Tobacco Cigarettes After Sex vs. CBD Cigarettes After Sex

Published December 21, 2020
Tobacco Cigarettes After Sex vs. CBD Cigarettes After Sex - Secret Nature

Whether it makes you feel like James Bond or it’s simply an automatic habit, smoking after sex might be your idea of a perfect bookend to a thoroughly enjoyed adventure under the covers. While smoking after sex is an ingrained component of Western culture, there are plenty of reasons that you might want to replace your post-coitus tobacco cigarettes with hemp pre-rolls. Learn why you feel compelled to smoke after sex, and compare and contrast the benefits and detractors of after-sex tobacco cigarettes vs. CBD pre-rolls.

Why do people smoke after sex?

After a satisfying bout of intercourse, paired couples enter into a mutual period of elevated mood and bodily relaxation called the sexual afterglow. From a biological perspective, the afterglow helps couples develop long-term bonds after their immediate sexual urges are satisfied, but from a more personal perspective, afterglow can be one of the most satisfying and relaxing components of the sexual experience.

During this period of afterglow, everything feels better, and even the most ingrained habits take on an unusual freshness. People who already smoke habitually will be more inclined to do so after sex, and even individuals who are usually non-smokers might pull a battered pack of smokes out of their bedside drawers specifically to enhance the afterglow experience.

After orgasm, males enter a refractory period during which their blood vessels dilate and they experience a potent sense of relaxation. The sensation of smoking might feel especially good during this period, and smoking tobacco may also reduce the length of the refractory period, allowing a man to have sex again more quickly. Doing so also reduces the duration of sexual afterglow, however, and that might not be the only way that smoking tobacco after sex could disrupt your ability to bond with your partner.

Potential drawbacks of smoking tobacco after sex

Despite the fact that more than 40% of American adults lit up during the peak of smoking in the 1960s, there are plenty of compelling reasons that this once socially sanctioned habit has now fallen out of favor. Here’s why you might want to ditch the the tobacco cigarettes after sex:

1. Unpleasant aroma

Unless you usually get lucky in the great outdoors, smoking after sex will most likely be either inconvenient or odoriferous. Sure, you might be fortunate enough to have a convenient balcony right off of your bedroom from which you can romantically oversee the city lights while inhaling smoke into your lungs, but most of us would be forced to either smoke in our bedrooms or walk all the way outside.

Each option has the potential to disrupt your good time. Unlike hemp smoke, tobacco smoke is incredibly acrid, and the aroma of burning tobacco has a tendency to stick on every surface in your home for an incredibly long time.

2. Inappropriate effects

Some of the primary effects of orgasm include vasodilation, muscle relaxation, and mental calm. Nicotine, however, is a vasoconstrictor and a stimulant, which means that it energizes your nervous system while constricting your veins and arteries. Smoking tobacco after sex will yank you out of your afterglow, and if smoking has become a habit for you, you’ll replace the loving partner at your side with the tyrannical monkey on your back.

3. Lost romance

You might feel that smoking after sex is the perfect way to accentuate your good time, but your partner might feel very differently. By smoking tobacco cigarettes after sex, you might make your partner feel excluded, or you might even appear disgusting and crude.

4. Negative effects of tobacco

Aside from being stinky, stimulating, and socially stigmatized, tobacco is something that you should never be inhaling into your lungs into the first place. The average cigarette contains dozens of harmful additives, so unless you’re smoking hand-rolled, organic tobacco cigarettes, it’s likely that you’re inhaling plenty of substances that are only at home inside chemical plants. 

5. Negative effects of nicotine

Even without the other harmful substances present in cigarettes, nicotine is dangerous enough on its own. This addictive, stimulating drug causes profound cardiovascular harm, so replacing tobacco cigarettes with nicotine-infused vapes won’t protect you from the negative effects of smoking tobacco after sex.

Why smoking CBD is a better option

Smoking CBD pre-rolls is a much better way to enjoy the afterglow and bond with your partner. Here’s why.

1. Attractive bouquet

There’s nothing quite like the smell of burning cannabis. Each strain of Cannabis sativa has its own unique aroma, and hemp smoke won’t stain your walls or leave lingering odors behind.

Instead of ruining your indoor air quality, pushing your partner away, or forcing you to go outside right when you’re feeling the most relaxed and at peace, CBD flower smoke will simply spread a light, delightful aroma throughout your room. Plus, hemp also won’t ruin your breath, so you’ll be ready for round two without needing to brush your teeth.

2. Ultimate relaxation

Users report that CBD has a mild, relaxing effect. As a result, this cannabinoid will help you sink deeper into the sense of relaxation and enjoyment that accompanies orgasm, and it won’t jolt you out of the afterglow like nicotine.

When you smoke CBD in the form of a convenient pre-roll, this sense of relaxation will become even more profound. Inhaling CBD allows this cannabinoid to pass directly into your nervous system with high bioavailability, increasing both the potency and activation time of after-sex CBD.

3. Shared enjoyment

There’s a chance that your partner might be strictly anti-hemp. Compared with the profound stigma associated with tobacco, however, hemp is far more socially accepted, and everything about a hemp pre-roll is more attractive than a jitter-inducing, foul-odored tobacco cigarette.

4. CBD is side effect free

Unlike nicotine, CBD doesn’t have any significant side effects. In fact, scientists believe that this non-intoxicating cannabinoid might have a variety of beneficial effects that could help with your mood and physiological well-being.

Even better, CBD is non-addictive, and this cannabinoid doesn’t appear to have any abuse potential. Therefore, you can share a hemp smoke with your partner after sex without needing to worry about either of you developing a habit.

Lastly, CBD is nothing like THC. While smoking a THC-rich joint might replace your pleasant, relaxing afterglow with an anxiety-inducing or even hallucinogenic experience, CBD will simply accentuate the relaxation you’re already feeling after sex. 

5. Hemp doesn’t contain any additives

Unlike tobacco, hemp flower doesn’t contain any flame accelerants, preservatives, or other additives. Plus, if it’s cultivated correctly indoors, CBD flower also doesn’t have any potential to contain agrochemicals or other contaminants.

Enjoy the afterglow properly with CBD flower

Even if you already understood that smoking a cigarette after sex wasn’t the best way to make the most of your post-coitus experience, you might have dismissed the idea of using CBD. After all, there’s nothing all that sexy about taking a tincture, swallowing a capsule, or getting out of bed to grind up a gram of hemp flower and put it in a bong.

On the other hand, CBD pre-rolls, also known as CBD cigarettes, capture the convenience and sexiness of tobacco cigarettes without all of the drawbacks. Keep a pack of CBD cigarettes in your bedside drawer, and after you and your partner have both been satisfied, light up a CBD smoke to accentuate your mutual satisfaction even further.
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