Top 11 Delta 8 Benefits

Published July 15, 2021
Top 11 Delta 8 Benefits - Secret Nature

Like anything new, delta 8 has captured our attention. The enduring power of delta 8, though, will come to light as we further unveil its benefits — both the ways it can help our bodies and the unique position it’s in to overcome traditional obstacles to cannabinoid access.

Why is delta 8 changing the world for the better? How can this cannabinoid help you take your life to the next level? Learn the top 11 benefits of delta 8.

1. It’s very similar to delta 9

If there’s only one thing you learn about delta 8 THC from this article, let it be the fact that this cannabinoid is a very close cousin to delta 9 THC. Only a few chemical bonds separate the two substances — structurally, they’re virtually identical.

This similarity to an intoxicating, illegal substance means a few things for delta 8 THC. First, consumers deprived of THC now have a way to access what essentially amounts to the same thing as is sold in medical and recreational cannabis shops. Second, delta 8 will inevitably find itself on the chopping block of regulatory reform — with exactly which outcome, we aren’t certain.

2. It’s sold online

What’s entirely certain right now is that delta 8 THC is sold on the internet in abundance. It’s even sponsored in Google ads and plastered all over Facebook — delta 8 is everywhere, but is it here to stay?

In the end, we don’t really need certainty regarding that particular subject. What we all need to do as participants in the hemp revolution is adapt to the times as they come. At this current moment, delta 8 is the world’s focus, so it’s our focus too.

3. It’s usually considered to be hemp

Unless modified, delta 8 THC is classified as industrial hemp as long as products containing delta 8 also contain less than 0.3% delta 9. If that sounds confusing, it’s because it is — the status of cannabis law in the United States is currently so Kafkaesque it would be hilarious if it weren’t so serious.

4. It has been studied for potential neuroprotective effects

Whatever the government ends up deciding delta 8 is, the international scientific community has already concluded that this analog of delta 9 THC is not without medical benefit. Delta 8 has, in fact, been studied for decades, and delta 8 research has poured in with increasing rapidity over the last few years.

One of the most promising recent delta 8 studies had to do with the potential neuroprotective benefits of this cannabinoid. This study indicates that delta 8 might impact acetylcholine production in your brain, a vital neurotransmitter that modulates memory and cognition.

5. It has been studied for appetite stimulation

Banking on the established fact that the delta 9 form of THC tends to stimulate appetite, researchers have also investigated the appetite-stimulating properties of delta 8.

6. It has been studied for nausea reduction

For chemotherapy patients and other people struggling to keep food down, appetite stimulation and nausea reduction are often two sides of the same coin. THC-rich cannabis has proven to be such a useful counter-treatment for chemotherapy specifically for the reason that it fulfils both functions simultaneously, and preliminary research has been conducted to determine if delta 8 THC also exerts antiemetic properties.

7. It has been studied for pain relief

Delta 8 has been included in a few studies conducted into the pain-relief properties of delta 9 over the last few decades. The international medical science community has long since concluded that delta 9 THC has pain-relief properties, and the differences between delta 9 and delta 8 are minimal at most.

8. It has been studied for anxiety

Delta 9 THC has been demonstrated to relieve anxiety in some patients via the activation of the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which regulate a wide variety of mood-related neurochemical systems. It’s believed delta 8 may behave the same way, but more research needs to be done.

9. Delta 8 research continues

Especially in light of the sudden massive surge of interest in delta 8 THC, research into this unique-yet-familiar cannabis compound shows no signs of slowing down. Over the next few years, we’ll learn a lot more about delta 8 — how it compares to delta 9 THC, its individual benefits, and its potential risks.

10. Better delta 8 products are now available

When delta 8 first became a thing midway through 2020, only a handful of delta 8 isolate producers existed, and they all pushed sub-par products for hefty premiums. The industry has had a chance to stabilize now to some degree, leading to greater competition between brands and increased quality of available products. That’s a definite benefit to trying delta 8 now as opposed to a year ago.

11. There are lots of delta 8 products to try

These days, you have your pick between delta 8 capsules, delta 8 vape cartridges, hemp flower sprayed with delta 8, and even hemp flower strains bred to be naturally high in delta 8. The sky appears to be the limit in regards to delta 8 THC product variety, and as an industry, we’re just getting started.

Delta 8 benefits FAQ

There’s a bit more we’d like to share about the benefits of delta 8 THC:

How does delta 8 affect the body?

We’re still learning about the effects delta 8 has in the human body — delta 9 THC has been much more thoroughly researched. Based on what’s been discovered so far, though, delta 8 appears to interact with the human body in much the same way as delta 9 — that’s to say, in a generally mild manner but with some risk of side effects.

Does delta 8 help with anxiety?

Many people who have used delta 8 report that this cannabinoid helped them with anxiety. Using delta 9 THC for anxiety is relatively common, so it wouldn’t be surprising if delta 8 proved useful for the same purpose. Keep in mind, though, that some people prefer non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD for anxiety.

Does delta 8 help with inflammation?

Some preliminary research into delta 8 for inflammation relief has been promising. We need to learn more about this cannabinoid, though, before we can say for certain whether delta 8 THC is useful for pain and inflammation or not.

Does delta 8 make you sleepy?

For some people, both delta 9 and delta 8 THC can cause sleepiness. To avoid this common side effect, consider gravitating toward products with sativa-leaning terpenes. Many cannabis and hemp users find that sativa products offer an energizing boost that counters the sometimes-soporific effects of our favorite cannabinoids.

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