Top 12 CBD Pre-Roll Questions Asked on Google in 2020

CBD-curious consumers on Google want to know the following things about the fastest-growing segment of the CBD market:

  • Is CBD flower legal?
  • Is smoking CBD flower safe?
  • What’s the best way to smoke CBD flower?

In our experience, pre rolls are the easiest CBD flower products for new users to enjoy, and plenty of veteran CBD-smokers prefer pre rolls as their go-to, low-THC hemp products as well. Learn how to pick the best pre-rolled CBD products, how to calculate the total cannabinoids per joint, and why you should light up a Secret Nature 100%-organic CBD pre roll the next time you’re craving the effects of this potent cannabinoid.

Secret Nature Pre Rolls - Quick Benefits

Let’s start by covering some of the most impressive benefits of our pre-rolled CBD flower products:

Rolled in Organic Hemp Paper

You don’t want to inhale rice or wood pulp when you smoke CBD. All our pre-roll products are rolled in organic hemp paper and leaves; with our Cherry Cough - CBD Hemp Flower Cigar, you can even see that iconic serrated leaf shape outlined in the texture of your CBD stogie.

No Additives

Why ruin a good thing? Hemp is a natural substance with amazing healing qualities, and the best we can do is help it along. Additives only get in the way, which is why we stick with the Cannabis sativa plant for every part of your Secret Nature CBD pre roll you smoke.

Comes in Premium Rigid Box with Magnetic Closure

You want to make sure your CBD flower is packed correctly before it’s sent across the country. Our Secret Nature rigid boxes and hermetically sealed flower tins keep your buds and pre-rolls safe from bumps and harsh handling.

Food-Grade Seal for Ultimate Preservation of Terpenes and Potency

It’s never a good sign if you can smell your CBD pre rolls before you open the box. The food-grade seal we include with each Secret Nature flower product makes sure you get every cannabinoid and terpene you paid for when your order arrives. 100% airtight and oxygen proof to prevent degradation.  If your pre-rolls are exposed to the air/oxygen the potency and flavor will rapidly decline. 

 No Pesticides

It’s perfectly possible to grow CBD flower without spraying it with the carcinogens and other dangerous chemicals contained in conventional pesticides.

1. What Are CBD Pre Rolls?

A CBD pre roll is a CBD joint you don’t have to roll. As the most convenient type of CBD flower product, it’s possible to light up your CBD pre roll and inhale delicious smoke the moment you open your package.

There are lots of ways to take CBD, but most cannabidiol products are applied either orally or pulmonarily, which means via the lungs. Pulmonary administration offers very high bioavailability compared to other ways you can ingest substances, which means that your body can use more of the CBD you use if you inhale it into your lungs. Inhaled CBD also has a quicker activation time than other administration methods.

For many CBD users, however, inhaling CBD simply isn’t convenient. They don’t want to deal with grinding up and rolling their own CBD hemp flower, and they’re skeptical of the benefits of CBD vape juice. CBD pre rolls are the perfect solution; by offering the benefits of pulmonary administration in the most convenient form imaginable, pre-rolled CBD joints take the hassle out of smoking hemp.

Pre-rolled, smokable CBD products come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and we offer multiple ways for you to smoke hemp here at Here are a few types of CBD pre rolls you should be familiar with as you choose which type you’d like to buy:


Most CBD pre rolls are joints. With a slim, iconic design and lightweight rolling paper, CBD joints are convenient for ingesting high doses of cannabidiol throughout the day.


Cones are joints that taper at the filter and widen at the tip. In most cases, the tips of cones are twisted to provide an easy “wick” for lighting your joint, and the length and width of CBD cones vary widely.


While conventional blunts and cigars are both wrapped in tobacco leaves instead of hemp, the basic idea is the same with CBD cigars or CBD blunts. These smokables are designed to be savored and enjoyed, ideally with friends.

2. What Are The Best CBD Pre Rolls?

The data is clear: People everywhere are using CBD to treat their conditions. With or without the assistance of their doctors, CBD users aren’t waiting for the world to catch up; they’re pioneering a new age in natural health, and Secret Nature CBD pre rolls are there to help.

In all the rush to get their hands on CBD products as fast as possible, consumers have made lots of mistakes. They’ve accidentally supported the wrong companies, and they’ve lost chances to work with CBD producers who cultivate premium hemp flowers and use airtight seals to keep their terpene profiles intact.

These confusing times demand a reliable solution, and Secret Nature Pre Rolls fit the bill. Whether it’s Secret Nature Papaya Nights or Secret Nature Frosted Kush, each of our strains are bred with care and consideration given to the experience of the end user, our hemp plants are raised in a fully climate-controlled indoor environments, we only produce products that we ourselves would enjoy consuming.

We’re true believers in the benefits of smoking hemp, but we want you to enjoy this amazing experience in the safest way possible. That’s why artificial pesticides and fertilizers have no place in our cultivation process, and it’s also why we hunted to the ends of the Earth for the best high-CBD Cannabis genetics ever. Along with breeding our own strains, we have also sourced genetics from other top breeders around the USA and Europe in a constant effort to acquire the best genetics available.

Hallmarks of the right CBD pre-rolls

  • Delectable flavor: Inhale, then exhale. How does your flower taste to you? Bad flavors can be a sign of bad genetics. Good flowers are light and flavorful and provide a smooth experience with clean white ash.
  • Easy to use: Nothing’s easier to use than a CBD joint you can light up anytime. Focus on the finer points as you make your assessment, like the packaging and product design.
  • Nothing nasty: Take care of your lungs. There’s no reason you should inhale anything but pure hemp when you smoke CBD, and at Secret Nature, we’re keeping it that way.

3. Where Should I Buy CBD Pre Rolls?

There’s still a lot we don’t know about CBD, but it’s abundantly clear that some CBD pre roll producers are better than others. Whether you’re an indica or sativa person, picking the right place to purchase your CBD flower products is all-important if you’re serious about the uplifting experience and potent effects you get from your CBD pre rolls. Picking the wrong company to work with, however, might ruin your day.

At Secret Nature, we respect the amazing gains the industry has made in the last decade, but we still hold a healthy degree of skepticism about the CBD boom. For every great CBD product out there, there are 10 products that aren’t worth your time, and there’s the occasional product that could even harm you.

Pick a company that uses organic cultivation processes and top-tier genetics like Secret Nature CBD. The more we learn about modern agricultural processes, the more we find that we’ve all been ingesting toxins like heavy metals, xenoestrogens, and petrochemicals for far too long. Secret Nature CBD leads the way to a green, sustainable future by eliminating GMOS, using organic, indoor soil farming processes, and treating our dried and cured buds with the respect they deserve.

Reasons to shop at

  • Tons of differently-priced CBD pre roll options to choose from
  • All buds are farmed indoors using organic, sustainable cultivation practices
  • Next-generation packaging and mobile-ready ordering
  • Dedicated customer service and support

Just like you only eat food that’s good for you and choose home products that are made sustainably, don’t settle for anything less in your CBD products. You’ll love the sense of certainty that descends as you take your first puff of a Secret Nature CBD pre roll⁠—you know that the CBD-rich smoke that just entered your lungs doesn’t contain anything that shouldn’t be there, and in that moment, you’ll know you made the right choice.

4. How Much Are CBD Pre Rolls?

As you look for CBD pre-rolls for sale, price is obviously a consideration. Everywhere in the hemp industry, prices have been driven absurdly high by all the uncertainty and red tape facing CBD manufacturers. Getting your hands on high-quality CBD flower products can cost a pretty penny, but you can smoke top-shelf quality for a bargain with Secret Nature CBD.

At a glance, it’s easy to see that our pricing is highly competitive, and that’s before you figure in the further savings you enjoy by shopping at Our seven-pack CBD joints are much less expensive per joint than our two-packs, and you can pick up a Secret Nature CBD cigar to enjoy over the span of a few days.

However you decide to save at, make sure to share your tips in your product review. We’re counting on you to help potential customers understand how great our CBD flower products are. There’s no reason to lie⁠—just tell the world exactly how you feel about smoking CBD flower and how much it has changed your life.

How to get the best deals on CBD pre-rolls

  • Calculate the CBD per joint: Make sure you’re getting a fair deal by comparing the CBD-per-joint value of each pre roll you’re considering.
  • Wait for sales: Most CBD companies offer periodic discounts⁠—wait for the opportune moment!
  • Subscribe and follow: Never miss a sale by subscribing to your favorite brand’s newsletter. Give Secret Nature CBD a follow or two on your favorite social media platforms while you’re at it.

With your support, our prices will continue to go down, and we’ll be able to provide an even wider array of organic CBD flower products. For your reference, here is our current pricing structure:

  • $12 - Secret Nature CBD Joint 2-pack
  • $40 - Secret Nature CBD Joint 7-pack
  • $80 - Secret Nature CBD Cigar
  • $15 - Secret Nature CBG Joint 2-pack

5. How Do CBD Pre Rolls Make You Feel?

A lot of research has been done into the relationship between CBD and various psychological effects. For instance, scientists have looked into the potential relationships between CBD and depression, anxiety, and addiction. Just like the knowledge of the people who conduct them, however, scientific studies are always limited in their scope, so it’s important to acquire other forms of proof as well.

Confronted with the overwhelming evidence that CBD pre rolls may be beneficial, it’s only natural to want to get to the bottom of the matter. These Secret Nature CBD customer reviews might be of assistance as you choose the right CBD pre rolls:

“This is perfect for my girlfriend... No need to take pills from a doctor when this exists. It tastes and smells great. Smooth smoke. I love it, Thank you!” - Jonah R.

“Such amazing quality, tastes amazing and smokes really well. This takes the edge off and really puts you in a good place, will be buying more!” - Topher L.

“I just wanted to say thank you! I love this product a lot because it helps me relax before going to sleep. I have insomnia and it’s really difficult for me to sleep.” - Fernando F.

6. What are the benefits of CBD pre-rolls?

As we’ve discussed, CBD pre-rolls are incredibly convenient and easy to use. The benefits of these types of CBD flower products, however, extend much further than their mere convenience, and recent research indicates that hemp pre-rolls could be more potent and faster-acting than practically any other CBD product type.

 A 2009 study, for instance, suggests that inhaling CBD could provide bioavailability as high as 56%. Orally ingesting CBD, however, only provides approximately 13% bioavailability. Since bioavailability is the measurement of how much of a substance your body can absorb before it is excreted, this means that inhaling CBD in the form of a pre-roll offers more than four times the potency of oral ingestion. 

CBD pre-rolls also offer the entourage effect since they contain natural hemp flower that has not been processed or subjected to extraction. The entourage effect provides the greatest benefits when small amounts of THC are also present, and the true full-spectrum CBD present in Secret Nature pre-rolls contains up to 0.3% THC.

7. How fast is CBD pre-roll delivery?

At Secret Nature, we pride ourselves on our incredibly fast order fulfillment and delivery. Most orders ship the same day they are placed, and the vast majority of orders arrive within 2-4 business days. This fast shipping time applies to our pre-rolls just as much as it does to our more expensive products, so whether you purchase a full ounce of our premium indoor-grown flower or a single 2-pack of pre-rolls, your order will arrive faster than you could have expected.

8. How big are CBD pre-rolls?

Depending on the manufacturer, CBD pre-rolls may vary in terms of size. Some CBD flower brands apparently even produce 5g CBD pre-rolls, but even the most enthusiastic hemp smoker would have trouble using this much CBD flower all at once. In addition, the larger the CBD pre-roll, the worse the CBD flower it contains will taste once it gets near the end, which is why smaller CBD pre-rolls are tastier and more efficient.

 Each Secret Nature pre-roll contains 0.6g of CBD-rich hemp flower, which is enough to provide you with the full effects of CBD flower without being overwhelming. Even if you only smoke half of your pre-roll at a time, each Secret Nature CBD joint contains enough cannabidiol to be satisfying with even a single puff.

9. Can you get CBD pre-rolls with no THC?

CBD flower naturally contains trace amounts of THC. Unless it has been subjected to extraction processes that naturally remove or damage other cannabinoids as well, it is impossible to entirely remove THC from CBD flower.

As a result, CBD pre-rolls contain up to 0.3% THC. Federal law prohibits hemp products from containing more than this THC concentration, but containing up to 0.3% THC is a hallmark of a natural, high-quality CBD flower product. Be cautious of CBD flower products that claim to contain 0% THC since they may be counterfeit or low-quality.

10. Where can you read CBD pre-roll reviews?

Reading reviews from fellow consumers is a great way to determine whether a product is worth your while. Whether you’re shopping for CBD flower or a new dishwasher, customer reviews provide you with objective clarity that even the most adept marketing copy cannot replicate.

If you want to check out reviews for CBD pre-rolls, look no further than the official Secret Nature review page. At the time of this writing, our products have received more than 4,500 verified customer reviews, and each of these reviews provides a unique perspective on our products and the benefits they offer. For reviews of specific strains, check out the product pages for our CBD pre-roll products.

11. What are the best CBD pre-rolls for sleep?

Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls are ideal for any situation. Some CBD pre-rolls, however, are more appropriate for winding down and getting good sleep than others. Over the years, scientists and cannabis breeders have recognized that sativa-dominant and indica-dominant Cannabis sativa strains have different properties, and these differences impact the effects of CBD-rich strains just as much as they affect THC-dominant strains.

Indica-dominant strains, for instance, are recognized as containing terpenes that produce effects that are more relaxing and calming. Sativa-dominant strains, on the other hand, provide energizing, uplifting effects, so indica strains are the best if you’re looking for CBD flower pre-rolls that will help you get to sleep.

12. Are CBD pre-rolls legal?

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, Cannabis sativa products that contain less than 0.3% THC are not considered to be marijuana, and they are not Schedule I controlled substances. While the FDA continues to deliberate regarding how CBD products should be regulated in the United States, an increasing number of state governments have gone out of their way to specifically legalize CBD.

As a result, Secret Nature ships organic, indoor-grown CBD products to all 50 states. Our products ship in discreet, smell-proof packaging, so you can enjoy the benefits of high-CBD pre-rolls wherever you might live in the USA. 

Smoking CBD is a science

Since the CBD industry hasn’t totally stabilized yet, there’s a lot we’ll have to leave to our customers to say in their reviews. Even once CBD is regulated, you’ll still want to do your own research to make sure you pick the right CBD flower products; you don’t think hydrogenated corn syrup is healthy for you just because the FDA approved it, right?

Whatever the current regulatory state of CBD may be, the fact is that scientists and investors around the world are keenly interested in what this cannabinoid can do. CBD isn’t going anywhere, and the more research we do into hemp, the more we’ll know about how certain non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD and CBG affect human beings.

Based on this scientific data, we’ll be able to provide more concrete advice on which conditions you should use CBD for and in which quantities. In the meantime, we can all agree that smoking CBD is an experience made to be enjoyed, so light up and relax.

Get lit with non-intoxicating Secret Nature CBD pre rolls

For years, it’s been impossible to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without getting high. All the terpenes and cannabinoids present in Cannabis sativa flower have unique benefits, but they’ve been overshadowed by the Tyrannosaurus Rex of hemp: delta-tetrahydrocannabinol⁠—THC.

After countless generations of selective breeding, CBD-rich cannabis strains now exist that reliably test well below 0.3% THC per dry weight. Not only are the benefits of CBD starting to see the light of day, but other beneficial cannabinoids, such as CBG, are also stepping into the limelight.

CBG Pre Rolls Are Here

At Secret Nature CBD, we want to see the cannabinoid revolution go as far as it can. That’s why we were recently proud to release our CBG Hemp Flower Pre-Rolled Joints, which contain more than 15% CBG, our new batch is even testing at 22% CBG!.

This product just goes to show how far cannabinoid breeding and science has come. A few short years ago, there simply weren’t any high-CBG strains out there, but now, Secret Nature CBD is just as much your preferred source of CBG pre rolls as it is of organic, hemp-rolled CBD pre roll products.

Sink into Satisfaction

Whichever cannabinoid you intend to enjoy, Secret Nature CBD is the most reliable source of organic CBD flower on the internet. Even in states where recreational cannabis is legal, we provide far more product data than you can get at a pot shop, and since we’re focused on making the best CBD flower possible, you know that our production processes lead the industry in efficiency, sustainability, and quality. Our indoor flower is just as good if not better then a lot of cannabis sold in dispensaries in regulated markets like Oregon and California, and although a bold one, we proudly stand by that statement.

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"Everyone has the right to choose what they consume. We believe in creating the most premium cannabis products that will enhance anyones chosen lifestyle."

Tyler William, Founder and Ceo