Top 4 Secret Nature CBD Hemp Flower Guide—Frosted Kush, Sweet Cake, Papaya Nights, and Mr. Rainbow

There’s nothing quite like vaping or smoking hemp flower. Maybe you’ve used CBD for years, or perhaps you just tried this cannabinoid for the first time recently. Either way, you’ve never experienced anything quite like smokeable hemp flower before, and the love Secret Nature puts into each bud is evident from the very first puff. In this article, explore the different types of CBD hemp flower for sale, and discover why four Secret Nature hemp flower strains stand out above all the rest.

What is hemp flower?

For all intents and purposes, hemp flower is the same as any other type of cannabis but with the THC replaced with CBD. The semantics might essentially be irrelevant, but “hemp” means Cannabis sativa with high CBD or high concentrations of other non-psychoactive cannabinoids, and “marijuana” exclusively means Cannabis sativa with high THC. The plant can be bred either way, but each dominant cannabinoid is regulated differently.

Just like any form of cannabis flower, hemp flower can be smoked, vaped, or ingested in any number of other ways. Also, CBD-rich hemp flower smells just like cannabis, and it has that same trichrome-glistening, resiny-stickiness of dank herb.

At least, it should. All too often, however, hemp flower can be just as disappointing as low-grade THC-rich cannabis. Not so with Secret Nature—we believe that the internet economy offers the world’s first chance to experience Cannabis sativa flower as nature truly intended. At our secret lab here in Rogue Valley, Oregon, the whole Secret Nature crew works in harmony to consistently produce the best-reviewed and highest-grade cannabis flower ever to be produced—regardless of the dominant cannabinoid.

Benefits of smoking hemp flower

CBD hemp flower effects vary from strain to strain and from person to person, but there are a few clear benefits of smoking or vaping hemp flower in comparison to other ways of using CBD:

Rapid onset

Substances that you inhale affect your body faster. Pulmonary administration, the technical term for uptaking a substance via inhalation, bypasses the liver, skin, and other barriers that reduce bioavailability or slow the delivery time of a substance.

Intense effects

The immediate effects offered by pulmonary administration come with equally-increased potency. CBD users who want to get the most out of their cannabinoid adventures, therefore, often choose to vape or smoke hemp flower either on its own or in combination with other CBD product types.

Varied ingestion methods

Some types of CBD products can only be used in one or two ways. CBD hemp flower, on the other hand, offers almost unlimited options. Here are just a few examples of the ways you can use CBD flower:

  • Vaping: CBD and other cannabinoids are almost begging to be vaporized. Smoke isn’t good for you, and vaporizing cannabis just feels right.
  • Smoking: Whether you’re a cannabis OG or a CBD noob, there’s nothing quite like taking in a lungful of high-quality, organic CBD flower.
  • Joints: Rolling up a CBD hemp flower joint to take on the go is almost as convenient as puffing on a Secret Nature live resin vape cartridge whenever the mood strikes.
  • Edibles: Grab a grinder, and start cooking. From CBD-infused smoothies to traditional “hemp” brownies, the sky is the limit.
  • Homemade concentrates: Let’s not do anything crazy. Making certain types of CBD flower concentrates, however, such as CBD hemp butter, is easy with even the most basic kitchen equipment.
  • Top 4 Secret Nature hemp flower buds

    Without any further ado, let’s introduce the four nicest non-intoxicating cannabis strains you’ll ever meet:

    Frosted Kush - 19.5% CBD, 22.4% Total Cannabinoids, Frosting, Berries, Gas, Indica, Relax, Indoor Grown

    Secret Nature Frosted Kush has a way of stunning those who smoke it into sheer silence. That is, however, if they even manage to tear their eyes away from the trichrome-studded calyxes inside their freshly-popped Secret Nature vacuum-sealed shipping and storage tins. Frosted Kush is even danker than the “real thing,” and it ships to all 50 states.

    Strain facts

    • 3.6g, 14g, and 28g options
    • % CBD, % total cannabinoids
    • Indica-dominant
    • Organic, indoor-grown, lab-tested, hand-trimmed, manicured, & vacuum-sealed high-CBD buds
    • Terpene/aroma profile: Frosting, berries, diesel
    • 79 verified customer reviews

    Genuine CBD hemp flower reviews

    “I am amazed by the quality and strength of this flower. My favorite above all. The best to smoke before bed or just enjoy after a long day.” - Eric M.

    “Often I find several of the flowers I order looking different than what is advertised which I was expecting with the frosted kush but I was sorely mistaken. Once the can was cracked I was greeted with a very pungent and impressive terpy aroma. The bud was saturated in trichomes and when smoked the flavor was very satisfying.” - Ben S.

    Sweet Cake - 18.6% CBD, 21.1% Total Cannabinoids, Cake, Sweet, Earth, Indica, Rest, Indoor Grown

    Drawing from a whole group of different cake-related high-THC strains, our CBD hemp strain Sweet Cake is perfect for indulging in genuine indica bud without the high. Large, dense nugs with plenty of orange hairs come in a vacuum-sealed container for ultimate discretion and freshness.

    Strain facts

    • 3.6g, 14g, and 28g options
    • 18.6% CBD, 21.1% total cannabinoids
    • Indica-dominant
    • Organic, indoor-grown, lab-tested, hand-trimmed, manicured, & vacuum-sealed high-CBD buds
    • Terpene/aroma profile: Earth, cake, sweet
    • 30 verified customer reviews

    Genuine CBD hemp flower reviews

    “I have tried CBD flower from several different vendors and I must say...this is the absolute best so far!!!!” - Marvin T.

    “I've had a few tasty strains before but this right here, OMFG!! Your taste buds will have a field trip on this one! Nice dense nugs, lovely aroma, delicious taste on the exhale and the desirable effect we all look for. This is a keeper for sure!” - Joel N

    Papaya Nights - 19.7% CBD 21.5% Total Cannabinoids, Ripe Fruit, Juice, Haze, Earth, Sativa-Uplift, Indoor Grown

    A perfect example of a lanky, fruity sativa-dominant strain, the only way Secret Nature Papaya Nights is different from an energizing THC sativa is the dominant cannabinoid. Cracking open your perfectly-preserved Papaya Nights nug only unleashes the aroma even further, so sigh in contentment at the sight of your crystal-covered nugs, and dig into delicious CBD goodness.

    Strain facts

    • 3.6g, 14g, and 28g options
    • 19.7% CBD, 21.5% total cannabinoids
    • Sativa-dominant
    • Organic, indoor-grown, lab-tested, hand-trimmed, manicured, & vacuum-sealed high-CBD buds
    • Terpene/aroma profile: Fruit, earth, haze
    • 52 verified customer reviews

    Genuine CBD hemp flower reviews

    “This is the best CBD I’ve ever tried, it beats the pens you get from any smoke shop in my area. Honestly, my roommate and I were very skeptical at first but we went through with our purchase and were most definitely surprised and even more satisfied with the product we received. I will definitely recommend this brand to anyone” - Jared S.

    “Hands down the best looking Cbd flower I’ve seen in a long time. I go to Colorado and get cannabis. Side by side you wouldn’t know the difference.” - William B.

    Mr. Rainbow - 22.3% CBD, 24.2% Total Cannabinoids, Sweet, Cookies, Haze, Hybrid, Balance, Indoor Grown

    Delectable, dense, and definitely cannabinoid-rich—that’s how we’d describe the ever-alluring Mr. Rainbow, one of the highest-CBD cannabis strains ever developed. Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow has a powerful haze aroma that melts into sweet cookies in your mouth. Remember that lab tests for every Secret Nature product are readily available on each corresponding product page.

    Strain facts

    • 3.6g, 14g, and 28g options
    • 22.3% CBD, 24.2% total cannabinoids
    • Indica/Sativa hybrid
    • Organic, indoor-grown, lab-tested, hand-trimmed, manicured, & vacuum-sealed high-CBD buds
    • Terpene/aroma profile: Haze, sweet, cookie
    • 57 verified customer reviews

    Genuine CBD hemp flower reviews

    “This flower is great. The terpenes were very flavourful and the effect was very calming, but energizing.” - Kyle M.

    “I usually buy CBD from local stores here in s.c. but after ordering from here this is hands down the best quality I have bought this far” - Tyre K.

    Secret Nature CBD hemp flower for sale FAQ

    Which Secret Nature CBD hemp flower strain sounds the best? Whether you’re a Frosted Kush kind of person or you like to swing on the Papaya Nights side of things, you’ll find the answers to the following questions important nonetheless:

    1. Where do I learn how to vape the hemp flower?

    There are lots of different ways. To be blunt, all it really takes is a candle and an old incandescent light bulb, but there are also tabletop flower vaporizers that will set you back hundreds of dollars. Why not take the moderate approach and try a hemp flower vape pen, or even better, skip straight to the good stuff with a convenient Secret Nature hemp flower extract live resin vape cartridge?

    2. Can I buy a Cherry Wine hemp flower?

    It’s funny you should ask—Cherry Wine was one of the first high-CBD strains ever bred, so it’s dear to our hearts. Unfortunately, this particular phenotype became obsolete years ago as higher-CBD strains emerged. Rest assured, however, that every Secret Nature strain including Cherry Wine genetics evolves the impressive traits of this legendary strain beyond all reasonable limits.

    3. Can you get CBD hemp flower wholesale?

    While other CBD verticals have long since reached their saturation point, the popularity of CBD flower continues to increase at a breakneck pace. Wholesaling Secret Nature CBD flower is a great idea in today’s economy for two reasons:

    • Everyone recognizes that Secret Nature CBD hemp flower is better than all the rest,
    • CBD flower is currently the fastest-growing sector of the cannabidiol economy.

    The Secret Nature brand name will always be legendary, and many consumers like CBD-rich flowers even better than the “real thing.” Contact us if you have any questions about the wholesale process.

    Buy hemp flower now to experience the Secret Nature difference

    We don’t have to brag—it’s objectively true. There’s no other CBD hemp flower out there like Secret Nature, and in all likelihood, there never will be. Our customers aren’t just satisfied with their purchases, they’re routinely blown away, and we know why.

    We put an incredible amount of care into each and every product we manufacture because we understand the meaning of being the best. Both for you and for ourselves, it’s extremely important to us to put our all into the CBD flower we produce. We hope you’ll experience the difference.

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