Top 3 Ways To Use CBD Live Resin

Published May 14, 2020
Top 3 Ways To Use CBD Live Resin - Secret Nature

From the olden days of bubble hash to present times, advancements in engineering have consistently changed the ways we produce and use cannabinoid concentrate. Now, new technologies have made it possible to capture the essence of hemp flower at the moment of harvest.

Known as live resin, this new form of concentrate is the most technologically sophisticated hemp extract on the market, and it offers the best flavor and most potent effects.

Secret Nature vape cartridges contain organic cannabis terpenes. We also offer a 1g live resin CBD concentrate called Secret Nature Live Resin Badder. Let’s explore why CBD live resin is the best type of concentrate and learn the top ways to use it.

Benefits of live resin

If you’ve ever been around a hemp plant in full bloom, you already understand the majesty of live resin. Seeing and smelling flowering hemp makes you want to dive into that veritable sea of amazing aromas.

With live resin, it’s now possible to capture and preserve the essence of this special feeling. Most hemp extracts are made with buds that have already been dried and cured, but CBD live resin captures a snapshot of the exact taste and flavor profile hemp offers in full bloom.

By instantly freezing buds at the moment they’re snipped off the vine, it’s possible to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp flower without damaging them in the slightest. The terpenes and flavonoids that give hemp its potent and unique scent and flavor profile are diminished by light, heat, and oxidation. Live resin sidesteps this quality-reducing process entirely.

Why Secret Nature live resin is the best

Live resin is inherently superior to other forms of CBD extract. However, it’s necessary to use impeccable methods to make sure that these benefits reach their maximum potential.

At Secret Nature, we’ve teamed up with  Dr. Endo to ensure our live resin meets even the strictest expectations. Any mistakes during the delicate process of freezing and extracting hemp buds process reduce the quality of live resin, so we don’t take any chances.

Once our live resin has been produced, we send it to a third-party lab for thorough, independent testing. The strict testing methodologies we demand ensure our live resin is free of contaminants while still offering the claimed potency.

All this attention to detail would be for nothing, however, if we didn’t start with the best organic hemp flower science can produce. The genetics we use are superior to anything else in the industry, and we only use organic, sustainable processes to cultivate our all-star hemp.

It’s common to use CBD isolate and other inferior types of hemp extracts in CBD dabs. The full-spectrum live resin we produce at Secret Nature, however, is 100%-genuine, and it offers a high-fidelity snapshot of the amazing tastes and flavors that hemp flower expresses in full bloom.

About Secret Nature Live Resin Badder

Secret Nature Live Resin Badder is available in two delicious varieties. Both options are offered in 1g containers, and they have similar cannabinoid concentrations. The tech specs for this product are as follows:

  • Total cannabinoids: 806mg
  • Total CBD: 786mg
  • Total minor cannabinoids: 20mg

Secret Nature live resin arrives options in a hermetically sealed container inside an attractive display box. As with all of our products, we ship our live resin in smell-proof packages that preserve quality and avoid uncomfortable encounters.

Secret Nature live resin does not contain any ingredients other than organic, cold-extracted hemp flower concentrate. Let’s examine each of the live resin options we offer in more detail:

Secret Nature Sour Kush Live Resin

Sour Kush is a hybrid that fully expresses the terpene profile of its kush lineage. This strain also has fruity, tropical undertones are more commonly found, however, in sativas. Creamy and light-colored, the potent aroma of this high-quality live resin extract will be apparent from the moment you open your package.

Secret Nature Papaya Nights Live Resin

Papaya Nights is the most popular sativa strain we offer at It only made sense, therefore, to make this strain into our flagship live resin product.

A full-blooded sativa, Papaya Nights expresses strong citrus and floral aromas and flvaors. Secret Nature organic live resin CBD extract captures these desirable attributes better than any other type of concentrate.

Top 3 ways to use live resin

Here are out top three ways to use Secret Nature live resin:

  1. Dabbing

Dabbing is one of the most popular ways to use any type of cannabis concentrate. With live resin, however, dabbing is even more enjoyable.

There are lots of different dabbing tools on the market, but they all operate in similar ways. A nail of either the analog or electric variety heats concentrate to its vaporization point, and then you inhale from the mouth of the dabber.

Glass nails are the most common, and you heat these nails with an external source such as a butane torch. Electric nails, on the other hand, plug into the wall, and they offer the best safety and temperature control.

You might want to invest in a high-quality, custom dab rig with an electric nail just to experience Secret Nature live resin concentrate at its peak potential. Any type of dab rig you use, however, will produce great results with our organic live resin.

  1. Nectar collector

A nectar collector is a simpler type of dabbing tool that offers similar results to high-end dab rigs. Nectar collectors look similar to screwdrivers, but most of the body is covered with a silicone handle. Only the metal tip is exposed, and you operate a nectar collector by heating this tip with a butane torch or a similar heat source.

Then, you apply the heated tip to cannabis concentrate and inhale. In most cases, nectar collector users choose to place their concentrate on a small silicone mat since this material is heat resistant. Nectar collectors are more portable than heavy-duty dab rigs, and some users report that these concentrate tools are just as effective as dabbing the traditional way.

  1. Topping flower

You can use Secret Nature CBD live resin even if you don’t have a dab rig or a nectar collector. Our concentrate is easy to scoop out and place on top of a bowl of Secret Nature flower. Taking this approach improves the potency of your flower without requiring any additional equipment aside from your usual pipe or bong.

It’s even possible to infuse Secret Nature pre-rolls with live resin concentrate. Simply use a dabber or a similar tool to spread a line of concentrate along the outside of your pre-roll’s paper. When you ignite your pre-roll, the concentrate will vaporize and mix with the smoke you inhale.

Try Secret Nature CBD resin today

Hemp concentrate technology is always evolving, so it’s technically possible an extraction method better than live resin might eventually appear. At present, however, it’s hard to imagine a type of concentrate that more ideally expresses the true nature of hemp flower better than live resin.

Drying and curing are absolutely necessary steps in the process of preparing hemp flower for vaping or smoking, but hemp producers have long lamented that this process is unnecessary for making concentrate. Live resin removes one of the major pain points in concentrate production while offering better results to the end consumer.

Once you’ve tried our CBD Sour Kush or Papaya Nights live resin, make sure to help others find the internet’s best CBD live resin by leaving a review. Use “Secret 15” at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

CBD live resin FAQ

What else would you like to know about vaping or dabbing CBD live resin?

1. Where can I buy organic CBD live resin?

Right here at Secret Nature. We offer our CBD live resin products both in consumer quantities and in bulk. For wholesale inquiries, please visit our wholesale FAQ page.

Secret Nature live resin is 100% organic, independently lab-tested, and solvent-free. We always strive for — and consistently attain — the highest pinnacles of quality in hemp flower and CBD concentrate.

2. Can I buy CBD live resin in bulk?

Absolutely. Secret Nature is the world’s premier producer of live resin, and our artisanal live resin badder is derived from cold-cured plants harvested in low light. Contact us with wholesale inquiries regarding Secret Nature Live Resin Badder or our vape cartridges, which contain live resin terpenes.

3. Do you offer CBD live resin cartridges?

Secret Nature vape cartridges contain indoor-grown hemp flower nectar combined with organic live resin cannabis terpenes. As a result, our carts contain live resin even though they also include raw CBD nectar.

The same benefits of dabbing live resin apply to live resin carts. Flavors are enhanced, and the abundant concentrations of terpenes present in live resin might activate the entourage effect with increased strength.

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