the world.

The only problem? Blue Dream is packed with high concentrations of THC.

At Secret Nature, we’ve resolved this issue by breeding Secret Dream. After a seemingly endless series of crosses, we’ve finally landed on a strain that looks like Blue Dream, smells like Blue Dream, tastes like Blue Dream, and feels like Blue Dream.

There’s only one difference. Secret Dream contains less than 0.3% THC, and it packs remarkably high concentrations of CBD.

What makes Secret Dream unique?

Secret Dream is the only smokable hemp strain that perfectly replicates all the desirable attributes of Blue Dream. Just because it’s bred to imitate a beloved THC-rich strain, however, doesn’t mean Secret Dream is a garden-variety hemp phenotype.

Like all Secret Nature strains, Secret Dream originates from impeccable genetics, and we pamper our Secret Dream buds during the cultivation process to ensure the best results possible. Let’s examine some of the most important Secret Dream facts you need to know:

  • Sativa-dominant hybrid strain
  • 19%+ CBD
  • 100% hand-trimmed
  • Indoor-grown
  • Cold-cured
  • Organically cultivated

What does Secret Dream look like?

The unique effects of Blue Dream have become iconic within the international cannabis community. Just as memorable, is the appearance of this legendary strain.

Secret Dream looks just like the type of top-shelf Blue Dream bud you can purchase at a high-end local dispensary. Featuring light-green buds interspersed with splashes of purple, this strain’s dense nugs exhibit the immediately recognizable sativa-hybrid aesthetic attributes of Blue Dream.

There are a few things about how Secret Dream looks that might not be as familiar, however. For instance, it’s unlikely that you’ve ever encountered Blue Dream nugs with a better trim job. Plus, our Secret Dream buds are so frosty that you can barely tell what color they are underneath an ultra-thick layer of trichomes.

What does Secret Dream smell like?

Blue Dream is a legendary cross of the strains Haze and Blueberry. Secret Dream shares many of the aromatic attributes of its THC-dominant progenitor, but it includes a few new notes in its bouquet as well.

Underneath dominant tones of berry and haze, you’ll also recognize prominent aromas of mint, spice, and citrus. Due to the proprietary cold-cure process we use to prepare our buds for smoking, the aromas of Secret Dream are expressed with remarkable potency and clarity.

What does Secret Dream taste like?

Smooth, fruity, and delicious. Those are the three adjectives we’d use first to describe the taste sensation Secret Dream elicits in your mouth from the first puff onward.

If you’ve ever smoked Blue Dream, you already have a pretty good idea of how Secret Dream will taste. The advanced breeding processes we used to remove THC and boost CBD have, however, altered the flavor profile of Secret Dream to the extent that this strain is clearly unique.

Is Secret Dream lab-tested?

Yes, Secret Dream is third-party lab-tested, and we even make it easy to find this strain’s independent lab reports. Simply navigate to any Secret Dream product page, view the picture gallery, and click the lab test image.

From a single glance, you can confirm for yourself that Secret Dream is as potent as we claim it is. You can also make sure that this strain contains less than 0.3%

Upon further examination, you can determine that Secret Dream is free of contaminants and that it contains robust concentrations of delicious terpenes. If you have any questions regarding how to read our lab tests, don’t hesitate to reach out.

How is Secret Dream packaged?

We offer Secret Dream in nug and pre-roll form. Each Secret Dream product is packaged differently, but every packaging solution we use is smell-proof, durable, and aesthetically appealing.

  • For our Secret Dream nugs, we use crush-proof metal tins that feature resealable embossed lids.
  • For our Secret Dream pre-roll two-packs, we use corked glass cylinders nestled securely within cardboard boxes.
  • For our seven-pack pre-rolls, we use resealable plastic bags slipped inside deluxe cardboard “packs.”

How many reviews does Secret Dream have?

Secret Dream is one of our newer strains. Already, however, our Secret Dream nugs and pre-rolls have collectively received nearly 300 reviews. Like practically every other product we offer, each of our Secret Dream product options boast perfect 5.0 rating averages.

Patrick R. tried our Secret Dream nugs. His review is short, sweet, and to the point: “This one’s too good.” Jonathan E. echoes this sentiment by saying that Secret Nature “CONTINUES TO AMAZE.”

Stephanie S., who tried our Secret Dream pre-roll seven-pack, tells us that this strain is her ”favorite” and suggests that you “look no further” than Secret Nature. Lou B. gives the two-pack of our Secret Dream pre-rolls an “A+” rating and says this strain is “[s]o tasty.”

When should I smoke Secret Dream?

Secret Dream is definitely on the sativa end of the spectrum. However, it’s not as sativa-heavy as other strains, making a Secret Dream smoke break appropriate at any time of day.

Consider starting your day with Secret Dream, and then keep this strain on standby for your midday CBD dose. If, like many of our customers, Secret Dream is your absolute favorite strain, you might even want to smoke it at night when you’re winding down.

What is it like to smoke Secret Dream?

Smoking Secret Dream is almost exactly like smoking Blue Dream. You won’t get high, but you’ll benefit from a terpene profile that’s exactly the same as Blue Dream’s while enjoying the mild, relaxing effects of CBD.

Like other Secret Nature strains, Secret Dream offers the best quality to be found in the smokable hemp industry. Sticky, delicious, and smooth, Secret Dream will coat your throat with deliciousness without making you cough.

Smoke Secret Nature Secret Dream today

There’s only one way to truly understand the unique value that Secret Dream brings to the hemp flower game. You’ll need to smoke this fresh take on everyone’s favorite strain for yourself.

We offer three different types of Secret Dream products for you to sample. Try Secret Nature Secret Dream today:

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