Top 5 Ways NOT to Use Hemp Flower

Published October 28, 2021
Top 5 Ways NOT to Use Hemp Flower - Secret Nature

Smoking hemp isn’t rocket science. At the same time, there are lots of simple mistakes even veteran hemp smokers might still be making without noticing.

Did you know, for instance, that the spliff has become passé and that you actually won’t feel anything if you eat hemp raw? Those are just two of the cannabis faux pas we’ll cover in this full guide to how not to embarrass yourself with hemp flower.

#1) Mixing it with tobacco

Adding some organic tobacco to your next hand-rolled hemp joint can certainly sound appearing sometimes. Hemp flower tastes a lot better, however, and offers better effects when you keep it as far away from tobacco as possible.

Just smoke an all-natural delta 8 blunt instead. The overall experience of smoking a tobacco product is recreated, but the wrap is tea leaf, not tobacco.

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#2) Eating raw buds

“You have to cook it first.” If anyone has ever said those words to you before, pay special attention now. Raw hemp flower won’t cause any significant effects because the cannabinoids it contains only activate with heat.

Just buy distillate and add it to your favorite meal or treat instead. The extraction process activates most of the cannabinoids produced by hemp flower, so you could even put hemp distillate under your tongue as an alternative to a tincture.

#3) Involving it in sex

In various cultures, rubbing herbs on private areas is considered a good treatment for infertility or other common bedroom problems. As responsible moderners, though, let’s be a bit more sophisticated when using hemp as an aphrodisiac.

Just smoke some hemp together before getting intimate instead. You honestly don’t want to know the problems you’re avoiding by taking this simple advice.

#4) Smoking it blatantly in public

Yes, we know what you’re smoking is hemp, and we’d back you up if you argued that doing so is legal in most contexts. The issue is the perception of people not in the know, who will generally conclude that what you’re smoking is weed, not hemp.

Just vape CBD if you’re out in public instead. Unlike smoking, vaping doesn’t produce much of an aroma, and whatever smell is emitted dissipates almost instantly. That’s the discreet option for the discerning hemp connoisseur.

#5) Storing it improperly

If you leave your hemp buds out overnight, they’ll dry out and start tasting terrible. Hemp flower containers are airtight for a reason.

Just keep your hemp flower in an airtight container out of direct sunlight instead. If it will take a while for you to smoke through your stash, consider placing your buds in the freezer for extra preservation. Make sure the container is absolutely airtight, or your hemp buds will start tasting like the food around them.

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FAQ: How to use hemp flower the right way

What are the do’s and don’ts of smoking hemp?

The most important things to remember to do when you’re smoking hemp are to smoke discreetly and store your buds carefully when not in use. The most important things to avoid with hemp flower are eating it raw or otherwise using hemp in a way that doesn’t unlock the plant’s full benefits.

Let’s summarize:

  • DO smoke hemp discreetly for pain, anxiety, or sleep
  • DO share hemp flower with friends who might also benefit
  • DO experiment with lots of different strains of hemp flower to find your ideal effects

And, on the flip side:

  • DON’T smoke CBD hemp flower in indoor public spaces
  • DON’T forget to activate the cannabinoids in your hemp before ingesting it orally
  • DON’T forget that vaping is available as a more discreet and portable option

What mistakes can you make when smoking CBD?

As with anything else you light on fire, you could potentially burn yourself when smoking hemp. If you have a tendency to drop matches on your toes, consider vaping your hemp instead.

One of the most serious mistakes you can make when smoking hemp is failing to properly declare that you aren’t smoking weed. Don’t assume anyone will be able to tell the difference, and consider keeping your hemp smoking private just to avoid any misunderstandings.

How do you know when not to smoke weed or hemp?

Generally, anywhere you can’t smoke cigarettes is also a place where hemp smoking is not allowed. Keep an eye out for “no smoking” signs, and generally, don’t smoke hemp in indoor public spaces or too close to doorways and windows.

It’s never a good idea to smoke hemp openly in an area where other forms of cannabis are illegal. The only way to prove the difference between hemp flower and weed is to commission a lab test. Otherwise, all forms of cannabis look and smell the same.

What are the symptoms of being too high?

Getting too high from THC can cause symptoms like intense paranoia, hallucinations, and increased heart rate. If smoking weed causes these negative effects, consider trying non-intoxicating CBD or CBG flower instead.
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