Top 8 Ways to Use Delta 8

Published September 01, 2021
Top 8 Ways to Use Delta 8 - Secret Nature

Delta 8 is becoming a phenomenon around the country. People dying of thirst under cannabis prohibition now have access to THC in another form, and they’ve discovered countless ways to use delta 8 THC to their advantage.

This time, let’s hear from the customers. With more than 10,000 verified customer reviews, Secret Nature has plenty of testimonials to choose from, and nearly 1,000 people have already reviewed our organically produced delta 8 products.

In this guide, we’ll showcase eight of the most creative reviews customers have left for Secret Nature delta 8 vapes, pre-rolls, and flower. They served as inspiration for the following eight ways to responsibly experiment with delta 8 THC:

#1: Staying chill even when you work hard

Lots of us are working from home these days, which isn’t quite as stress-free of a situation as we might have imagined prior. After a long day of juggling home, work, and pandemic responsibilities, it’s natural to be on a hair trigger.

Take a tip from Cody Z. — throw some Bobby McFerrin on YouTube, grab your Super 8 vape cart, make sure your battery is charged, and take a rip to let go of everything you dealt with during the day.

  • Secret Nature Super 8 - Delta 8 THC Vape Cart review - Cody Z. ★★★★★ “Very fast shipping and i LOVE the product, keeps me very calm and chilled out after a long work day, the taste is amazing, and smells amazing, the hits are emaculate and don’t burn at all, knocks me right to sleep after a few hits, Best BUD around here”

#2: Mixing with CBD flower

Secret Nature Super Spectrum pre-rolls already contain more CBD than delta 8, and you can mix things up even further by blending this strain with pure-CBD cultivars like Papaya Nights. Tara K. has taken this approach, and while it might not be the high-potency route some customers are looking for, delta 8 THC has lots of sides to explore.

  • Secret Nature Super Spectrum D8-THCV Pre-Rolls review - Tara K. ★★★★★ “Super convenient, Smooth, Aromatic, enjoyed this strain as well as Papaya Nights, these are a must have for on the go lifestyles who love to indulge in premium flowers! I love all of the products from Secret Nature!”

#3: Coping with anxiety

Even experts are confused about whether THC helps or hurts anxiety. There’s definitely a relaxing factor in THC’s dopamine stimulation, though, and for some users, delta 8 delivers this relaxing boost without messing up their headspace:

  • Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC Vape Cart review - Frances N. “My new go to!!!” ★★★★★ “Wonderful! The anxiety I was experiencing daily is now at a controllable level. This Blend allows me to be calm without the paranoia of straight THC. Keeps me at a level where I feel a sedated buzz but I am still able to do my daily tasks and have my wits about me.”

#4: Managing insomnia

Vape carts are great for insomnia. You can keep them right next to your bed, and all it takes is a sleepy puff to send soothing cannabinoids careening through your system. The utility of your vape cart is limited by its design, but customers like Ashley G. don’t have any problem with the smooth beat Secret Nature delta 8 vapes lay down.

  • Secret Nature Super 8 - Delta 8 THC Vape Cart review - Ashley G. ★★★★★ “Definitely one of the highest quality, potent Delta 8s I’ve tried. I highly recommend this strain for anyone experiencing anxiety or insomnia! I love the mouthpiece on this cartridge. Every once in awhile, just like any other cartridge, some wax buildup happens but these are very easy to clear compared to other brands.”

#5: Avoiding delta 9 paranoia

THC has a way of relaxing you into jelly right before it makes you accuse your neighbor of being a CIA agent for taking his trash out at 2 AM. Secret Nature customers like Sterling P., though, appear to have discovered a fascinating fact about delta 8, potentially alleviating fears of people everywhere who have gotten way too stoned at one time or another.

  • Secret Nature Secret OG - Delta 8 Flower review - Sterling P. “The New Go-To” ★★★★★ “Easily the best Delta 8 flower available anywhere. Smell is 10/10, taste is nice - but a little harsh on the throat (as most delta 8 products are). Buds are BEAUTIFUL. Definitely worth checking out if you’re not big into the paranoia Delta 9 THC brings.”

#6: Living with chronic pain

Delta 8 is great on its own, but like all cannabinoids, it truly shines with company. The Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC Vape Cart combines two promising cannabinoids in one live-resin cart. Customers like David M. haven’t overlooked preliminary research into the pain-relieving potential of CBC in their reviews:

  • Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC Vape Cart review - David M. “The One Was looking for” ★★★★★ “I have tried many vape carts lately , but this one is the best it is the right combination of mellow and it helps with the chronic knee pain I have. Definitlely going to buy again, wish it came in larger size. Thanks for the excellent product and service.”

#7: Staying stable for work

The pressures of modern life have a way of making us seek relief wherever we can get it. Staying under pressure makes you unload on the people you want to treat the nicest, and for some like Joshua M., vaping delta 8 can serve as a much-needed pressure-relief valve:

  • Secret Nature Super 8 - Delta 8 THC Vape Cart review - Joshua M. ★★★★★ “The Feeling of Delta 8 is so Amazing the strains are the best i have ever tried.It so takes my mood swings away along with severe anxiety i am able to work better and enjoy life again”

#8: Finding a cannabis forever home

Secret Nature is considered the world’s #1 online cannabis dispensary for a reason. It turns out you don’t have to resort to the Dark Web to get high-quality cannabis buds on the internet, and customers like Cory J. have gotten a taste of what it feels like when you find a cannabis supplier you’ll never need to leave.

  • Secret Nature Delta 8 - CBC Vape Cart review - Cory J. “Excellent quality” ★★★★★ “To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. I tried a few delta 8 carts from other places before buying from here. I will never go anywhere else now. You won't find anything better out there.”

How to use delta 8 FAQ

• What is the best way to take delta 8?

The internet seems to agree that vaping or smoking is the best way to use delta 8. That’s the primary way people have used cannabis since time immemorial, and the situation is unlikely to change anytime soon. Edibles are the next most-popular types of delta 8 products.

• How do you use delta 8?

The method you use to consume delta 8 depends on the type of product you’re using. With simple products like vape carts or pre-rolls, only a few steps are necessary to start puffing. Flower and dab concentrates, though, can be a bit harder to handle — cannabis newbies need not apply.

• Can you take delta 8 every day?

There’s a lot we still don’t know about the safety of delta 8, so we can’t say whether or not it’s safe to take this cannabinoid on a daily basis. All the available research, though, indicates that delta 8 is about equally safe as delta 9, and delta 8 may even skip some of THC’s most notorious side effects.

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